Learning Lately

Reading: We focused on learning the name, sound, and formation of e and r this week. I assessed each child to see how they were doing with letter names, sounds, and formation. Children who need more practice will work on this during their reading groups along with other beginning reading skills. Children who have mastered this will move on to learning sight words, blends and digraphs, as well as reading skills.

Writing: We began our personal narrative unit this week by reading Rain Feet, a story about playing in the rain. We worked on thinking of a true story from our life and showing it on paper using pictures, details, and labels. I have been modeling writing a sentence after drawing the story so children who are ready for this challenge can go for it!

Math: We played games to compare numerals this week. We also introduced combinations of ten with with game 10 bean spill. We continue to work on basic math skills such as counting, sorting, understanding quantity. We use our small group math time to zero in on skills children need more practice with or skills that challenge the children.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about how fish breath. We read about fall and took a walk to look for signs of fall around our school. Our cool tool this week was about respectful behavior during the Monday Meeting.

Citizen of the Month

We are so proud of our October Citizen of the Month!

Each week we talk about how important it is to celebrate and be happy for the person the class has chosen, even (here is the hard part) if it is not us. It is ok to feel sad or disappointed for ourselves but it is kind to focus on being happy for our friend. Here are the kids singing the “Celebrate Others” song before going down to the assembly!

Bystanders are Powerful!

We learned how powerful bystanders are when bullying happens! Bystanders can be a friend to the target, report to an adult, or tell the bully to stop. Bystanders should never join in with the bullying or laugh when bullying happens. Thank you Mrs. Davison for teaching us about bystanders.

Pumpkin Fun

We learned a little more about our pumpkins from the farm by reading the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin. We learned how pumpkins grow. Then we studied our pumpkins using our sense of touch, our sense of sight, and magnifying glasses.

We decorated the pumpkins using craft supplies donated by parents (thank you!) and some wonderful parents manning glue guns!

Here is a video of the fun!

Peach Tree Farm

We had such a great trip! The kids had great behavior which helped us have a lot of fun. We had so many parents to help as well which was wonderful. I’m going to make a video of the trip and post soon. For now, here are a few photos from the day!