Happy Mother’s Day

Here are a few pictures of the kid’s making goodies for their moms or special adults. We made hedgehogs because they are cute and fun and because the teacher is quirky. We also read The Family Book by Todd Parr to learn about and celebrate the uniqueness of every family and the bond of love that defines every family.

Grandparent’s Day Fun

We had a full house of special adults visiting our classroom for Grandparents Day! We had grandmas, grandpas, aunts, great grandparents, parents, and friends. Thank you for coming out to support your little learner! Thank you for adopting other children for the day whose special adults were not able to make it and helping them have a fun experience too! Thank you for sitting in our tiny chairs and parking a zillion miles away. We had a fun afternoon with you all!

Thank you kindly!

Thank you for the wonderful week of appreciation! It is so nice to have acknowledgement of the work I do and I have enjoyed working together with you to serve your child. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement throughout the school year and especially this week! This week of goodies and fun was so thoughtful and organized! I was very touched by the kind notes, beautiful flowers, gifts, and gift cards! I also enjoyed eating my way through the week with all the meals and treats in the lounge! We have some very talented cooks here at Russell! Thank you all very, very, kindly!

Notable and Quoteable

Here are a few funnies from today.
“Wow, you have a tattoo!? You look sooooo coooollll!”

-Parker, after seeing me wearing a sleeveless shirt for the first time in months. I have had the tattoo the entire school year.
“The thunder made my tummy scared!”

-Jose commenting on the stormy weather.

Butterfly Release!

Here are a few moments from our butterfly release on Friday. We enjoyed observing our Painted Ladies, but we learned that butterflies have important work to accomplish like pollination and laying eggs. We also learned that the butterfly life span is very short-only a few weeks-which makes their time in nature all the more precious. Friday was warm, sunshiny and had very little wind. It was the perfect weather for our winged friends to make their way into the world.
At first the butterflies were a little hesitant and needed a little encouragement.

Soon our beauties were off! One landed right on Laila’s chest. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of that!

Goodbye and good luck little butterflies!