Teacher Inspiration~ Giving Kids Words

Here is a quick tip to help students of any age interact respectfully….give kids the words they need. Literally….

Give a kid a directive… Then you say what you want them to say.

Teacher: Walk safely
Kid: May grumble or not respond
Teacher: Say ok Layla
Kid: Okay Layla

A kid is having an argument with a friend. Give them respectful words to problem solve. You may also have to give the friend respectful words to respond.

Kid: He took my pencil.
Teacher: You could say, that’s my pencil. Give it back please.
Other kid: May not respond or respond inappropriately
Teacher: Say ok, here is your pencil.
Other kid: Ok, here is your pencil.

Tone is everything here. When teachers give words they can also model the respectful, friendly tone in which the words should be delivered. It doesn’t hurt to make your tone a little more friendly than you would actually talk to help the kids really hear the difference in tone.
Often the friendly tone and problem solving nature of giving kids words actually invites the kids to cooperate when they might otherwise have refused.

Letter Formation

One of the trickier kindergarten skills we work on is letter formation. I explicitly teach a particular way to form each letter. We learn the letter formation with the letter sound simultaneously. I then provide many guided practice opportunities. I am very picky (in a fun way) about how students learn to write their letters. Having taught second grade, I learned first hand how important it is for students to have efficient ways to form letters. It is also so important for students to be able to form their letter easily and automatically so they can focus on the content of their writing, spelling and punctuation.
The kids are working very hard at school to learn to write letters “the kindergarten way”. Our class loves to take the time to celebrate and acknowledge each child’s effort, hard work, and successes.
Here is Isa posing by her “f” which she worked hard to make the kindergarten way! Love that proud smile!


We’ve been busy…

The past month has been overflowing with working and learning. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to.

Mrs. McBride’s class raised painted lady butterflies. They invited all the kindergarteners to join their class as they released the butterflies.





We have been up to our ears in literacy work, developing fine motor skills, pre reading skills, writing skills, and reading skills.





We explored shapes and basic counting and number sense in math.





There is always time for exploring, playing, and developing friendships.





Noteable and Quotable~Binh

Me to class: I’m looking at everyone’s letter board to see if you are matching your letters…

Binh (with obvious delight): Oh, thank you Miss Layla!!

I sure did feel appreciated for doing my job, lol!

Next Week’s Learning Goals


Letter name, sound and formation of “c” and “o”

Writing a “teaching book” using details in picture and labels

Pointing to each word when we read

Concept of letters, words, and spaces in books

Choosing books

Rhyming words

Beginning and ending sounds of words

Writing first name



Counting objects to 10

Writing numerals to 10

Rote counting to 20

Comparing numbers 0-10


Other Learning Goals

Weather and clouds

Stopping when someone says stop

Using words to solve problems with others



You can learn anything!

Today we learned about one of the most important concepts we will learn about in kindergarten. We began learning about how our brain works and the growth mindset. Basically, we learned that you can learn anything!
We began by looking at what our brain looks like inside our heads using the My Incredible Body app. We watched a short video that illustrated some of the main parts of the brain and their functions. We ended our lesson with this inspiring video about the growth mindset.
As the year progresses we will learn more about how our brains work. We will also more fully explore the concept that our intelligence can grow rather than being fixed or static.

Sand and Water Exploration

As your kindergartener may have informed you, last Friday the children had the opportunity to explore the properties of sand and water. The kids were delightfully industrious and made lots of discoveries! Here is a quick video of the kids working.

Monthly Learning Updates

Each month, you will receive a month learning update on one math skill and one literacy skill essential to your child’s success in kindergarten. The monthly learning report will come home in your child’s green folder. It will also include ideas for extra practice or enrichment. Your child’s math update was in their folder today. Literacy updates will begin in October.