Fire Safety!

The lovey and talented firefighters from Quint 7 of the Columbia Fire Department visited today to teach us about fire safety!

We learned about the fire truck and even got to walk through and check it out!

We also got to see a firefighters gear and what they would look and sound like with all their gear on.

We learned a lot about staying safe during fires. We learned to go outside to the family meeting place if the smoke detector goes off or if there is smoke. We learned to crawl under smoke to safety. We learned if fire blocks a doorway to close the door and go to the nearest window. If we know how to crawl out the window safely we can- or we can try to throw something out the window to alert the firefighters that someone is inside. We learned that firefighters will come inside to help us leave a fire safely and they will call out “This is the Columbia Fire Dept. is anyone here?” We practiced yelling “I’m here!”

We learned to stop, drop, and roll if our clothing catches on fire. 

We had a wonderful visit!

When we returned to the classroom we learned how to draw a diagram with labels. We drew diagrams about what we learned about fire trucks and firefighters’ gear.

Thank you Columbia Fire Department!