Family Traditions

We are having a great time learning about the family traditions in our class. The kids are doing a great job using a speaking voice to share about their tradition as well as listening respectfully when others are sharing. It is fun to hear the big variety of traditions in our class, make connections, and learn something new about each other. If your child has not brought in their things to share, please send it sometime this week.


Today we bundled up to try to catch some snowflakes on black paper and look closely at them. We did not have much luck catching many but had a good discussion about why they were difficult to catch. We took a look at snowflakes photos online and then drew snowflakes of our own with white crayon on black paper.

Fabulous Hats!

I forgot to post some pictures from the fabulous hats we made before break. We read a silly Thanksgiving story about Thelonius turkey. The basic plot is that Thelonius thinks he is about to become dinner because the farmer Felicia keeps plucking his feathers out. He thinks she is seeing how he is fattening up so he pulls all kinds of pranks to distract her from eating him. In the end it turns out that Felicia was just plucking his feathers for her hat factory so she could make beautiful hats. We got creative and made our own awesome hats!

Thankful Today and Everyday

In our class we make being thankful part of our day everyday. We keep it simple and share a few things we are thankful for at the end of the day before we leave to go home. We challenge ourselves to notice something new to be thankful for each day. This trains our brains to be mindful of the good things that happen each day.

Since thankfulness and gratitude are universal values across cultures it is a great focus for us at school since all students can be included meaningfully in giving thanks. Today we read Bear Says Thanks , a friendship story. We then made a page for another student in the class telling why we are thankful for that student. Some students were absent today but when everyone is back and has completed their page we will read them all as a class.

Math Resources

In order for children to grow and develop their mathematical thinking, they need to engage in a variety of activities over time. One way to achieve this is using interactive activities on the computer. Listed below are several websites that provide an opportunity for children to engage in important mathematics. You and your child may want to check these out together to determine what is an appropriate developmental match for your child. – top pick – one of the best look at carefully; it’s British so some activities may not be suitable because the units are different lists many links, some are appropriate for young children some are not; look at carefully lots of text; will need adult support lots of links to other websites; be cautious and check out the site before your child does
These (AND MANY MORE) can be found by searching for interactive mathematics websites for young children. In your child’s folder this week will be an informational note on how to access Everyday Math games that correspond to our math curriculum.

Heroes’ Day

What an amazing Heroes’ Day! We had a wonderful turn out of heroes. It was so fun to meet everyone and share our school with you. I loved seeing the kindergarteners share their learning with special adults in their lives. Our assembly was amazing. The students who shared their dreams for America really impressed me with their thoughtfulness and positivity. Here are tons of pictures of the fun!

Toy Day

We had such fun celebrating with toy day! We have been working on participating the whole time during whole group activities. A big part of kindergarten is learning how to be a learner. We are celebrating improving our listening and focusing skills. Here are some pictures of the little lovelies working and playing with their toys.

Fall Trees

Our classroom turned into a forest today! After learning more about fall and how the trees change, we made our own trees using paper bags and tissue paper. This project incorporated so much of what we are learning: science, fine motor skills, focus, work ethic, creativity and problem solving.

Each tree turned out as lovely, vibrant, and unique as the tiny artist who made it.