Alphabet Party

Funnest day ever! We made hats and alphabet necklaces! We had alphabet play time and made letters from play do, colored alphabet pictures, did alphabet sticker art, did alphabet puzzles, played with alphabet magnets, scooped letters from a sensory tub and made letters in salt. We sang alphabet sounds and read an alphabet book. Then we made our letters in shaving cream and also made a huge mess! Omg! We ended our celebration with letter sticks (cheese sticks) and played with our food to make letters! Yikes! What a great day! I’m so proud of the kids and all the work they have put in to learn the whole alphabet!

Heroes’ Day

We had amazing Heroes’ Day! We honored our veterans and celebrated our heroes! We enjoyed a special video (on the school website) singing, and a visit from Miss Missouri! We heard second graders read their essays about. What makes America a unique place to live!

In the classroom the kids read books with their heroes, played math games, and shared our writing. It was great to see so many special adults visit our classroom. You made it such a special day for the kids!

Fall Party Fun

What a great Fall party! The kids had a blast with a spoon race, candy corn game and yummy snacks like apples, caramel and fixings, and 3 kinds of popcorn! Thanks so much to all the parents that helped make the party a success!

Fall Leaf Rubbing Collage

We used the fall leaves you collected to make leaf rubbing collages. We had lots of leaves which we shared with everyone in our class. We made rubbings, cut them out, and glued them together to make collages. The collages are so beautiful!

We also learned more about why leaves change color in the fall. The cooler temperatures cause the chlorophyll (which is green) to drain from the leaves which reveals the other colors!

The kids love these type of projects! I love to see them get creative with projects that combine multiple subjects like art, literacy, and science as well as fine motor skills and concentration/focus.

Woolly Worm

We have a woolly worm visiting our class! We are taking care of our woolly worm for a few days as part of our living and non living unit. We made sure our woolly worm had water, shelter, food, fresh air and sunshine! We won’t be able to keep the woolly worm in the classroom for too long because it needs to be outside in the cold so it can hibernate. In the spring it will go into a cocoon and become a tiger moth!

Little Pumpkins

We had so much fun decorating our pumpkins from Peach Tree Farm. Thanks to everyone who sent in craft supplies(or offered) and thank you to Memie for bringing her glue gun and helping!

Here are the little cuties with their pumpkins!