A Peek Inside our Classroom: Math

Everyday Math:

You may have noticed that we seem to cover a lot of different topics each week, and revisit topics from previous weeks instead of sticking to one top at a time. This is because our math curriculum, Everyday Math, is designed to be a spiraling curriculum. The idea is to teach, reteach, and expand on topics over time rather than teach one topic until the students master it and then never talk about that topic again. We still practice topics until the children have mastered the topic, we just practice and revisit topics over time. This helps the children remember what they have learned more and see connections between different topics and concepts.

Everyday Math has a big variety of games, partner activities, whole class activities, and individual work. Our activities are very hands on and we do very few “worksheets”. We do have a math workbook we will use later on in the school year. A lot of our written math work will involve writing or drawing to make sense of a concept like a word problem, or a game recording sheet. Everyday Math also strongly emphasizes math concepts in the real world.


ST Math

ST Math stands for Spacial Temporal Math. This is an online game that kids play independently. ST Math is unique because the games are completely visual and don’t involve literacy skills like listening to explanations or reading directions. The kids help Jiji the penguin move across the screen in different ways while learning various math concepts.

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