Celebrating Who We Are

All year, through my words and actions I try to send the message, “who you are is important”. Today we had a little celebration to highlight a positive quality of each child. We set the tone with possibly my favorite book ever.


Then we had a super fun award ceremony in which each child received an award celebrating one of his or her positive qualities. The ceremony was kindergarten style with clues, guessing, handmade drumrolls and cheering. It was uplifting to participate in honoring each child. Here are the students with their certificates.


Tie Dye Shirts for our Field Trip

Our tie dye shirts turned out wonderfully! We will wear our shirts for our field trip to Shelter Gardens and the kids will wear their shirts home. I washed the shirts multiple times but I would recommend not washing the shirts with light colored clothing.
Here are the kids checking out their artistry!




This school year has given each of us many, many, opportunities for gratitude. In our class we make it a habit to direct our feet to the sunny side of the street (Thank you Willie Nelson for those words of wisdom). We stay positive and open to each learning opportunity and find little moments to admire and compliment each other. The kids have developed a smiley, relaxed vibe that is pleasant to be around and helps the class stay focused on learning.
We have had a wonderful year of learning and we took a few minutes to reflect on all the people who help us at our school. We made a list and came up with 29 people! The compared 29 helpers to the 20 kids in our class and found that we have more people helping us then we have kids in our class. We felt very lucky!

The kids then wrote a special letter thanking each helper decorated with drawings and stickers. I encouraged each child to take a little extra time and put in a little extra effort on their letter to show the recipient how much we care. Some children wrote extra letters as well. Here are a couple favorites.



Cereal Graphing

Today we created bar graphs! Each child had a handful of cereal which they sorted by color. After they found out how many of each color cereal they had, the kids colored a bar graph to represent their “cereal data”.
We ended math by sharing and interpreting our graphs.





Library books are due! Please turn in any library books that may be at home.

Field trip notes are due Friday (5/30)!

White t- shirts for tie dye are due Wednesday (5/28)!

Field day is Friday(5/30)! Please wear clothes appropriate for the temperature, tennis shoes and sunscreen as needed!