Next Week’s Learning Goals

Next week we will focus on the following learning goals.

Identifying 2-D and 3-D shapes
Memorizing student numbers
Counting to 20

Adding details in our pictures
Labeling with letters and words
Stretching out words to spell
Letter names, sounds, and formation of “n” and “m”
Reading habits (finishing books, rereading, paying attention to the story)

Working independently
Using words to solve conflicts

Bubble Gum Party!

To celebrate earning 50 Behavin’ Ravens, we had a bubble gum party. We chewed gum, tried to blow bubbles, made a graph and sang songs about sticky bubble gum. We also played a math counting game about bubble gum. We had a fun day celebrating our class full of safe, respectful, learners!




Choices, choices, choices

One of the most important factors I consider when planning a day of learning for kindergarteners is choice. Montessori education teaches us that individual liberty is essential for each child to develop their own will. A child who can make his or her own choices is then able to choose to follow rules and voluntarily do what adults ask them.
In other words, children need make lots of choices in order to learn to make positive ones.
Every time an adult offers a child choices, they are helping a child become an independent, thinking individual. For young children, adults are responsible for offering a limited number of age appropriate choices.
There are lots of times when it doesn’t seem possible to give children choices. But experience has shown me that there are more choices to offer than we first realize. For example, when the kids sit on the carpet for a whole group activity they choose a safe way to sit: criss cross or with their legs folded to the side. They choose hands in their laps or on their knees.

I love the proud smiles when the kids get their bodies ready to listen- they sit up a little taller knowing they have made a safe choice with their bodies.

Another time of day that is an opportunity for choice is literacy work time. At this time, there are a variety of activities the kids can work on to promote reading, writing, and fine motor skills. The work is on the shelves, in the library tubs, or in book boxes. The children flow from activity to activity at their own pace. This time of day seems like it could be a free-for-all, but is often one of the most focused and meaningful learning times because the kids choose.


Math Exploration-Learning through our Experiences

If you follow us on Twitter, more often then not, you see pictures of kids working with math manipulatives. We spend a lot of time exploring manipulatives like counting bears, tiles, Unifix cubes, pattern blocks and geo blocks. Constructivism teaches us that children learn by experiencing something rather than simply being told facts. In other words, kids learn best up to their elbows in dirt, or building with blocks, counting their friends, or turn pages of a book.





Thank YOU, Friends and Family!

Thank you to everyone who sent photos for our friends and family display. The kids love seeing their own special people, as well as the special people of their friends.
This display is a visual reminder of the important members of our school family who aren’t physically with us at school but who do so much for us.

Thank YOU, friends and family for what you do each day to help your child be successful!



Writers Add Details!

This week we have been building independence as writers. The kids can get their own writing supplies, choose a topic and tell about it on paper using pictures or words. They can also put their completed writing away in their writing folders. We learned that writers keep on writing until writing time is over. We also learned that writers add details.
Here are some pictures of our detailed writing.

Cohen’s night monster complete with claws and hair…

Nina’s ferbee …she is working on coloring the spotted fur pattern…