We have a dream…

This week we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. The kids did a wonderful job tackling this complicated subject! In some ways, the topics equal rights and racism are simple for the kids, they simply believe in kindness and judging others by their behavior and actions. The kids find it so hard to believe that bigotry exists and it is so heart warming to see their naturally kind spirits. Kids notice physical appearance and skin color but love each other anyway. It is so important to talk to kids about race and equity just like we would talk to them about gender or people with disabilities. We can notice and celebrate our differences, be proud of our heritage, and still treat others with respect!

We were inspired by a variety of great read alouds. It was fun to talk about how Beulah Ralph, our school’s namesake was active in the civil rights movement here in Columbia. She help with the process of desegregation in Columbia Public School. The kids were thrilled to learn that our school was named for someone who was a leader like Martin Luther King!

We celebrated Martin’s dream of kids of all races joining hands together!

We wrote our own dreams for the world. The kids had some wonderful dreams. Some dreamed for everyone to be kind, everyone to be friends. Some dreamed for the rich to share with the poor and some dreamed for everyone to be treated fairly. Some dreamed for all children to have a school to go too and all people to have a home to live in.

Penny Drive to Benefit Kohfeldt Elementary

Beulah Ralph’s school wide service learning project this year is to help Kohfeldt Elementary in Texas, which was affected by the hurricane.  Kindergarten is partnered with the kindergarten classes at Kohfeldt.  Our goal is to raise money through a penny drive.  Kindergarten teachers at Kohfeldt have requested that we provide classroom supplies.   We have decided we will be decorating clipboards for the kindergarten students.  We would like to also provide the teachers with a gift card to purchase items for their daily centers. We will be involving the kindergarten students each step of the way and incorporating reading, writing, fine motor and math skills to complete this project.

In order to raise funds for these clipboards and gift cards we are having a penny drive.  Our penny drive will begin on Monday, January 16 and will end on March 23 before spring break.  

Feel free to send in any donations (checks made payable to CPS, cash, change besides pennies) in addition to your pennies. The children will be participating in counting and totaling our donation. We would like to have lots of pennies so all kindergarteners can help participate in counting our donation!

Thank you for your help with our Penny Drive!

Snow Dough!

Inspired by Peter’s saved snowball in The Snowy Day, we played with homemade balls of snow dough!

Here is the recipe if you would like to make some at home.

The kids made all kinds of creative snow things like snowman, snow burritos, snow scenes, snow lady bugs, and snow pterodactyls! It was fun to work with our hands, be creative, and just enjoy being together!

Cozy Day

Today was the coziest of cozy days. We made hot cocoa and everyone helped stir!

We let it heat up while we cuddled up to watch The Snowy Day.

We enjoyed our cocoa with freshly popped popcorn (thanks Ms. Alice and Mrs. Groner)!

We made snowy winter trees which turned out magical and beautiful.

We ended with some cozy Jiji Math time!

What a wonderful day!