Summer School Info


Your child will have the opportunity to explore early literacy skills through songs, games, read aloud, poems, and hands on activities. We will introduce letter names, sounds, and formation. We will also practice recognizing and writing first names.



We will explore early math skills through read aloud, songs, games, and hands on activities. We will learn about shapes, counting, and numbers. Your child with also practice their student identification number. They will need to be able to type it in a keypad, on a keyboard, and say it aloud during the school year.


Science/ Social Studies

We will explore a variety of student chosen topics through read aloud, crafts, and journaling activities.


Fine Motor Skills

We will build fine motor skills through craft activities and hands on activities using a variety of materials such as crayons, markers, scissors, and glue. We will work on building hand strength and practice gripping a writing tool appropriately. We will also use journaling, singing songs with actions, and building with blocks to develop fine motor control.


Social Skills

We will focus on building skills for play and friendship, and handling disputes. We will work on using words to ask for what we want and invite others to play. We will also work on building social skills helpful for school success such as walking safely in a line, focusing on our work, and raising hands to speak.


We will have a wonderful summer together, filled with fun and learning!