Half Marathon Celebration

Here in kindergarten, we believe in fresh air and exercise. Moving our bodies is a worthy goal in itself but it is also an important refresher for our minds and our spirits. Each morning, weather permitting we head outside for a few quick laps around the blacktop. The kids can walk or run as they choose. Over the course of the school year the kids completed a half marathon. Here are a few pictures of our celebration. We passed out metals and celebrated the kids’ hard work!



Play dough: Eaten or Not Eaten!!???

So I overheard a very passionate argument going on at the art table on Friday. The kids were creating all kinds of goodies with the play dough. They love to make cookies so I guess tasting the play dough was inevitable.
Two kids were arguing with a third child. The first two were telling the third on no uncertain terms that she had been eating play dough. The third child was telling them just as certainly that she had absolutely not eaten play dough.
Her teeth were blue.
Several other kids in the classroom noticed the blue teeth and came to whisper to me they suspected she had been eating play dough, just in case I had missed the subtle clue.

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming events for kindergarten students. More information will come home closer to time about each event as needed.


Mother Singers- April 17th

The Mother Singers Choir will be performing for students k-2.


Grandparent’s Day- April 25th

Grandparents are invited to visit their grandchildren’s classrooms in the afternoon and see what they are learning about.


Kindergarten Cowboy Program- May 22nd at 2:15 pm

Families Invited

Please join us in the gym to experience a cowboy themed kindergarten performance. Your kindergartener has been working hard to learn a variety of songs to share with you. Yee haw!


Tie Dye Day- May 29th

Kindergarten students will enjoy tie dying a t-shirt to make a special momento of kindergarten. We will ask families to send a white t-shirt closer to time.


Field Day- May 30th

All Russell students will enjoy a day of fun and physical fitness! Kindergarteners will need to wear comfortable tennis shoes and sunscreen that day.


Shelter Gardens Field Trip- June 5th (am only)

Families Invited

Please join us as we walk to Shelter Gardens. We have interactive activities planned for the students and will need parent help and supervision. We will also walk back to school and have a picnic on the playground. Your family is invited to pack a picnic lunch. Kindergarten students will also be able to buy a sack lunch from school. Kindergarten students will need to wear comfortable tennis shoes and sunscreen that day.






Russell Outdoor Classroom

At Russell we have an amazing resource for hands on learning, our outdoor classroom. Picture a path lined with patches of daffodils, large shade trees, and a pond. Picture raised garden beds filled with rich soil and protected by straw, just waiting to be planted.
Today we ventured out into the spring morning to fill the beds with baby plants and tiny seeds. The kids got to help prepare the beds, plant, and water. They also used straw to protect the small plants. The kids enjoyed books about gardens and nature during their down time between activities.
We will check our beds on a weekly basis and observe the growth of our plants. We will also help water our garden. Later in the spring we will hopefully have some veggies to taste.




A little Inspiration

We watched this video this morning for a little inspiration. The kids were really moved by the acts of kindness and the how each little act had a big impact on all the people involved.
We think you should watch the video too! You will thank us later!Acts of Kindness Video

Lima Bean Investigation

As part of our living and non living science unit we began a special project with lima beans today. We placed lima beans and wet paper towels in a resealable bag and taped it to our window. We are going to observe this set up to find out what happens when we give the lima bean water and sunlight. The kids had some educated predictions!
We also set up one of our class i Pads to help document our investigation. We plan to take a picture of our lima beans each day. Then we will put all our photos together to make our own time lapse film of the lima beans’ growth and changes.


Jelly beans and Opinion Writing

Today we began learning about opinion writing. First we will focus on how to form an opinion and support our opinion with evidence. Then we will learn how to communicate our opinions in writing.
Today we formed opinions about jelly beans. When we first got our jelly beans we were not sure what we thought about it. So we used our senses to look, feel, and taste our jelly beans. Then we formed an opinion of our jelly bean based on our experience. The kids did a great job explaining to their friends why they liked or disliked their jelly bean.



Behavin’ Raven Celebration : Our Sleep Over Party

We had a wonderful day celebrating our great behavior! We earned 500 behavin’ ravens which means our students were safe, respectful, learners 500 times!
First we read the classic, Where the Wild Things Are and dreamed up our very own wild things. Some had bee bodies or raccoon tails. Others had horns or 4 arms.




We had some fruit loop fun by creating designs and patterns with fruit loop and also munching of course!



We also made our very own night sky full of constellations on one of our windows.


Planetarium Writing

Yesterday we worked on writing nonfiction and used words and pictures to teach about what we learned at the planetarium.
Today we made beautiful thank you cards for our presenter at the planetarium and our bus driver. With pictures and words, of course!