100 Days of Learning in Kindergarten

It sure is hard to believe we have been in school 100 days, especially with our snow week. We celebrated being 100 days smarter with a variety of fun learning activities.
We began by cutting out the digits in 100 and turning them into something else…the children created penguins, robots, faces, and lots of other things as well.



Then we had a museum to view everyone’s artwork. Without any prompting, the kids oooed and awwwed over each other’s work. They were full of compliments for their friends. It was such an endearing moment.

We had a great time exercising to 100 next. The kids did 10 activities 10 times to exercise all the way to 100. They were bunny hopping and twirling, stretching and jogging in place.




It was great to see that with a few rules and tips the kids were able to safely and independently move around the room as they wished to all the exercise stations.

Later we had a delicious time making necklaces of 100 fruit loops. The kids did a ton of counting(and eating). Needless to say they were a bit loopy when they were done.


Spring Party- February 13th

Our Spring party is February 13th from 2:30-3. Feel free to come celebrate with us! Our party will be focused on spring but I know many children and parents look forward to making and exchanging valentine cards. Please feel free to make valentine cards with your child if you wish. It is not required in any way. The children will have an opportunity to pass out their cards earlier in the day on the 13th. If you choose to do cards, please include a card for each child and send the cards on February 13th. I will send home a list of names this Friday. Have fun!

Monthly Literacy Learning Update

This Friday you will receive an update on your child’s literacy progress. The form tells about your child’s progress with knowing letter sounds, one of our most important kindergarten learning goals! Please practice the sounds your child does not know. The form will give suggestions for practice as well as ideas to extend and apply your child’s knowledge of the alphabet.

Judge others by the content of their character, not the color of their skin…


We spent the week learning a little bit about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is a heavy topic but the kids found his peaceful approach inspiring. The children seemed genuinely shocked that people would be disrespectful to others because of the color of their skin. They were even more shocked about the rules of segregation. I found their dismay refreshing. It was nice that racial discrimination had never crossed their minds!
They enjoyed pictures from Dr. King’s life as well as video clips from Dr. King’s ” I Have a Dream Speech”! We even rocked out to a song about the Civil Rights Movement.
We ended with a spirited discussion about what color we were and trying to understand what the terms “black” and “white” refer to. Ah, the joys of kindergarten!

Word Sorts

Kindergarteners receive a lot of direct instruction about letters, sounds, and words. They need a foundation of knowledge so they can apply, explore, and find patterns in their own reading and writing activities. One such activity is word sorts.
Our word sorts actually have pictures the children sort according to a “rule”. Over the course of the school year we have sorted by category, rhyming words, and beginning sounds. For example, this week we sorted between the beginning sounds of “r” and “s”.
The first day, I model the sort and the kids sort. Each of the following days the children sort and also complete other related activities. One activity that is challenging to the students is called “Draw and Label”. The students pick two words from each of the sorting categories to draw a picture of and then attempt to write the word. They learn a lot from stretching out words and writing the sounds they hear.

Here are the kids cutting out their sorts.




Library Checkout each Friday

We go to the library each Friday to check out books. Please help your child return their book by Friday so they can check out a new one. If they forget their old book, the new book they pick out will be saved for one day. The children can check out on Monday if they forget their book on Friday.

Our Writing

Everyday, the kids’ writing gets a little more sophisticated. Maybe it is details added to a picture instead of scribbling or spaces between words. Maybe it is putting multiple sounds down for a word or adding punctuation. Every child’s writing is different but every child’s writing is the same in that it is a reflection of massive amounts of learning!
Thanks for encouraging your child each day! It is such a privilege to be part of their progress!