20140624-181002-65402192.jpgVibrant. Thoughtful. Calm. Empathetic.

Those four words encompass who I strive to be with my students each day. No matter what successes, challenges, laughs, and frustrations my young learners and I face, we can remember if we work hard and treat others nicely then we had a wonderful day.

My name is Layla Cunningham and I am a kindergarten teacher. Or rather I facilitate the learning of 20 some five and six year olds. I attended the University of Missouri as an undergrad as well as completing my master’s degree through the Teaching Fellowship Program. I started teaching in 2007 and have had the pleasure of learning from a variety of students and fellow teachers over the years.

As you can assume from the title of this blog, I love jumping in puddles as well as a good metaphor. I live in Columbia, Missouri with my lovely and talented husband Will and my sassy and also lovely step-daughter Maddie. We have a pup named Olive and a fish named Fifi.
Thanks for visiting our blog. You are always welcome here!