Special Guests

Today we had some special guests visit our classroom to teach us a little about Ramadan and Eid. Hamza’s mom, Eman, and his cousin and brother came to teach us a little bit about these holidays. They performed a skit and brought objects and photos to share with us.

We learned that is currently Ramadan and during Ramadan people fast/ do not eat or drink during the day to remember people who do not have enough to eat and who are suffering. A crescent moon signals the end of Ramadan and and the beginning of the Eid celebration! 

The Eid celebration has many parts such as decorating with lanterns, making special cookies, ending fasting by eating dates, getting together with family and friends, and praying. During Eid, families give gifts to those in need to share the joy of Eid with them.

We are so thankful that Hamza’s family was willing to share their holiday traditions. I hope to continue inviting families to our classroom throughout the school year to share about many different holidays and cultures. It is fun and meaningful to share about our lives with others, and for others to share with us!