Learning Lately

Reading- We continued working on sight word memorization this week. We learned about long and short vowel sounds. We applied our letter knowledge this week to tapping and spelling simple consonant-vowel-consonant words this week. We are working hard to hear the middle sound and choose the correct vowel as well as use correct letter formation as we spell. Reading groups are going well. Each group works on skills the children need to work on to become better readers like predicting, retelling the story, tapping words, practicing sight words, review letter names and sounds, and using picture clues to figure out unknown words.

Writing- We worked on stretching out or tapping words to make sure we write a letter for every sound we hear in the word. We continued to practice writing sentences with a capital at the beginning, words, word spaces, and punctuation.

Math: We continued building our number sense by playing games with 10 frames and breaking apart the number 10 into various combinations. We continue to practice counting skills. We got to start using our math books this week and will have more written work in math.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about if animals can laugh! We continued learning about weather. Mrs. Davison taught us about growth mindset and how our brains need to be challenged to learn!

Toy Day on Friday!

We are celebrating meeting our class behavior goal with a Toy Day! We have been working on using the appropriate voice level for each activity we do. The kids have made a lot of progress in this area! Please allow your child to celebrate by bringing in a toy to play with this Friday, January 17th! Please make sure toys are small enough to fit in backpacks and are appropriate for school (no guns or fighting related toys please)! It is ok to bring more than one toy if they can still fit in your child’s back packs. Please remember that we will do our best to take care of toys but they could get lost or broken at school. Please leave very special or very expensive toys at home!

Growth Mindset

Today our counselor, Mrs. Davison taught us about something so important…the growth mindset! We can do hard things to help our brains grow! We have to keep trying new things and we will keep getting smarter! Even grown ups can learn new things!

Learning Lately

Reading- We finished up capital letter formation this week. I am starting to hold the kids more accountable for using the letter formation we have learned anytime they write. We are practicing using letter sounds to tap and read simple words.  We are also working on memorizing sight words. We read a nonfiction book  to learn all about different kinds of weather this week.We practiced remembering the facts we learned and sharing them with our friends.

Writing- We continued working on how to write a sentence. At this point in the school year, the kids should be able to write one sentence that matches their picture. We are working on remembering capitals, punctuation, and word spaces. We are also working on stretching words out by saying them slowly and writing a letter for every sound we here. We will wrap up our personal narrative unit in the next few weeks and move onto informational writing.

Math: We worked on counting by tens this week. We learned about the penny and the dime. We explored the number grid and applied our knowledge of counting by ones and tens. The kids are very excited that we are nearing the 100th day of school and will have a 100 themed celebration.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why January is the first month of the year as well as a mystery science video about the biggest tree in the world. We continued learning about weather. Our cool tool this week was about indoor recess rules.

Spelling Bee Update

We had our spelling bee this week! I am so proud of all the kids trying their best to spell all 25 sight words! I could tell many children put a lot of time and effort into practicing at home! I will send everyone’s paper home on Friday so you can see! Please celebrate all the words your child was able to spell correctly as well as practice any words they are still learning.

Here are the spelling bee winners! They both spelled all 25 words correctly! We did not end up needing to do a second round. So proud of these awesome spellers!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much to everyone for my lovely birthday gift! I love it! The plants and planter are beautiful and the balloons made the day feel festive! I will enjoy spending my gift card to the Giving Gardens!

The kids were very sweet with their birthday wishes too! I enjoyed surprising them with a little polished rock as a gift! Those little cuties make everyday fun for me!

Winter Party Fun!

The winter party was “snow” much fun! We had a blast! Thank you Shawna for all the planning. Thank you to all the parents who provide treats, supplies, and helped with the set up and running of the party! You made such a special experience for the kids. Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone for the all the wonderful gifts and notes! I am blown away by everyone’s thoughtfulness!

Here is the gift card tree from the class! It looks so cute and I will enjoy it so much. Thanks so much to Bahar for organizing it and making the tree so beautiful!

A Cozy Day in Kindergarten

We had an awesome cozy day! We made some cocoa and everyone helped stir!

We did pine cone painting. It was so fun to shake the box and see the cool paint designs the pine cones made. We ended up with fun paintings and colorful pine cones.

We calmed down with come cozy reading time and enjoyed a “fire”.

We also enjoyed building with marshmallows and spaghetti.

We measured our height on giant paper and made life size snowman versions of ourselves.