Little Pumpkins

We had so much fun decorating our pumpkins from Peach Tree Farm. Thanks to everyone who sent in craft supplies(or offered) and thank you to Memie for bringing her glue gun and helping!

Here are the little cuties with their pumpkins!

Learning About Fire Safety

Friday we learned about fire safety from real fire fighters. They showed us the truck and their gear. They taught us how to be safe at home if there is ever a fire. They even gave us homework!

  • Make an escape plan
  • Find 2 ways out of every room
  • Choose a family meeting spot.


I am so proud of our class! They did an amazing job handling our field trip getting canceled. Yesterday we read part of a book called Zen Shorts. We read a story within the larger story called The Farmer’s Luck. In the story things that seem good keep happening and things that seem bad keep happening. The neighbors keep telling the farmer, “what good luck” or “what bad luck” but no matter what happens the farmer keeps saying “maybe” and is open to what happens next. We talked about how we might go on the field trip and we might not and we would need to be like the farmer and say “maybe”.

This morning we took a moment to just sit still and feel our feelings whether we were happy, calm, sad, mad, or disappointed. We tried to feel our feelings and then let them go. We talked about the important thing is that we are together and we can choose our own attitude. I was so proud of the kids working through their feelings. It is such a valuable skill to develop! We talked about how we would try to go on the field trip another day and we would decorate pumpkins another day too.

We did some of our normal learning activities today, but we also did a few things to have a little extra fun. We had extra playtime in the morning (oh my!) and we made a craft. We enjoyed indoor recess by watching some fun shows.

All things considered, a great day!

Amazing Brains!

Wow, no matter how many years I teach kindergarten the kids continue to amaze me! Today we were making patterns and I got a glimpse into some amazing brains!

Here is a growing pattern!

Here is a growing and repeating pattern!

Morning Tubs

We like to squeeze any opportunity for playing in so today we started morning tubs. They are tubs with building materials and small toys the kids can play with from 8-8:20 before we officially start our day. The kids have a blast and learn so much from playing!

Here are some of the little lovelies enjoying morning tubs!

September Citizen of the Month

We are so proud of our September Citizen of the Month! Yay!

The kids did an amazing job of choosing and celebrating our friend! We sang a fun song today to remind us how important it is to be proud of others for their success. We also talked about how it is ok to feel sad or disappointed if you do not get something but it is important to focus on being happy for others!

Our Classroom

The classroom is well on its way to becoming OUR classroom! I purposely leave the room a bit bare at the beginning of the year so the kids can be involved in making the room a place for them.

The kids made name tags, name art and paintings. We displayed the kids pictures as well as pictures of each child’s family. I love to see the classroom transform each year into a unique space that is special to all of us!

Learning about our Schools Namesake: Beulah Ralph

Today a special guest visited our class, Monica Naylor. Mrs. Naylor is Beulah Ralph’s daughter. We learned a little bit about Mrs. Ralph and why she is such an important part of Columbia history. Beulah Ralph was an educator in Columbia Public Schools for decades. She began as a secretary and eventually founded the Home School Communicator Program. Mrs. Ralph was instrumental in CPS’s desegregation process. The Home School Communicator program was initially started as a way to assist black families whose children moved schools as part of the desegregation process. The Home School Communicator program now continues the legacy of equal opportunity education by assisting all families as needed. Mrs. Ralph’s work has been, and continues to be an inspiration to educators.

We want our students to know all about Beulah Ralph, feel proud that are school is named for her, and share her legacy with others. Even though Mrs. Ralph has passed away, we can keep her memory alive and continue her work.

Mrs. Naylor’s visit is a great way for kindergarteners to get to know Beulah Ralph. When Mrs. Naylor visits she tells the students a funny story about her mom when she was a little girl. Each child gets a copy of the story to color and enjoy reading.

The kids really enjoyed Mrs. Naylor’s visit today! We are so thankful she comes to visit each year!