Makers Space

We visited the library to participate in Makers Space. This week we built circuits using Squishy Circuits. The kids built circuits to make a teeny light bulb light up. It was fun to try, make mistakes, and problem solve. The kids had to observe what happened when they made their circuit and decide what to try next. There was a lot of thinking, experimenting, and helping involved.

Mr. Glitter

Our class was the top selling class for our grade level in the PTA fundraiser! Thank you so much for your effort and support of our school. We get to participate in a pig race (I can’t believe I just typed that lol)  against the top sellers of the other grade levels. The class with the winning pig will receive $100 to spend on something for their classroom! Fingers and curly tails crossed!

Today we decorated our pig and named him Mr. Glitter!

Learning Lately

We had another great and busy week!

Reading: We practiced the letter names, sounds, and formation of m,n. We also practiced reading familiar poems and pointing to each word. The kids have a copy of the poems in their poetry folders and they get to illustrate each poem. We continued participating in literacy work stations as well as building our reading stamina! We are up to 5 minutes of independent reading!

Writing: We practiced the routines of writing time and finding the balance of talking about our writing while also making sure we are getting lots of pictures on the paper.  We worked on writing our names at the top of our writing, choosing a topic, drawing, “rereading” our work and adding more.

Math: Since our curriculum is spiraling, we touched on many topic this week. We played Match it to identify equal quantities, and Top It to practice finding higher and lower quantities. We worked on growing patterns, repeating patterns and describing shapes. By practicing many topics more often, the students will  retain what they have learned about a topic and gradually work towards mastery.

Science/Social Studies: For science this week we explored circuits at Maker’s Space and also worked on observing what is happening and trying something new. We continued to work on skills for school in social studies-the kids enjoyed reading My Mouth is a Volcano to learn about erupting/interrupting.

Celebrate Others

Here at BEU we strive to model positivity for the children by celebrating their accomplishments, large and small! Recently our class earned the golden broom for having the cleanest k-2 classroom.

We celebrated V. as our September Lunch with the Principal student.

We celebrated B. as our September Citizen of the Month. The students chose B. through a secret vote!

We are so proud of our award winners and our class! The kids are working hard to do their best each day! And that is worth celebrating!

Creativity Lesson

Yesterday we had a visit from Mrs. Carpeting from the Gifted Program for a creativity lesson. Mrs. Cardetti give the kids the opportunity to be fluent and flexible thinkers by turning a “nothing”(a little doodle)  into a “something”! Mrs. Cardetti practiced brainstorming lots of ideas with the kids, rather than just one.

Hurricane Harvey Drive

Today we ended our drive for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are looking forward to sharing all we collected with our new friends in Texas! If you didn’t send a donation and would like to you may still send something tomorrow. 

The kids helped move all the kindergarten donations to the stage to be organized and boxed.

I’m so proud of our little helpers!

Happy International Dot Day!

We learned from Mrs. Fitch that sometimes there are holidays about books! Today is International Dot day so we read the Dot!

We got super creative and made our own individual dots using a variety of materials from Mrs. Fitch’s craft cart. I always enjoy seeing each child’s take on open ended projects! I 

Mrs. Fitch even hung our dots on the library doors!

Learning Lately

Here is what we were up to this week.

Reading: It was a big week in reading- we began literacy stations as well as independent reading time with our book boxes. We have been working on following expectations for work time so the kids can work independently. We practiced the name, sound, and formation of n, and m this week and continued practicing t,b, and f. We are working hard on forming letters “the kindergarten way” and using an effective grip on our markers/crayons/pencils.

Writing: We worked on routines for writing time such as getting supplies, using our writing folders, and continuing to work even after we finish the story we are on. We also learned that writers write about things in their hearts they really care about.

Math: We touched on a variety of topics this week. We continued our work with counting and creating number collections to 7. We focused especially on the number 5 creating 5 with a variety of materials and also using a 5 frame.

Science/Social Studies: We had a visit from Mrs. Fitch to enjoy International Dot Day. We read The Dot which focuses on skills like trying when things are hard, being a problem solver, and looking a little closer to find beauty all around us. The kids got to make their own dots that Mrs. Fitch displayed in the library! We touched on a few other science and social studies topics like hurricanes and helping those effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Friday Folder Behavior Checklists- Coming Next Week

In order to keep you informed about your child’s progress at school, we will be completing a  behavior checklist for you each Friday, starting September 22nd. Kindergarten’s checklist is digital rather than the paper copy that first through fifth grade uses. Paper copies can be printed for you if you would like. Please email me or handwrite a note and send it with your child to let me know if you would prefer a paper copy. This checklist is our primary tool for communication with you. This checklist is how we will let you know how your child’s week went. There will be fewer personal notes and emails. This checklist includes the behaviors expected for all CPS students. We have spent the past few weeks learning and practicing these expectations. A check mark indicates your child is meeting expectations in this area. A minus indicates improvement is needed in this area. Please discuss the checklist each week with your child, both what they are doing well and areas in which they can improve. Please expect minuses from time to time and consider them opportunities for learning and growth rather than deficits. All the children are learning lots of social skills here at school.

Next week I will send you an email with the details on how to access your child’s checklist. Each week I will send an email to let you know the checklist is updated so you can view, sign, and comment electronically.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review your child’s checklist each week. I hope this communication is helpful and purposeful for you!

Literacy Stations!

Today we finally got to start literacy stations! The kids have been learning about each station that will help us become better readers and writers. Our stations include art, storytelling, finger play, puzzles, writing, magnets, tablets, names, words, class library, and buddy reading. Our stations and the activities within them with shift and change throughout the school year and become more challenging. After the kids can work independently in stations, I will begin teaching small group reading lessons so each child can work on the reading skills they need to progress as readers.

Today we went to our first station and practiced some of our work time expectations. 

Our expectations are:

  1. Get started quickly.
  2. Stay in your spot.
  3. Work the whole time.
  4. Let others work.
  5. Use a quiet voice.
  6. Problem solve or raise your hand.

Here are the children practicing getting started quickly and staying in our spots.