Behavin’ Raven Celebration!

We set a relatively small goal of earning 200 Behavin’ Ravens since we are close to the end of the school year. We met our goal today and enjoyed an extra recess in the glorious sunshiny weather! We will try to earn another 200 so we can celebrate again before the end of kindergarten(tear, sniff, sniff)
Here are some pix of the kids playing. Enjoy!






Quotes of the Week

“I kind of knew you should have a good attitude even before you teached us that.”
-Bailey reflected upon he growth mindset theory on her way across the monkey bars

“Oh man, my butt hurts!”
-Random kindergartener walking down the hallway when no one is supposed to be talking.

Mother Singers

Today we had a great enrichment activity, a performance by the Mother Singers! The Mother Singers are a group of retired teachers who are also mothers and grandmothers. These ladies performed a nice mix of old fashioned songs the kids had probably never heard before, as well as new favorites the kids could sing along to.
This performance also gave us an opportunity to practice concert manners!



Half Marathon Celebration

Here in kindergarten, we believe in fresh air and exercise. Moving our bodies is a worthy goal in itself but it is also an important refresher for our minds and our spirits. Each morning, weather permitting we head outside for a few quick laps around the blacktop. The kids can walk or run as they choose. Over the course of the school year the kids completed a half marathon. Here are a few pictures of our celebration. We passed out metals and celebrated the kids’ hard work!



Play dough: Eaten or Not Eaten!!???

So I overheard a very passionate argument going on at the art table on Friday. The kids were creating all kinds of goodies with the play dough. They love to make cookies so I guess tasting the play dough was inevitable.
Two kids were arguing with a third child. The first two were telling the third on no uncertain terms that she had been eating play dough. The third child was telling them just as certainly that she had absolutely not eaten play dough.
Her teeth were blue.
Several other kids in the classroom noticed the blue teeth and came to whisper to me they suspected she had been eating play dough, just in case I had missed the subtle clue.

A little Inspiration

We watched this video this morning for a little inspiration. The kids were really moved by the acts of kindness and the how each little act had a big impact on all the people involved.
We think you should watch the video too! You will thank us later!Acts of Kindness Video

Behavin’ Raven Celebration : Our Sleep Over Party

We had a wonderful day celebrating our great behavior! We earned 500 behavin’ ravens which means our students were safe, respectful, learners 500 times!
First we read the classic, Where the Wild Things Are and dreamed up our very own wild things. Some had bee bodies or raccoon tails. Others had horns or 4 arms.




We had some fruit loop fun by creating designs and patterns with fruit loop and also munching of course!



We also made our very own night sky full of constellations on one of our windows.


Writing Celebration!

Today we celebrated our hard work writing our “how to” books. The children had the opportunity to read their books to other children as well as give and receive compliments about their writing.

Then we learned how to make a fruit pizza. The kids followed the steps to make their own. Yum!