Lunch with the Principal

One of the many ways we celebrate kids at BEU is Lunch with the Principal! We choose one student each month to eat with Mrs. Rogers at lunch. We look for kids who have had a recent accomplishment, met a goal, or are showing growth or improvement towards a goal. We are so proud of our students chosen for September!

Learning Lately

Reading- We focused on the name, sound, and formation of t, b, and f this week. We played sound games to help us break apart and put sounds together which are essential skills for ready. We also focused on taking care of books and choosing books we like to read.

Writing- We practiced drawing funny faces and people this week. We are learning we don’t have to be perfect when we draw. We also focused on the process of breaking something we want to draw down into shapes and small parts.

Math: We did tons of counting this week! We explored the school looking for numbers. We also learned how to use many math tools like pattern blocks, unifix cubes and geo blocks. We also began some math routines like learning about days of the week, the date, and counting the days in school as well as counting the friends in our class each day.

Science/ Social Studies- We continued to learn about school routines. We shared pictures of our friends and family with the class. We took a nature walk and watched a Mystery Science video about how bees make honey.

Nature Walk

We began our science unit on Plants and Animals with a nature walk. We used our sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, but not taste! We looked for all kinds of things that we thought might be living or non living.

Golden Broom!

Our class earned the golden broom! Each week the custodians pick the cleanest k-2 classroom and the cleanest 3-5 classroom to award the golden boom. In our class we work hard to put our crayons, papers, books, and toys away. We clean up our crumbs and spills from snack. We stack chairs and pick up the floor daily so our custodians can wipe our tables and vacuum easily. We also work on keeping the bathroom clean.

The kids were pretty proud of their hard work!

Tuesday is Library Day

Yesterday we had our first library check out! The kids were sooooo excited to pick out a book! We learned about taking care of library books as well as check out procedures. Please help your child return their book to school each Tuesday. If kids forget, it is no big deal, they will still pick a book and Mrs. Fitch will hold it for them for one day. They can bring their book on Wednesday and get the book they picked out.

Here are the little lovelies at the library!


Here are the little artists at work mixing colors, painting, and dipping their mini canvases that hang in their cubbies! We had fun!

Kindergarten News

We have had a great first week of school!  The kids have done a wonderful job.  We have begun to set the tone for an awesome Kindergarten year packed with learning! 

We have been working on establishing a community of learners this week.  This will be our focus for several weeks and will continue throughout the year.  Children are much more willing to take a risk in a comfortable, supportive environment.  We learned about our student characteristics at Beulah Ralph to help us establish our classroom community.  Our words are kind, respectful, responsible, positive and problem solver.  The time we spend now will be well worth it as it sets expectations for the rest of the year.

We are also working on many social skills such as looking at the person talking, taking turns, actively listening to peers, participating in discussions/conversations and raising our hand to speak. 

In order to build independence during drop off, we are encouraging parents to allow their kindergartener to put their things away on their own.  If you walk your kindergartener down we ask you to give a quick hug at the door and let them come into the classroom and put their belongings away independently.  There are also many BEU staff members in the hallway to help your child if you want to take advantage of the drop off lane in the circle drive.  

In addition, it would be great if you could put a full change of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag in your child’s backpack for emergencies (underwear, shirt, pants, socks).  Sometimes, kindergarten can be messy!  

Next week we will visit the library for the first time.  Each class has their own special library day, which your teacher will let you know about.  The students will be allowed to check out one book and bring it home for the week (until their checkout day the following week).  We ask that your child please keep their library book in their backpack when they aren’t reading it. 

August and September Dates

Here’s what is up in August and September. I will post again if new dates come up or if I have forgotten something.

August 26th- 1st Monday meeting (the whole school meets in the gym every Monday morning instead of going to classrooms. Students may still eat breakfast and then head to the gym.

August 27th- Get the Scoop Night- Come tell me all about your child and enjoy ice cream and popsicles with PTA. Reminders of your appointment time are in your child’s folder.

Sept. 2nd Labor Day- No school

Sept. 5th PTA Meeting 6:30

Sept. 12- Kindergarten Family Picnic 5:30-7 (info in your child’s folder.)

Sept. 20th Book Orders due (more info to come)

Sept. 30th Teacher Work Day- No school for kids


Hands are for Helping!

Today we talked about all the kinds of friendly, fun, and kind things we can do with our hands! We can hug, high five, play, build and climb.

The kids had fun tracing and decorating their hands! We will use the hands to show who is the class helper, called the “helping hand” each day. The helping hand gets to do special jobs that help our classroom run smoothly. They also get to sit in the helping hand chair when we are at the carpet.

Here are the kids making their hands.