Our Library Visit

Today we got to know the library and our wonderful Librarian/ Library Media Specialist, Mrs Fitch. It was so fun! Mrs. Fitch read a dinosaur story and taught us songs about dinosaurs as well. We also got a chance to read some library books! We had a great time and are excited to return to the library for book check out when kindergarten starts!

B is for Butterfly

Today we learned about the letter b and also made a butterfly craft. These activities help the children become more familiar with each letter’s name and sound as well as provide opportunities to develop fine motor skills. Our crafts also help the children learn focus skills and build stamina to complete a task. Here are the kids working on their butterflies!

2nd to Last day!

We had a busy 2nd to last day. We cleaned out our book boxes and seat sacks. We also did some fun crafts based on one of our favorite book characters this year, Pigeon!

We also released the butterflies who had emerged from their chrysalis over the weekend.

Kindergarten Memories Video Round Up

We have been making portfolios and memory books this week to reflect on all we have learned and all the fun we had. We also have been watching videos from our earlier adventures this year. Here is a round up of some of the videos we made throughout the school year for your viewing pleasure!

Thank You Notes

As our kindergarten year comes to it’s end as all good things do, we are taking a little time to reflect on our year, what we learned, friends we made and those who helped us. We took some time this afternoon to make special thank you note to an adult at school who helped us this year like a specials teacher, classroom aides, custodians, and principals. The kids had fun making beautiful notes and then delivering them to the adult of choice!

HyVee Trip

We had a great time visiting HyVee this morning to learn about nutrition! We learned about food groups, types of food that are healthy, types of food that are treats and we also got to see some special rooms like the freezer rooms. HyVee also gave us some foods to take back to school to enjoy!