A Helpful Phrase to Encourage Kids

Our little ones love our attention! They love to tell us all the things they know, they love to ask us questions, and most of all they love to show us how they can do everything! While we want the kids to feel heard, encouraged, and loved- we don’t want to turn them into praise junkies! How do we acknowledge and encourage kids without conditioning them to need our praise or to value our praise over their own internal motivation?
One phrase that can help is, “I love to watch you ______.”

When we say, “I love to watch you_____, we are communicating that we care about them and also encouraging them to continue the process of doing things. We are not telling them they are doing well, but that we enjoy that they are doing. The process of doing something is where real learning and discovery take place.

Here is the link to the article where I learned this phrase if you would like to read it.

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