Human Body Study: Day 1

Today we began our study of the human body with Mrs. Fitch!

We read a story about a child hurting their arm on the playground which set up a hands on problem the kids will be solving at the end of the unit using what they have learned about the body.

We learned that parts of the body have structure and function! The kids discussed the function of various animal body parts.

We put together a body puzzle to start thinking about where our bodies structures are located.

We ended by drawing our outer bodies.

Pumpkin Decorating

We had a fun, creative, and messy morning decorating our pumpkins! Thank you to everyone who sent in craft supplies and volunteered in the classroom- you made the day awesome!

Mrs. Edgar’s class joined us to decorate their pumpkins too. It was fun to have special guests visit us too!


We received our book orders today! If you ordered your child will bring home the books today. Everyone who ordered helped us get a pack of nonfiction books for our classroom and each child got one free book! We also earned bonus points I will use to order more books for the classroom. Here are the kids enjoying their free book.

Learning Lately

A short but full week!

Reading: We practiced the sound, name, and formation of c and o this week as well as reviewing all the letters from previous weeks. We discussed our favorite book characters and read lots of Pete the Cat books. We learned that we can find new books to read that have our favorite characters in them.

Writing: We worked on planning our true stories and drawing all the parts of our stories. We are writing our name at the top of the paper and coloring in neatly. Some children are starting to label their pictures with letters or words!

Math: We practiced describing shapes and learning what makes a triangle a triangle. We learned the words vertex and vertices. We played Top it to practice counting and comparing numbers. The kids have also been playing ST math and problem solving with JiJi the penguin who is very tricky!

Science/Social studies: We learned about our school pledge and song. We also had a visit from Mrs. Naylor who is the daughter of Beulah Ralph, the wonderful person our school was named for!


Volunteers Needed- October 19th

We will need 4 volunteers  to help supervise small groups doing science centers in the classroom on October 19th from 9:30-10:30. Volunteers will monitor their station and ask the kids questions about what they are learning. If you would like to participate-please email me. Thank you very much!