MakerSpace Party

After our Eat the Rainbow Party we celebrated our great behavior with a MakerSpace party. We borrowed supplies from the library and the kids got to make and create!

Crafting away….

Designing paths for Ozobots…

Play dough fun…

Creating stories with legos…

Building away….

Eat the Rainbow Party!

We had the most colorful, healthy party ever this morning! The kids had so much fun choosing foods in a variety of colors and trying new foods and old favorites! Thank you so much for everyone who helped supply us with such a yummy array of fruits and vegetables!

After we ate (and ate) we drew a rainbow of our favorite foods of each color.

Library Field Trip

We had a great trip to Daniel Boone Regional Library! We toured the library, learned about fun ways to use the library and saw interesting art, rocks, and animals. The library gave the child each a coupon for a free book as well as a library pencil. If you filled out a library card form, your child will bring their card home in their blue folder soon. Here are the kids on their tour.

Morning Choices

Each morning the kids have the same routine. I greet them and they can choose it they would like a hug, high five, or pinky hug! Sometimes the kids get fancy and ask for a handshake or a tickle. They put their things in their cubby, put their blue folder in their seat sack- first checking the folder for any notes they need to give me. They then get to choose something they would like to do like read, write, draw, or use math tools. Sometimes I give them a coloring sheet for fun or another activity to practice skills like number writing or name writing. The kids have fun and enjoy choosing an activity each morning. This routine helps us start our day on a positive note!


It was a very loving week this week. We read Love by Micheal De La Pena which is about the various little ways love shows up in our lives. In good times and bad, as well as in everyday acts. The book is beautifully illustrated by Loren Long with multi culture images of all kinds of families and all kinds of people. The kids enjoyed the book and we were quiet and contemplative while I read it to them.

The kids were happy to share the love by sharing the valentines they had prepared for their friends.

Channing said, ” I like giving even better than I like getting!”

Sammy said…

100 Days of Learning

Today we celebrated 100 days of learning in kindergarten! The kids looked great dressed up like they were 100 years old. Such cute old people!

We made art by turning 100 into something!

We exercised to 100 by doing 10 exercises 10 times!

We looked at our 100 collections and discussed what we noticed about them. It was tricky to figure out why some collections looked big and others looked small even though they all were 100.

We made 100 cereal necklaces! Yum!

We also played roll to 100! It was a fun day!

Breakfast and Puzzle Day and Makers’ Space…Oh My!

Thank you everyone for coming to our Brown Bag Breakfast! It was great to see everyone! I hope you enjoyed the special time with your child and seeing what they have been working on in writing!

Today is also puzzle day and the kids had fun being problem solvers!

We also visited Mrs. Fitch in the library for Makers’ Space! The kids had craft and building materials to creat with. Mrs. Fitch also taught the children who were interested about Ozobots which are little robots you can program by Darwin’s a path for them and using different sequences of colors to program the Ozobots to move different ways.