Post Walk-a-Thon Lovelies!

Here are the lovelies after the walk-a-thon just chillin’ while I read our Magic Tree House book. They were so cute and peaceful I had to capture the moment.


Sight Word Bingo

The kids have become quite proficient at reading and writing their sight words. We will keep practicing these words until the end of the school year. Today we played sight word bingo. The kids used their neatest handwriting to make their bingo board and were quite proud of how neatly and quickly they could write the words.





Library Books

This was our last week for library check out. All library books need to be returned by next Friday.

Happy Dancing

From time to time we take a “happy break” and dance our little hearts out to “Happy” by Pharell Williams. We put the video and refresh our minds and bodies.


Behavin’ Raven Celebration!

We set a relatively small goal of earning 200 Behavin’ Ravens since we are close to the end of the school year. We met our goal today and enjoyed an extra recess in the glorious sunshiny weather! We will try to earn another 200 so we can celebrate again before the end of kindergarten(tear, sniff, sniff)
Here are some pix of the kids playing. Enjoy!







We continued our study of the brain and the growth mindset theory with a quick video clip about the parts of the brain and there functions. We learned the cerebrum is the “thinking brain” and helps us think and process what we see. We learned the cerebellum controls muscle movement as well as helping us learn new things. The medulla or brain stem controls breathing, our heart beating and digestion, things we don’t really think about that our body does.

Then we examined some brain models loaned to us by the CPS Health Dept.

The kids had fun attempting to assemble some really tricky mini brain models.





Unfortunately, these models proved harder to put back in the box than they were to assemble. Thank goodness Ava was able to get hers back in the box properly so I had a model to finish the rest. My little puzzler.


Quotes of the Week

“I kind of knew you should have a good attitude even before you teached us that.”
-Bailey reflected upon he growth mindset theory on her way across the monkey bars

“Oh man, my butt hurts!”
-Random kindergartener walking down the hallway when no one is supposed to be talking.