Thank You from Coach C.

Here is a thank you from Coach C.

I am beyond words with the Kindergarten class’s generosity.  Please send my deepest thanks to any you encounter who might have participated in this, It will certainly make a positive impact on my life and I will forever be grateful.  Merry Christmas to you and all the kiddos!!  I am so lucky to work with you and for our students.  Please tell the kiddos how overwhelmingly surprised and touched their efforts have made me this season.

Learning Lately

Reading- We continued working on capital letter formation and fine tuning our lower case letter formation. We also are practicing naming letters and sounds quickly and fluently. We are practicing using letter sounds to tap and read simple words.  We are also working on memorizing sight words. We read about lots of holidays like Christmas, Diwali, Las Posadas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Writing- We learned more about sentences this week. Sentences have several words, have a capital at the beginning and punctuation at the end. Sentences also tell one thought and have spaces between each word. We worked on using sight words we know how to spell to help us write sentences.

Math: We worked on breaking apart and putting together numbers this week. We also explored weight and capacity.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why we need blood. Our cool tool this week was about respect.

Spelling Bee!

We are having a spelling bee the week of January 6th! We will have a low key written test to see how many words we can write. Please help your child practice writing the first list below. The second list will be used as our 2nd round for those students who correctly spell all the words on the first list. Practice the second list if your child can spell all the words on the first list. This is meant to be a fun, enrichment activity to help the kids learn to spell sight words and should not be stressful or overly competitive. We will emphasize doing our best work, being proud of our personal progress, and being happy for the success of others!

Here are the words. Happy Spelling! (This list will also be in the folder this week.)

Set 1

a and at be can
dad for go had he
I in is it like
look me mom my on
see the to up yes


Set 2

are as by do from
has have his of one
or she they was we

Diverse Reads

Thank you PTA for funding our grant for diverse children’s literature for the classroom. Ms. Tolbert and I worked together to compile a list of books we would like to buy and PTA helped us get them. We are so grateful! The kids are looking forward to enjoying all the books!

Family Traditions Sharing

The kids are enjoying learning about all the family traditions in our class! We have everything from family movie nights, to cookie baking, to international travel! If you have not gotten a chance to do this project with your child, that’s ok, go ahead and send it any day this week!

Weather Watchers

We are learning all about weather! One of the best ways to learn about weather is to become a weather watcher! Today we went outside to do just that! We noticed what was in the sky, the temperature, the wind, and if there was any precipitation! We drew about what we learned.