We really enjoyed our trip to the planetarium today! Before we left we listened to the solar system song to get thinking about space!

We made a list of things we already knew about space.

The planetarium is so dim and dark that I did not take any pictures of the trip itself but the kids really enjoyed learning about constellations, stars, and planets! After we returned to school we made our own drawing of space and hung them on the ceiling!

Milkweed Update

Our milkweed experiment has been fascinating! Some of the seeds we planted have grown and others have not. But for some reason a seed that feel in the extra soil tub and was not watered grew, and the extra seeds I left in a ziplock with a damp paper towel away from the window grew a lot!

We attempted to transplant sprouts from the paper towels to see if they would continue to grow.

Learning Lately

Reading: We continued our work with story elements this week as well as practicing retelling a story after we read. We learned to tell the story events in order and to use characters names and other words and details from the story. We continued practicing sight words as well as reading and spelling words with digraphs.

Writing: We wrote opinion pieces this week using the sentence I like____ because____. We are working on telling our opinion as well as three reasons. We are still working on neat handwriting, word spaces, capitals, punctuation, and using our best spelling.

Math: We continued to practice attributes and names of 3D shapes as well as understanding the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We wrote number stories as well as playing a variety of games to help us practice addition and subtraction.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool this week was about test taking strategies. For science we continued to observe the progress of our milkweed plants. We also have been reading about weather and observing it each day.

Shape Building

Our math lesson today was very fun and gave the kids a chance to show what they know about shapes in a creative way! We used spaghetti noodles and marshmallows to build 2D (sort of) and 3D shapes! The kids did a great job building as well as naming the shape they were making!

Learning Lately

Reading: We are honing in on the basic reading skills that the kids need to have mastered in order to be prepared for 1st grade in our whole group lessons as well as our small reading groups. We are working on using a variety of reading strategies to figure out unknown words such as looking at the picture, tapping each sound and blending, looking for chunks you know, and asking yourself what makes sense. We are working on understanding what we read and being able to remember, retell the story in order, and share a connection to the story. We are learning about the story elements of fiction such as characters, setting, problem and solution to help us further understand what we read.

Writing: We began our opinion writing unit this week. The children are learning what an opinion is vs facts as well as using reasons or examples to back up their opinion. We have practiced these orally and will apply them next week to actual writing. We are still working on the basics of writing such  as writing neatly, using word spaces, and attempting correct capitalization and punctuation.

Math: We continued our work with addition and subtraction with games as well as making a class number story book. We also practiced estimation using a reference as well as attributes of shapes.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool was the difference between tattling and reporting. For science we observed the progress of our milkweed seeds and began creating a milkweed journal to record our observations. We also enjoyed a visit from some chicks that 3rd grade hatched!

Career Paths

Today we learned about career paths with Mrs. Roof. Mrs. Roof is our substitute counselor who is filling in for Mrs. Davison who is on her maternity leave.

Mrs. Roof taught us that we are already on our career paths because we are learning a lot in kindergarten. Mrs. Roof loves to use puppets to talk with the kids and keep them engaged in the topic at hand.

We discussed things we learned in school that will help us do a job like reading, writing, exercise, making friends, writing, following rules, working neatly, manners, and eating well.

We ended by thinking about things we like to do and what career pathways we are interested in.

Planting Milkweed

In anticipation of our upcoming living and non living science unit we planted milkweed seeds! The kids really enjoyed the planting process and are excited to see what happens! We know that seeds that are planted usually grow but it all depends on if we gave them everything they need.

Learning Lately

Reading: We continued practicing long and short vowel sounds in words as well as introducing consonant digraphs such as sh, th, ch, wh, and ck. We wrapped up our nonfiction unit with a little more practice asking questions as we read and noting when those questions are answered in the text.

Writing: We also wrapped up our nonfiction writing unit this week. The kids wrote their very best nonfiction piece using all the skills they learned throughout the unit with no teacher help. We also wrote thank you notes to people who donated items to the PTA circus. The kids enjoyed some free writing time as well where they chose their own genre of writing.

Math- We used math time this week to count money collected for our penny drive. We also explored weight using pan balances. We continued our work with addition and subtraction and composing and decomposing numbers with games like Hiding Bears!

Science and Social Studies: We read a great nonfiction book about tolerance that explained what it is and how we can show tolerance in everyday life. We celebrated spring and learned about the changes the season will bring. Our STEAM bus visit gave us some practice with engineering. Also our counselor taught the children a very important lesson about safe and unsafe touches(There was a note in your child’s folder explaining this lesson to you in more detail).

First Day of Spring

Yay for the first day of spring! We celebrated by surprising teachers around the school by giving them flowers and wishing them a happy spring! We watched some time lapse videos that showed some of the changes that happen in nature in spring. Then we made our spring trees covered in beautiful leaves and flowers.