Thunder Cake!

Today we read one of my favorite rainy day books, Thunder Cake by Patricia Palacco. The kids responded to the text by drawing their favorite parts. The kids also brought home a copy of the recipe for Thunder Cake if you would like to make it at home. 


Peachtree Farms

Thank you to all who made this day safe and special for the kids! We had wonderful volunteers! Here are some pictures from the day.  

   We ended our day with an extra snack and a little rest. 

Underwater Learning Party

Today we celebrated our class earning 50 behavin’ ravens with a learning party! The kids suggested party themes and we voted on a favorite. 

We began our celebration with creating underwater creatures. We were inspired by the book The Secret Seahorse. The kids used paper plates and made really unique artwork. 

We also enjoyed some underwater videos and songs. We then came up from the underwater depths and designed aluminum foil boats. 

The kids drew a plan. 

Created their boats. 

And tested our boats on the water! We tested our boats strength by adding counters. 

We ended our underwater celebration with an underwater yoga adventure. What a great day! 


Makers’ Space: Paper Towers

This week we visited Mrs. Schoelz in the library for our first Makers’ Space. Our lesson/activity/exploration was super open-ended and problem solving oriented. Mrs. Schoelz and I got to apply the “grandmother principle” and admire our little learners at work. I am so in love with the learning process Mrs. Schoelz used because it kindly put the thinking responsibility on the shoulders of the children.

We began by setting our challenge…making a tower that goes up to our waist using paper?!?!!  

The kids were a bit surprised by the challenge but they naturally are not too burdened by preconceived notions about what is possible. They happily set to work after Mrs. Schoelz provided a few behavior expectations to keep the kids safe and focused. 

After the kids had some time to work and limited success in terms of tower height, Mrs. Schoelz gather them back around the SMART Board to show them images of other people’s paper towers. 

  Armed with new strategies, the kids went back to work. Some tried out new ideas. And many optimistically continued their old strategies. 




Space Learning Party

Last we met our Behavin’ Raven goal of 21 and today we celebrated with our first learning party! Behavin’ Ravens are small slips of paper teachers pass out when they notice students following our school rules: safe, respectful, learner. Our class has learning parties when we reach our goals as a fun way to do projects and learn about topics the kids are interested in. I love digressing from our normal curriculum and enriching our day to day with something special. 

Many of the kids are interested in space so that was the theme of our learning party today.

We began by watching a silly video of NASA  scientists sing and dancing. We read a variety of fiction and nonfiction books.

We created our own fictional solar system. 

The kids invented their own planets based on what we learned about the planets in our solar system.

Our name rockets soared to the sky and gave us good practice with counting, letters, and fine motor skills. 

We made a galaxy in a bottle with water, food coloring, and baby oil. We will keep it at our safe seat to use to help us calm down. 

We got super creative and used shapes to create our own silly aliens. What could life on other planets be like? 

The kids were very creative! All in all a very fun day!


We are are cultivating our physical and mental strength through coordinated breath and movement. Basically we are using a very secular approach to yoga in which we concentrate on the movement and position of our whole bodies while systematically breathing slowly and deeply. We have learned the easy pose, mountain pose and volcano pose. 

We are also working on moving from pose to pose slowly and purposefully. The children are building focus and concentration skills. It is interesting how through breath and movement our class finds these little pockets of silence that are anything but empty. 

Here are the children using volcano pose to join hands and connect to each other physically and mentally. I wish you had been there-joy resonated all around us! 


Celebrating 100 Days of Learning!

imageToday was our 100th day of learning in kindergarten! We celebrated this special day with a variety of learning activities relate to the number 100.imageimage

We began with a story about the 100th day of school and got all gussied up with 100 day ribbons.

We played a number recognition game where we colored certain numbers on our 100 charts in he shape of 100.

We made fruit loop necklaces-a fun way to practice counting skills as well as hone our fine motor skills.

We also made artwork using the number 100 and turning it into something else.

All in all a fun day of learning!