Yummy Yogurt!

We had a great lesson today from Mrs. Garrett at Nutrition Services! She taught us about food groups and helped the class make a yummy snack with yogurt, blueberries, and granola. The kids had a fun time making and eating their snack. They are expert yogurt parfait makers now so I think all the parents should definitely demand breakfast in bed this weekend! Haha!

February Dates

Feb. 5th- Global Play Day- Send your child with a toy to play with at school.

Feb. 6th- 100th Day of School Celebration-Dress like you are 100 years old.

Feb. 8th-PTA Circus

Feb. 13th- Spring Party 2:30-3. All parents are invited to attend.

Feb. 13th- Valentine bag decorating and Valentine card exchange. Please send your child with a solid colored gift bag to decorate. Your child may also bring cards for each student in our class- this is optional.

Feb. 14th- Teacher Work Day- No School

Feb. 17th No School for President’s Day

Feb. 21st- Progress Reports will be sent home.

Feb 24th and Feb 27th- Parent teacher conferences-We will keep the same days/times we had in the fall unless you need to reschedule. I will send reminders closer to time.

Feb. 28th- No School

Learning Lately

Reading: We are reading and spelling so many words and working hard to hear all the sounds in a word! Vowel sounds can be tricky! We are working on hearing short and long vowel sounds in words as well. We continue to work on memorizing sight words and applying that knowledge to reading and writing. We began our non fiction unit by reading to learn about iguanas. We also have a stuffed animal “pet” iguana our class is taking care of.

Writing: We began non fiction or informational writing. We began making a book about iguanas. We made our cover with the title and the author, drew diagrams of an iguana and wrote a sentence about what parts an iguanas have. We will continue writing facts next week to complete our books!

Math: We continued our work with counting and skip counting. We solved a number story about having enough seats at a party. We worked on showing the number story using pictures, numbers and words as well as showing how we solved the problem.

Science and Social Studies: We learned a little more about Dr. King this week. We celebrated Beulah Ralph’s birthday and talked about how she helped kids in CPS during desegregation. We are taking care of Lizzy the iguana(she is non living but we are pretending she is living) based on what living things need.

Learning about Martin Luther King Jr.

We have spent some time digging into some complex topics related to Civil Rights and Dr. King. This is a tough but important topic to get into with little kids. The kids did well trying to wrap their minds around the injustice in our history as a country as well as how this injustice can still play out today.

Here we are joining hands as brothers and sisters, no matter our skin color!

Here are some of resources that we enjoyed as a class and some that are good for adults to educate themselves.