Winter Wonderland!

The kids have had so much fun decorating our classroom for winter! We made snowflakes…

And transformed our fall scene into a winter one. Thank you to our classroom aid Ms. Alice for organizing this project!

Hands are for Helping

We ended our week with a little inspirational and practical activity that helped the children think about their choices. 

We watched/read the book, Hands are Not for Hitting, and made a list about what are hands are for. And of course what our hands are not for.

We traced and decorated our hands. We also wrote about what our hands are for.

The kids did a great job of thinking of kind, creative, and helpful ways to use their hands!

Mark Your Calendars! Brown Bag Lunch!

Our first brown bag lunch will be January 31st from 10:40-11:25! Please bring lunch and come eat with your child in our classroom. Your child will have a chance to show you what they have been up to at school!


Mrs. Cardetti from the Gifted Program visited our class to teach us about being inventors! We learned that inventors make things to solve problems.

The kids brainstormed ideas of problems they could solve and inventions they could make using pipe cleaners, a cup, and a plate along with scissors and glue. The kids had to invent something new, not something that had already been invented.

Then we made our inventions!

Ask your child what they invented today!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone for my group gift of fun gift cards! I will enjoy choosing special things to spend them on. I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity! Many of you also gave me a personal gift which was also so kind and wonderful! 

It is my privilege to work with your child each day. But it is also so amazing to work with such kind and appreciative parents. 

Thank you for making me feel special and thank you for helping our school family be such a great one! Insert some smiley and hearted eyed emojis here! Thank you again!

Winter Party Fun!

We had a fun and magical winter party! So many parents donated their time, supplies, and money to make this day special. Our room parents Angie and Kelli, pulled together everything into a snowman themed winter wonderland! 

We played draw-a-snowman-on-your-head! It was perfectly absurd and funny! We laughed a lot at our snowmen!

We had cute pin-worthy snacks and lunch! And we played snowman bingo!

The kids got crafts to take home! A build a snowman kit and a snowman soup mix! Yum!

What a wonderful celebration! Thank you families for making our winter party so fun!!!!

Mr. Bill

As you may have read in the parent email from Mr. Woods, our custodian, Mr. Bill passed away on Sunday.

Today I shared this news with the class. We discussed our Mr. Bill’s body stopped working. We discussed how something made his body sick and it stopped working but we don’t know what it was. I didn’t tell the kids specifically he died in his sleep because I thought they would find that especially terrifying.

We talked about our feelings and that all feelings are ok. I encouraged the students to talk with you at home about their feelings.

We ended our discussion by drawing. The kids had the choice to draw about their feelings, make a card for Mr. Bill’s family or just draw. We listened to peaceful music and just took a quiet moment to process.

Make your own fun!

With a long break from school coming up I thought I would share this article about some simple ways to help your child make their own fun. I especially liked the idea of laying out a little station open ended materials for your child to find and enjoy. Here is the link If you would like to read the article.