Global School Play Day

As I write this, there is a pleasant hum of kid voices and activity, stuff on every surface especially the floor, and lots of happy smiles. It is Global School Play Day and we are in our happy place! This day was made for kindergarten!

We started the day by making a plan to make sure we had a great day of play. I told the kids that they were the bosses of play day since they were the experts on playing. Here are the rules they thought were important for play day.

We enjoyed the company of our friends, being creative, problem solving, and making a glorious messy mess!

100 Days of Learning

We had a great 100th Day of kindergarten! The kids looked so mature dressed like they were 100!

Even the teachers got in on the fun!

With the late start we did not have time for all our activities so we will do a few things tomorrow too. We first turned the number 100 into art! We had cheetahs, cars, dinosaurs, and more!

We played some fun math games like Roll to 100!

We will continue our 100 fun tomorrow! What a great day!


By now, the kids have most likely given you the awesome paintings the made as a gift to their families. I had to wait to post about this so I didn’t ruin the surprise. They had so much fun making them and I enjoyed seeing their creativity and focus to make something special for you! We took 3 days to complete them. Day 1 we painted the background, day 2 we painted the subject of the painting, and day 3 we used sharpie to outline and add details. Hope you love the paintings as much as the kids loved making them.

Snow Dough

Today we played in the snow… the fake homemade kind. We read the story The Snowy Day, and in the story Peter saves a snowball in his pocket. Of course it melted. We discussed the story and then I gave the kids their own snowballs made of snow dough. We had a great time playing and getting creative. I always like to have a low key just for fun type activity on the first day back from a long break. It makes the transition back to a long structured day a little more pleasant!

Winter Party!

We had so much fun at our winter party! The kids made beautiful fillable ornaments, at yummy snacks, and enjoyed the company of their friends and lots of adults. It was great to see so many parents attend the party! Thank you to everyone who sent in items for the party, helped set up, and helped clean up! Thank you to Lesley, Lauren, and Robin for organizing! It was amazing!

Cozy Day

What a fun cozy day we had! We all looked cute and cozy in our jammies! We enjoyed new books.

We had a cozy hot cocoa and popcorn party. We had a cozy fire and enjoyed talking with our friends!

We made lovely winter trees with lots of sparkly snow!

We used marshmallows and spaghetti noodles to engineer awesome creations!

Family Traditions

We are having a great time learning about the family traditions in our class. The kids are doing a great job using a speaking voice to share about their tradition as well as listening respectfully when others are sharing. It is fun to hear the big variety of traditions in our class, make connections, and learn something new about each other. If your child has not brought in their things to share, please send it sometime this week.