School Transition Book

Beginning kindergarten is amazing and challenging! Each child has a unique response to starting a new school or grade level. Some kids are so excited, others are nervous, others are calm. Many children are a mix of all these things and more! All feelings and responses are ok. If you anticipate your child having trouble with this transition, one thing that can help is to help them get used to the idea with a personalized story. You can make the book and read it together each day to help your child make sense of their new school. Here is a resource with a printable book you can print and personalize for your child. If you do not have a way to print at home, email me and I am happy to print it for you here at school.

M is for Monster!

The kids got super creative today and turned the letter M into a monster! Some were cute, some were scary and all were awesome. The kids are improving their fine motor and concentration skills each day when they make their alphabet craft. They are also learning the satisfaction of a job well done.

Happy Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day we read a great book about family, The Family Book by Todd Parr! We learned that there all kinds of families. What makes a family is people who love each other, care for each other, and help each other! We made a surprise for our dads if we have a dad in our family. If not we made a card for another person in our family. Here is The Family Book if you would like to read it again as a family. Enjoy! Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there as well as the other family members who step in when needed. And extra hugs to those who might have lost a dad and are missing them.

Then and Now…Wow!

This week the kids made growth portfolios! These portfolios show a small part of your child’s growth and learning this year. Please take some time to look through them with your child and reflect on all they have accomplished. The kids are remarkable!

The portfolios will be in their kindergarten memories bag which they are bringing home today. There are also a lot of other fun things in the bag your child will love showing you!

3rd Grade Buddies

We enjoyed a final activity with our 3rd grade buddies. We had popsicles on the playground and then shared the writing we have been working on. We shared a graphic novel and they shared their memory books. The kids talked about what they like pd about their partner’s writing and what they could work on to make it even better!

Kindergarten Cares for Columbia Manor

Wow, we had an amazing service project this year. The kids learn a lot and spread a lot of joy in the process of completing this project. Our books and place mats helped the kids practice reading and writing skills. Our penny drive gave us a chance to apply counting and money skills. The kids worked hard with Ms. Martin to perfect a wonderful concert to perform as well.
We ended up spending about $438 on snacks, games, and baskets/tissue paper to set up our gift baskets for them. We spend about $70 to get shirts to tie dye as a gift for all the residents and the remaining $130 went to a gift card to Little Caesar’s so Columbia manor can have a pizza party.

Learning Lately

Reading- We are reviewing lots of important concepts we have learned throughout the year. This week we focused on remembering what we read to retell the story. We reviewed making connections as well. Each week we continue to work on tapping words, vowel sounds, and digraph sounds. This week we also introduced consonant blends like bl or sl.

Writing-We wrote our opinions about what games, snacks, puzzles or coloring books to buy for Columbia Manor. We shared our writing and voted for our best ideas. We worked on completing all the components of opinion writing independently such as draw and label, tell your opinion, tell 3 reason why, write an ending, write neatly, use word spaces, do your best spelling, and use capitals and punctuation. What a challenge! The kids are doing really well with it!

Math- We continued playing games to help us break numbers apart, put them together and understand the relationships in addition and subtraction. We also worked on coin identification. The kids have had a lot of practice counting pennies and other coins throughout our penny drive.

Science/Social studies- Our Mystery science video was about black holes! We learned a lot about nutrition with our field trip to Hy Vee as well.