Learning Lately

Reading: We are honing in on the basic reading skills that the kids need to have mastered in order to be prepared for 1st grade in our whole group lessons as well as our small reading groups. We are working on using a variety of reading strategies to figure out unknown words such as looking at the picture, tapping each sound and blending, looking for chunks you know, and asking yourself what makes sense. We are working on understanding what we read and being able to remember, retell the story in order, and share a connection to the story. We are learning about the story elements of fiction such as characters, setting, problem and solution to help us further understand what we read.

Writing: We began our opinion writing unit this week. The children are learning what an opinion is vs facts as well as using reasons or examples to back up their opinion. We have practiced these orally and will apply them next week to actual writing. We are still working on the basics of writing such  as writing neatly, using word spaces, and attempting correct capitalization and punctuation.

Math: We continued our work with addition and subtraction with games as well as making a class number story book. We also practiced estimation using a reference as well as attributes of shapes.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool was the difference between tattling and reporting. For science we observed the progress of our milkweed seeds and began creating a milkweed journal to record our observations. We also enjoyed a visit from some chicks that 3rd grade hatched!

Career Paths

Today we learned about career paths with Mrs. Roof. Mrs. Roof is our substitute counselor who is filling in for Mrs. Davison who is on her maternity leave.

Mrs. Roof taught us that we are already on our career paths because we are learning a lot in kindergarten. Mrs. Roof loves to use puppets to talk with the kids and keep them engaged in the topic at hand.

We discussed things we learned in school that will help us do a job like reading, writing, exercise, making friends, writing, following rules, working neatly, manners, and eating well.

We ended by thinking about things we like to do and what career pathways we are interested in.

Special Surprise for Mrs. Starbuck

We are making a special surprise for Mrs. Starbuck and her baby! Our class is making a photo collage inspired by the book , A Beauty Collected which is a particularly beautiful alphabet book of photographs of objects found in nature. I will be taking photos of the children’s hands holding beautiful objects from nature and compiling the photos into one large collage. I also have a copy of the book for the class to give Mrs. Starbuck. If you would allow your child to bring a natural object like a rock, fruit, flowers, seeds… for me to take a photograph of, that would be great. I will have extra objects here at school so no worries if you don’t get a chance. It would be good excuse to go on a walk and see what your child can find. Please send your object this week or early next week if you choose to do so.

Thank you !

Learning Lately

Reading: We refocused on fiction text this week and began taking our understanding of fiction deeper by learning about characters and setting. We continued our focus on long and short vowel sounds as well as consonant digraphs to help us with reading and spelling words.

Writing: The kids continued to have free choice on the genre of writing they were working on. We focused on capitals and punctuation marks this week and when to use them in our writing. Next week we will begin our next genre of writing: opinion writing.

Math: We as usual practiced a variety of topics such as continuing our work with attributes of shapes, and addition and subtraction. We introduced the concept of estimation as a smart guess using what we know. We estimated the contents of one jar based on the contents of another jar we had counted to use as a reference.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool this week was a review of recess expectations. We also planted milkweed. As the seeds grow we will practice our observations skills as well as introduce the concept of living and non living.

Planting Milkweed

In anticipation of our upcoming living and non living science unit we planted milkweed seeds! The kids really enjoyed the planting process and are excited to see what happens! We know that seeds that are planted usually grow but it all depends on if we gave them everything they need.

April Dates

April 20th Book Orders due ( I will send the forms home this Friday. This will be our last book order of the school year)

April 26th- Planetarium field trip (This is a short field trip and we will be back at school for lunch like normal. Due to space limitations we will not have any parent volunteers join us.)


Penny Drive Update!

Exciting news! We have totaled up all our donations to our service learning penny drive and we raised $600 for the kindergarten students at Kohfeldt Elementary! Thank you for helping us exceed our goal! We are so proud of our students and so thankful for your help. As we move forward with the project we will keep you posted on how we spend our funds!