Fall Trees

Our classroom turned into a forest today! After learning more about fall and how the trees change, we made our own trees using paper bags and tissue paper. This project incorporated so much of what we are learning: science, fine motor skills, focus, work ethic, creativity and problem solving.

Each tree turned out as lovely, vibrant, and unique as the tiny artist who made it.

Citizen of the Month

We are so proud of our October Citizen of the Month!

Each week we talk about how important it is to celebrate and be happy for the person the class has chosen, even (here is the hard part) if it is not us. It is ok to feel sad or disappointed for ourselves but it is kind to focus on being happy for our friend. Here are the kids singing the “Celebrate Others” song before going down to the assembly!

Pumpkin Fun

We learned a little more about our pumpkins from the farm by reading the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin. We learned how pumpkins grow. Then we studied our pumpkins using our sense of touch, our sense of sight, and magnifying glasses.

We decorated the pumpkins using craft supplies donated by parents (thank you!) and some wonderful parents manning glue guns!

Here is a video of the fun!

Peach Tree Farm

We had such a great trip! The kids had great behavior which helped us have a lot of fun. We had so many parents to help as well which was wonderful. I’m going to make a video of the trip and post soon. For now, here are a few photos from the day!

Fire Safety and Prevention

Thanks to a funny play performed by TRYPS we learned three ways to stay safe and prevent fires.

First we “look”. In our homes, schools, and other places we go, we look for potential sources of fires like candles, electrical cords, or stoves.

Second we “listen”. Wherever we are we listen for the sound of a fire alarm.

Third we “learn”. Where ever we are we learn two ways to leave the place in case of fire like doors, windows, and emergency exits.

Our School’s Namesake

We are so proud our school is named after Beulah Ralph! She worked in CPS for 58 years. Mrs. Ralph was an important part of desegregation in CPS in the 60’s and started the Home School Communicator program. Mrs. Ralph was devoted to the idea that all students should be give an equal opportunity to learn!

Mrs. Naylor, Mrs. Ralph’s daughter, graciously visits all the kindergarten classes each year. She shares a story about her mom as a little girl and helps kindergarten get to know Beulah Ralph better. After her visit, each child gets a copy of the story Mrs. Naylor shared. We enjoyed coloring our books and will keep them in our book boxes to read. Eventually the kids will bring the books home to share with you.