Family Tradition Activity in January

Sometime in January, your child will be invited to share a family tradition with the class. The kids will be able to bring in a picture or a small object that is representative of the tradition. It could be anything-a family trip, baking cookies, a game…
I am mentioning this ahead of time since many families have holiday or winter traditions they will participate in over Winter break. Just thought it might help to know a head of time to snap a picture or save a special object. I will send a note home when I schedule the sharing activity.

Fruit Feast

In the spirit of sharing and thankfulness, kindergarten participated in a fruit salad feast. Thank you to all the families who shared fruit with us. And thank you to our parent volunteers who helped prepare the salads.

Before the feast we read, 

And made our own fabulous hats like I the story. 

The kids were looking and feeling pretty fancy as we headed for to the feast.  


Happy Thanksgiving All!

Things That Go Learning Party

Today we celebrated earning 100 behavin’ ravens with a learning party. The kids choose “things that go”.  

We had a great time investigating ramps and inclined planes inspired by the book, “Sheep in a Jeep”. 

The kids were pretty clever with their ramp designs. They used all kinds of classroom materials for a new purpose.

We played a vehicle version of “red light, green light”. Here are the kids driving around the classroom.

We made our own stories inspired by the book Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. The kids completed the sentence, ” Don’t let______drive the ______.” with their name and vehicle of their choice. Some of us have pretty sophisticated taste as I heard a few of them choosing to drive Lamborginis!

Next we took to the skies with paper airplanes. We watched a video of a flight test of the Wright Brothers from 1909. We made our own paper airplanes step by step. 

We held our own test flights outside. 

We ended our party by watching a video of the history of cars and designing our own.  



How close to the hook should it be to considered put “away”? I think the kid definition of away is a bit different than mine. As Socrates said, “The beginning of knowledge is the defining of terms”.

Hope this picture gives you a little laugh to start your weekend off right. Have fun! 


Makers gonna make, make, make!

Today we had our second Makers Space with Mrs. Schoelz. The kids looks at pictures of other people’s paper towers, then drew a plan for their towers. This time they also had the option of using scissors and tape. There was some amazing thinking and persevering going on as the kids created their paper towers. 


Thunder Cake!

Today we read one of my favorite rainy day books, Thunder Cake by Patricia Palacco. The kids responded to the text by drawing their favorite parts. The kids also brought home a copy of the recipe for Thunder Cake if you would like to make it at home. 


Peachtree Farms

Thank you to all who made this day safe and special for the kids! We had wonderful volunteers! Here are some pictures from the day.  

   We ended our day with an extra snack and a little rest. 

Underwater Learning Party

Today we celebrated our class earning 50 behavin’ ravens with a learning party! The kids suggested party themes and we voted on a favorite. 

We began our celebration with creating underwater creatures. We were inspired by the book The Secret Seahorse. The kids used paper plates and made really unique artwork. 

We also enjoyed some underwater videos and songs. We then came up from the underwater depths and designed aluminum foil boats. 

The kids drew a plan. 

Created their boats. 

And tested our boats on the water! We tested our boats strength by adding counters. 

We ended our underwater celebration with an underwater yoga adventure. What a great day! 


Makers’ Space: Paper Towers

This week we visited Mrs. Schoelz in the library for our first Makers’ Space. Our lesson/activity/exploration was super open-ended and problem solving oriented. Mrs. Schoelz and I got to apply the “grandmother principle” and admire our little learners at work. I am so in love with the learning process Mrs. Schoelz used because it kindly put the thinking responsibility on the shoulders of the children.

We began by setting our challenge…making a tower that goes up to our waist using paper?!?!!  

The kids were a bit surprised by the challenge but they naturally are not too burdened by preconceived notions about what is possible. They happily set to work after Mrs. Schoelz provided a few behavior expectations to keep the kids safe and focused. 

After the kids had some time to work and limited success in terms of tower height, Mrs. Schoelz gather them back around the SMART Board to show them images of other people’s paper towers. 

  Armed with new strategies, the kids went back to work. Some tried out new ideas. And many optimistically continued their old strategies.