Fun and Simple Snack Ideas

Kids are the snackiest snackers around! Here are a couple fun ideas.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

Here is an easy chalk paint recipe from Amy Latta Creations. Bring the supplies outside to mix up on a cool morning. Kids can measure with guidance, mix,and then paint!

Some kids will enjoy this activity as an art project and just free paint. Other kids might enjoy painting roads to drive cars on, habitats for toy animals to live in, a pirate map or an exercise path/ obstacle course! Some might even want to paint letters, words or math problems! Another fun idea is to visit a family members house and paint a special message for them to enjoy!



Send a High Five!

Handprints Clipart -

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Here is a super fun idea for sending someone a high five in the mail from The Homesteady. Her version involves a painted hand print but you could also have your child trace their hand on paper and color it. You can order stamps and other supplies online at the US Postal Service website. If your child would like to mail a high five to someone in our class and you don’t have their address, just email me and I can forward them your email so they can share their address if they wish.