Features of Nonfiction

This week we are learning more about the features of nonfiction. Non fiction books have a contents page, headings, captions, photographs, diagrams, types of print and more. Here are the kids searching nonfiction books to find the contents page and headings. We discovered that the contents page is at the beginning of the book and tells what page different topics are on. We found that headings are on lots of pages, they are big and bold, and usually at the top of the page.


It was a very loving week this week. We read Love by Micheal De La Pena which is about the various little ways love shows up in our lives. In good times and bad, as well as in everyday acts. The book is beautifully illustrated by Loren Long with multi culture images of all kinds of families and all kinds of people. The kids enjoyed the book and we were quiet and contemplative while I read it to them.

The kids were happy to share the love by sharing the valentines they had prepared for their friends.

Channing said, ” I like giving even better than I like getting!”

Sammy said…

Party! Party! Party!

Our last class party was a great one! The kids had a blast with yummy snacks, fun games, and a scavenger hunt around the room. Thank you so much to our room parents Melissa, Julia, and Lesley for coordinating the party. Thank you to all the parents who sent in supplies and attending the party. You all helped make a fun experience for the kids!

Learning Lately

Reading: We continued to read non fiction this week to learn new things! We also began learning about features of non fiction such as headings and the table of contents. In preparation for reading week we began reading Mo Willem’s books which is the author kindergarten will be studying.

Writing: We dove right into non fiction writing this week. We are working on choosing a topic we know about, telling what our topic is with words and pictures, and telling at least 3 facts about the topic.  We also wrote a class letter of support for Mrs. Fitch, our school’s Teacher of the Year nominee.

Math: We continued working on addition and writing addition number models by playing a variety of games. We also continued practicing data collection by making a bar graph about our pets. We also began learning about 3D shapes!

Science and Social Studies: Our Cool Tool this week was all about behavior during indoor recess. We learned about ways to show kindness as well.

Creative Book Making with Mrs. Cardetti

Mrs. Cardetti visited our class for another creativity lesson. This time the kids were fluent, flexible, original, elaborate thinkers to make a paper bag book. The kids had a bag of supplies like stickers, cotton balls, cupcake papers, foil, and googly eyes. First we brainstormed ideas by looking at our supplies and thinking.

Next the kids got to work creating their books. It was a glorious mess with wonderful results!

Thank you Mrs. Cardetti for such a fun and interesting lesson!

Service Learning Penny Drive

We are in the middle of our penny drive to benefit the kindergarten students at Kohfeldt Elementary. Our school partnered with Kohfeldt at the beginning of the school year after that part of Texas was hit by hurricane Harvey. Kindergarten has teamed up with Kohfeldt to provide each kindergarten class a class set of clipboards which our kindergarten students will decoupage with letters, numbers, sight words and other decorations, as well as provide each kindergarten teacher with a gift card to purchase supplies for literacy and math stations. Our penny drive will fund these projects. Please help your kindergartener collect change for our drive! You are also welcome to make larger cash or check donations if you would like. Thank you for your help!

February Dates- Updated

Here are a few more dates for February.

February 12-15th-Book Fair (We will not have book orders this month since we have the Book Fair).

February 28- March 2nd- Reading Week

2/26- Hats Off to Reading- Wear a Hat

2/27- Crazy about Reading- Crazy hair, funny socks, mismatched dress

2/28- Relax and Read- Wear comfy clothes and bring a pillow or blanket

3/1- Read with a Buddy (nothing to wear or bring to school)

3/2- Favorite Character Day-Dress as your favorite book character