In kindergarten children become very interested in friendship. The kids are interested in having friends and being friends but often don’t have to social skills to build and maintain those relationships. In our class we are learning those skills.
Today we listened to the story Enemy Pie, and noticed friendly things and not so friendly things. We decided if an action was nice and something we would like to happen to us. Those are the things we should do with our friends.

We also acted out getting a friends attention (touching their shoulder gently and saying their name), and looking at each other’s eyes when we talk. We acted out inviting someone to play and asking to join the play of others. It was a very productive lesson. I will be helping the kids put these new skills into practice when they are working and playing.

Little Hands

Those little kindergarten hands are amazing. Think of all the things those little hands have learned to do in the last 5 or 6 years…whoa…it is just mind blowing!

A big part of any kindergarteners success with kindergarten skills is the strength of their hands as well as their dexterity. Lots of our literacy work, math work, and play choices are designed to build fine motor skills as well as practice academic content.


Here are some ideas for fine motor activities to try with your little lovely.

Sand Tray
Fill a tray with sand, salt, or coffee grounds. Definitely use decaf coffee grounds! Little fingers can draw, write letters or their name. Your child can also use a small paintbrush or chopstick. If you really want to get crazy, you could do the same thing with shaving cream. That could be cool on the shower wall during bath time!

Clothes Pin Play
Clothes pins are a great way to build hand strength and gripping needed to hold a pencil. Kids can clip them on the edge of thin plastic bowls. Some kids will be happy just clipping away. Other kids might need a more structured activity. You can make a counting game out of it by giving asking your child to clip a certain number to the bowl or giving them a dice to roll. You can color or decorate the clothes pins with markers so your child can sort and clip or clip patterns.

Here is a link to a blog post I found that has ideas of fine motor materials you can buy. I have not tried any of these yet, but I would love to buy some for our classroom. This would be a great list to pass onto grandparents who love to spoil kids.


Notable and Quotable- Jack

Class discussion about doing better following hallway expectations.

Me: What can we do next time we walk in the hallway?
Dominic: We can look forward and put our hands behind our backs.
Me: Good idea. Jack, what else could we do?
Jack responds seriously: We could find some tape that is sticky, but not too sticky, and we could tape our hands behind our backs!

Jack was completely earnest when he said that, not trying me make us laugh. Adorable!
Of course taping the children in place has never ever crossed my mind. Ever. Seriously.

Fall Party Fun!

Here are a few pictures from our Fall Party! Thank you to all parents for your contributions. A special thank you to Sarah and Dana for planning an allergen free party to include all students! You really helped send the message that everyone in our class is equally valued and that each student’s talents and needs are respected!













Writing Numbers

A big part of kindergarten math is learning to write numbers. We have been working on forming our numbers 0-10 and are now moving on to those tricky teen numbers. Today we used number charts, if needed, to practice writing numbers all the way to 20! Here are some friends working hard!



Next’ Weeks Learning Goals

We have a lot of extra activities coming up this week. Mrs. Bricker will visit our class for a guidance lesson. We are visiting Bradford Farms to learn about how things grow and fall crops. We have our Fall party which is sure to be tons of fun. We also have a morning of science and social studies activities planned where the kindergarteners will rotate through all the kindergarten classrooms and do a special activity with each teacher.
Here are some of the learning goals we will be working on in between the extra activities.
Letter name, sound, and formation of “p” and “j”
Beginning and ending sounds
Rhyming words
Words and word spaces
Predicting and asking questions when we read
Adding words to our drawings
Writing first name with a capital at the beginning and letters formed “the kindergarten way”

Rote Counting to 50
Concept of numbers 11-20
Counting objects 11-20
Comparing numerals 0-10
Writing numerals to 20

How things grow
Identifying and managing feelings
Solving problems with words
Stop, look, and listen when you here a quiet signal

Upcoming Events

October 28th Trip to Bradford Farms
We will be at the farm all morning. Please dress your child according to the weather. Tennis shoes only please!

October 31st- Fall Party
Our room parents, Sarah and Dana, have been working hard to plan a party that is fun for all. Please join us from 2:30-3 if you can.

November 13th and 14th- Parent Teacher Conferences
There is a from going home today for you to fill out with your day and time preferences. I look forward to sharing your child’s learning this trimester with you!

Behavin’ Raven Celebration

Yesterday we had a great time celebrating our amazing behavior. We earned 200 Behavin’ Ravens which means kids in our class were safe, respectful, learners 200 times! We celebrated by using marshmallows, toothpicks and uncooked spaghetti noodles to build and create. The kids had a lot of fun and made some pretty neat creations!









Show Me Learning!

Thanks to all who attended our Show Me Learning day! The kids were pumped to share their learning with you! If you weren’t able attend, we hope to see you around school at future events! Here are just a few photos, enjoy!