End of Summer School News

End of Summer School Newsletter

We had a wonderful summer school session. We made friends and connections, and became familiar with the routines of school. The kids enjoyed practicing letters A-R with songs, poems, coloring, and crafts. We learned about circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, pentagons, rhombuses, ovals, and the numbers 1-10. We enjoyed chalk drawing, puzzles, games, songs, and read aloud. I am proud of all the kids accomplished and excited to see them learn and grow in kindergarten.


Here are a few things practice at home to prepare your child for the upcoming school year:

  • Student id number
  • Writing first name
  • Counting to 20
  • Letter names and sounds (The students will learn them first trimester and they do not need to be mastered before kindergarten.)
  • Identifying numerals 0-10
  • Counting sets of objects up to 10
  • Fastening and unfastening shoes, jackets, backpacks, and lunchboxes independently
  • Following one or two step directions
  • Unstructured play indoors and out

Please don’t worry if there are things on this list your child is still working on when they begin kindergarten. Any exposure to these skills will be beneficial to your child.



Important Dates for the Beginning of the School Year

Please check the school web site to stay informed of school events at www.cpsk12.org/beu.

August 10th– Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher Night is from 3:30-6:30 pm at Beulah Ralph Elementary. Meet your teacher and see you classroom. You will also sign up for a kindergarten screening appointment.

August 15th and 16th- Kindergarten Screening

Bring your child for your kindergarten screening appointment at the time you signed up for at Meet the Teacher Night.  This appointment gives teachers valuable information about our students and helps guide our instruction at the beginning of the school year.

***The 15th and 16th are regular school days for all other grade levels besides kindergarten.

August 17th -First Day of Kindergarten

Arrival is from 8-8:20.

August 21st -Solar Eclipse

We will go outside to view this amazing scientific phenomenon. The school district is providing protective eyewear.

September 4th -No School for Labor Day

September 25th– No School for a Teacher Work Day



 Special Guests

Today we had some special guests visit our classroom to teach us a little about Ramadan and Eid. Hamza’s mom, Eman, and his cousin and brother came to teach us a little bit about these holidays. They performed a skit and brought objects and photos to share with us.

We learned that is currently Ramadan and during Ramadan people fast/ do not eat or drink during the day to remember people who do not have enough to eat and who are suffering. A crescent moon signals the end of Ramadan and and the beginning of the Eid celebration! 

The Eid celebration has many parts such as decorating with lanterns, making special cookies, ending fasting by eating dates, getting together with family and friends, and praying. During Eid, families give gifts to those in need to share the joy of Eid with them.

We are so thankful that Hamza’s family was willing to share their holiday traditions. I hope to continue inviting families to our classroom throughout the school year to share about many different holidays and cultures. It is fun and meaningful to share about our lives with others, and for others to share with us!

Ice Cream!

It was so fun to make ice cream. We measured sugar, vanilla, and milk into a zip lock bag. We tucked the milk mixture into a larger bag of ice and rock salt, wrapped it in a towel and shook like crazy! With enough shaking the milk mixture became solid like ice cream. The rock salt seemed to be the key to getting the milk mixture below freezing!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in supplies and to Mr. Laughlin and Ms. Lauren for all their help!

Here is a link to the recipe we used if you would like  try it at home!

Here are a few photos from the fun!

Chalk Fun

We enjoyed the cool morning with a little extra time outside drawing and writing with sidewalk chalk! The kids wrote and drew pictures. This is great for fine and gross motor development and it is fun! It was fun for me to see what they drew and wrote.

Work Time Choices

Each morning we have work time in which the children choose from a variety of math and literacy activities. They choose an activity, find a spot to work, complete the activity and clean it up when they are ready and return it to the shelf. This work time has academic benefits for the children but also builds focus and task completion skills. The kids also benefit from making choices. This is fun and motivating for them. Making choices is also a skill they will need in their school career and life. Here are the little learners at work!

Classroom Helpers

We are so lucky to have two great helpers in our class!

One is our classroom aide Ms. Alice. She supervises lunch and recess and helps in our classroom in the morning. She has been helping the children practice their names with fun materials like play dough.

Our other helper is Ms. Lauren who is a high school student and an A+ Tutor. Here she is helping the kids practice their student id numbers.

B is for butterfly!

Today we learned all about the letter b and made beautiful butterflies! Our craft activities serve several purposes. They help us focus on the sound the letter makes. The crafts also help us build fine motor skills. Most of our crafts have some elements of choice and give the kids an opportunity to b creative and put their own spin on whatever we are making. Our crafts also help the children build their focus skills and follow the steps to complete a task.

Here are the kids at work…

Here are some finished butterflies…

B is also for book! The kids enjoyed reading when they had finished their butterflies.