Learning about Martin Luther King Jr.

We have spent some time digging into some complex topics related to Civil Rights and Dr. King. This is a tough but important topic to get into with little kids. The kids did well trying to wrap their minds around the injustice in our history as a country as well as how this injustice can still play out today.

Here we are joining hands as brothers and sisters, no matter our skin color!

Here are some of resources that we enjoyed as a class and some that are good for adults to educate themselves.



Learning Lately

Reading: We are reading and spelling so many words and working hard to hear all the sounds in a word! Vowel sounds can be tricky! We are working on hearing short and long vowel sounds in words as well. We continue to work on memorizing sight words and applying that knowledge to reading and writing. We read some important books about Dr. King this week as well.

Writing: We wrapped up personal narrative this week and wrote our very best personal narratives. I will be sharing that writing with you at parent teacher conferences later this month. Next week we will start informational writing.

Math: We went on a shape walk around the school and found so many shapes to draw. We also practice 10 frame “quick looks” to see numbers quickly (rather than count everything by ones) so the kids develop a sense of how larger numbers are made up of combinations of smaller numbers.

Science and Social Studies: We had some interesting weather discussions this week. Our cool tool was about being a problem solver. We learned about Dr. King’s important work by reading books and watching videos to hear Dr. King speak and see what the March on Washington was like. We also briefly discussed the history that led to the need for civil rights work and how we can help continue Dr. King’s work today.

Meet Ms. Victoria

We are so excited to welcome Victoria Pope to our class as our student teacher this semester! Below she will tell you a little about herself!

Hi Parents,

My name is Victoria Pope. I am a senior at the University of Missouri studying early childhood education. I will be in your student’s classroom everyday starting January 21st for the full day this semester. I am very excited to get to know you, your students, the curriculum, and the school as a whole.

A little bit about me, I am an African American young woman from the south side of Chicago, IL, currently residing in the south suburbs. I have had a long-term passion for working with children, and knew I wanted to become a teacher at the age of 14. At 12, I had my first real experience working with children when I began volunteering at my home church’s nursery as a junior nurse. From then on: I have volunteered at two day cares during high school for national honor society hours, took a child development class my senior year of high school; where during the second semester, as a class, we ran a pre-school for community and faculty members’ children, baby sat family and clients’ children, worked at a daycare in 2018, worked at a church nursery in Columbia for over a year, as well as completed 3 ½ years of pre-service learning through Mizzou in Columbia Public Schools.

I have enjoyed working with all of the children I have come across, ages infant to 13, and I cherish the bonds, relationships, and learning that are developed over the course of time. I look forward to creating those bonds with your students and learning from Mrs. Layla and your students. I believe your student’s interests and intellectual capabilities will help me help, observe, and support your students growth as a learner, as well as help me grow along with your students in my teaching journey!

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to reach out to me, my email is vpope@cpsk12.org. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to a great school year!

Best regards,

Victoria Pope

Learning Lately

Reading- We continued working on sight word memorization this week. We learned about long and short vowel sounds. We applied our letter knowledge this week to tapping and spelling simple consonant-vowel-consonant words this week. We are working hard to hear the middle sound and choose the correct vowel as well as use correct letter formation as we spell. Reading groups are going well. Each group works on skills the children need to work on to become better readers like predicting, retelling the story, tapping words, practicing sight words, review letter names and sounds, and using picture clues to figure out unknown words.

Writing- We worked on stretching out or tapping words to make sure we write a letter for every sound we hear in the word. We continued to practice writing sentences with a capital at the beginning, words, word spaces, and punctuation.

Math: We continued building our number sense by playing games with 10 frames and breaking apart the number 10 into various combinations. We continue to practice counting skills. We got to start using our math books this week and will have more written work in math.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about if animals can laugh! We continued learning about weather. Mrs. Davison taught us about growth mindset and how our brains need to be challenged to learn!

Toy Day on Friday!

We are celebrating meeting our class behavior goal with a Toy Day! We have been working on using the appropriate voice level for each activity we do. The kids have made a lot of progress in this area! Please allow your child to celebrate by bringing in a toy to play with this Friday, January 17th! Please make sure toys are small enough to fit in backpacks and are appropriate for school (no guns or fighting related toys please)! It is ok to bring more than one toy if they can still fit in your child’s back packs. Please remember that we will do our best to take care of toys but they could get lost or broken at school. Please leave very special or very expensive toys at home!

Growth Mindset

Today our counselor, Mrs. Davison taught us about something so important…the growth mindset! We can do hard things to help our brains grow! We have to keep trying new things and we will keep getting smarter! Even grown ups can learn new things!

Learning Lately

Reading- We finished up capital letter formation this week. I am starting to hold the kids more accountable for using the letter formation we have learned anytime they write. We are practicing using letter sounds to tap and read simple words.  We are also working on memorizing sight words. We read a nonfiction book  to learn all about different kinds of weather this week.We practiced remembering the facts we learned and sharing them with our friends.

Writing- We continued working on how to write a sentence. At this point in the school year, the kids should be able to write one sentence that matches their picture. We are working on remembering capitals, punctuation, and word spaces. We are also working on stretching words out by saying them slowly and writing a letter for every sound we here. We will wrap up our personal narrative unit in the next few weeks and move onto informational writing.

Math: We worked on counting by tens this week. We learned about the penny and the dime. We explored the number grid and applied our knowledge of counting by ones and tens. The kids are very excited that we are nearing the 100th day of school and will have a 100 themed celebration.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why January is the first month of the year as well as a mystery science video about the biggest tree in the world. We continued learning about weather. Our cool tool this week was about indoor recess rules.