Earth Day!

Earth day is a great day to appreciate our beautiful planet. We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about how old Earth is and how scientists learned about the age of Earth. We studied natural objects like feathers, egg shells, acorns, shells, rocks, and leaves using magnifying glasses and our senses. The kids also recorded their observations on charts. It was so fun to explore these natural treasures! We ended our activities with a story about the earth.

Storm Water

Today we had a special guest, Michele, some teach us about what happens with storm water! She used a model to show us how trash, chemicals, and loose soil get washed into streams and rivers. She also showed us how cleaning up litter and planting trees can help keep the water clean and hold soil in place. The kids made storm water hats and recording facts they learned in their science notebooks.

Kindergarten in Space!

We had a great trip to the planetarium on Tuesday! All the information really captivated the kids’ sense of curiosity and wonder. It is fun to think about all there is to learn about the universe. Who knows, maybe someone from our class will make the next discovery about space!?

I didn’t take pictures during the trip since the planetarium is dark but here are some pictures of the activities we did after we returned to school.

We used pencils to draw and prick out constellations. We hung them on the window to let the light from the sun shine through and light up our designs.

We used oil pastels and all the facts we learned at the planetarium to draw outer space!

Sweet Little Cards… Kinda…

The kids have been on a card making kick. I have been the lucky recipient of many sweet cards. I have marveled at the kids’ kindness, ability to express themselves in writing, creativity, great spelling, neat handwriting… There is a lot to celebrate in the cards.

And then this bomb was dropped…(pun intended)

Hahahaaaaahahaaaaa! Hehehe! Snort! In case you were wondering, yes, that does say “fart”.

I think he may have been concerned his joke was a little too mean cuz he then quickly drew a cute Pikachu for me.

Never a dull moment around here!

Force and Motion with Mrs. Fitch

We are having a super science-y week with Mrs. Fitch! She is teaching us a special unit about force and motion. So far we have learned about pushes, pulls, and friction! We will use all we learn about force and motion to solve a problem on Friday.

Here are the little scientists!

Eat the Rainbow Party!

What a fun, colorful, delicious day we had! Thanks to everyone who sent in party items!

We had a yummy spread of colorful fruits and vegetables. The kids served themselves and chose foods to try. We discovered new favorites and found a few things we did not care for. The kids loved tasting and kept lining up for more!

We also played “Layla take my picture” while doing silly things with our food.

We drew a variety of fruits and veggies of different colors and displayed them in our room to remind us of all the yummy choices we have to eat.

We also used rainbow colors to make paper chain accessories! It was great to see how far the kids have come with both their focus skills and their fine motor skills. This is a hard craft that most of the kids would have struggled with at the beginning of the year. We are expert cutters, gluers, and problem solvers!