1, 2, 3 Breathing

We learned a new breathing strategy today. This one is a little different in that the end goal is less about being calm and more about feeling happy. Here is how you do it.

You will take 3 slow deep breaths, each with a different purpose.

Breath 1: Collect

  • Collect or gather a breath. This helps you focus.

Breath 2: Calm

  • Take a second breath and focus on calming your body and mind.

Breath 3: Choose Happiness

  • Smile as you take the 3rd breath and invite happiness. This is a low energy feeling of well being rather than a big burst of excitement.

I hope you will try 1, 2, 3 breathing to invite more happiness into your day. I hope you will also try this type of breathing with your child to help bring more happiness into their day.

Mother Singers!

Today we enjoyed a 70 year old CPS tradition- The Mother Singers! The Mother Singers are a choir of retired teachers who are mothers and grandmothers. They travel to all the elementary schools in our district and perform for k-2 students. This year the concert theme was America Sings! We enjoyed listening and singing along! It was also a great opportunity to learn and practice “concert manners”. It was such a fun cultural experience!


Today we threw our usual schedule to the wind to learn about and appreciate spring!!!!

We began by watching some time lapse videos of landscapes transforming from winter to spring and discussing signs of spring we noticed when we went outside.

We made our spring trees next and learned a new technique to make our paper trees bloom.

Just like real trees, at first our trees were very bare and then they began to bloom!

We added baby birds and ladybugs!

We also spread a little spring sunshine by delivering daffodils to teachers around the school!

In the afternoon we focused on weather. We read about weather and then made plastic bag kites. We went outside to see what we could learn about the wind!

We even found some spring flowers!

We were so busy and engaged we did not have a chance to read all our books and play all our games. So I guess the spring fun will continue tomorrow!


One friend in our class decided to take on a special challenge- he wrote his numbers all the way to 1,000! This has taken weeks of work at math time and also playtime! We are so proud of our friend’s achievement as well as the work ethic and motivation it took to accomplish such a huge task!

Fun Times!

We had a busy day today! Besides our Citizen of the Month assembly we had a dental hygiene presentation and Makers Space.

The kids learned from Becky (a kindergarten parent from Mrs. Concannon’s class) about how to take care of their teeth. We learned about brushing, avoiding too many sugary foods, and visiting the dentist.

The kids worked on books about dental health and took turns brushing Allie the Aligators teeth. They also got goodie bags with dental goodies!

After that we went to the library for Makers Space with Mrs. Fitch. We had a variety of materials to craft with such as beads, paper, foam, play dough, magazines, markers, and pipe cleaners. Mrs. Fitch gave the kids some ideas and inspiration but the kids were free to create whatever they could imagine. This type of unstructured activity, where there is no right answer and no “correct” way to make something is powerful. The lovelies have an opportunity to make choices and problem solve. They develop focus as well as self confidence.

It was so fun to see what they came up with!