Sweet Little Cards… Kinda…

The kids have been on a card making kick. I have been the lucky recipient of many sweet cards. I have marveled at the kids’ kindness, ability to express themselves in writing, creativity, great spelling, neat handwriting… There is a lot to celebrate in the cards.

And then this bomb was dropped…(pun intended)

Hahahaaaaahahaaaaa! Hehehe! Snort! In case you were wondering, yes, that does say “fart”.

I think he may have been concerned his joke was a little too mean cuz he then quickly drew a cute Pikachu for me.

Never a dull moment around here!

Force and Motion with Mrs. Fitch

We are having a super science-y week with Mrs. Fitch! She is teaching us a special unit about force and motion. So far we have learned about pushes, pulls, and friction! We will use all we learn about force and motion to solve a problem on Friday.

Here are the little scientists!

Eat the Rainbow Party!

What a fun, colorful, delicious day we had! Thanks to everyone who sent in party items!

We had a yummy spread of colorful fruits and vegetables. The kids served themselves and chose foods to try. We discovered new favorites and found a few things we did not care for. The kids loved tasting and kept lining up for more!

We also played “Layla take my picture” while doing silly things with our food.

We drew a variety of fruits and veggies of different colors and displayed them in our room to remind us of all the yummy choices we have to eat.

We also used rainbow colors to make paper chain accessories! It was great to see how far the kids have come with both their focus skills and their fine motor skills. This is a hard craft that most of the kids would have struggled with at the beginning of the year. We are expert cutters, gluers, and problem solvers!

Happy Spring!

Here is a little sunshine on this dreary first day of spring!

We did a few things to celebrate the day including delivering flowers to teachers around the school and wishing them a happy spring! We had to do some problem solving to figure out how many flowers we had because I bought 3 packages of 12. The kids used some awesome strategies to figure out how many flowers we had. We made a list of teachers, principals, secretaries, lunch ladies, and custodians around the school and the kids each gave someone a flower.

Games to Play with Your Kids

I found this great blog post about games you can play with your kids while lying down. I probably can’t find some educational reason to try these at school but there are some gems for you to try with your kids at home! Hehehe! Enjoy!
Games to Play with Your Kids (while lying down!)

Zoo Day!

Zoo day was so fun! We were celebrating our great behavior! In the morning we did our normal work with our zoo buddies. In the afternoon we made enclosures for our zoo animals. We talked about things animals need like food, water, and shelter. After we set up our zoo, the kids played zoo keepers and cared for their zoo buddies. The zoo keepers filled out their checklists as they cared for the zoo animals. They were very cute and business like!

Spring Party

Our Spring party was another great one! I am glad so many parents were able to come help and send supplies! Thank you! A big thank you to Lauren for planning and organizing this party too.

We enjoyed yummy snacks, cute decorations, a fun scratch art craft, and an awesome arrow game. Here are a few pictures of the fun!