Beautiful Oops

Today we enjoyed the book Beautiful Oops. We learned a stain or a drip or a rip when we are making something is a chance to be creative and be a problem solver. If we make an “Oops” we can turn it into a beautiful oops. Then we made paintings on mini canvases. These canvases will hang in each child’s cubby. 

Chalk Fun

We enjoyed the cool morning with a little extra time outside drawing and writing with sidewalk chalk! The kids wrote and drew pictures. This is great for fine and gross motor development and it is fun! It was fun for me to see what they drew and wrote.

When life gives you lemons…

Make lemonade… or in our case paper airplanes! We had a wonderful rained out field trip day at school! 

We made and flew paper airplanes!

We had a picnic in the classroom and ice cream from Buck’s!

Then we had free art time with all kinds of supplies! The kids got to make whatever they wanted!

We had so much fun! The rainy day did not get us down!

Happy Principal’s Day

We have two amazing Principals at BEU! We are happy to celebrate them today!

Our class drew pop art/ Andy Warhol style self portraits to make a fun work of art for Dr. Majerus and Mr. Woods!

Planetarium Fun!

We had a fun time learning about stars, planets, the moon and our solar system in general!

On the way to the planetarium…

After the planetarium we made our own solar systems with black paper and oil pastels.

We hung the drawings on the ceiling to make our own version of the night sky.

The kids also made their own constellations by drawing dots in a design and pricking holes on each dot to let the light shine through!

Fun times!


One of the values we teach at our school is kindness. Today we took some time to put kindness into action by making goodie bags for our 3rd grade buddies to have during MAP testing. The kids decorated a paper bag by turning it into an animal. I gave them a few tips and tricks but left the projects open to wherever imagination and ingenuity could take us. The results were pretty awesome! We filled the bags with snacks and an encouraging note. We hope our 3rd grade buddies enjoy!