Learning Lately

Reading- We started working on letter formation of capital letters A-H. We also worked on using “tapping” to help us say each sound and blend them together to read words. We are working on reading simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like mop or rug. We continued practicing reading sight words and playing games in which we break sounds in words apart and put them together in various ways. We also used some of our reading time to share our family traditions.

Writing- We wrote a personal narrative this week about a time we played. We worked on drawing, labeling, and writing to tell what happened. We also practiced using spaces between each word.

Math- We continued developing our understanding of numbers with various games like Top it and Count and Sit. We also explored the 100 grid.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about indoor recess behavior. We enjoyed a mystery science video about how money is made. We began reading about holidays that happen in winter such as St. Nicholas Day and St. Lucia Day. Next week we will learn about many other holidays as well.

Family Traditions

We are having a great time learning about the family traditions in our class. The kids are doing a great job using a speaking voice to share about their tradition as well as listening respectfully when others are sharing. It is fun to hear the big variety of traditions in our class, make connections, and learn something new about each other. If your child has not brought in their things to share, please send it sometime this week.

Learning Lately

Reading- We worked hard reviewing letter formation of lower case letters this week. Many children need more practice with making their letters independently so please keep up the practice at home. We also worked on using “tapping” to help us say each sound and blend them together to read words. We continued to share connections we make as we read.

Writing- We are fine tuning the content of our personal narratives this week and working on using our words and pictures to show what happens first, next, and last. We are making sure our writing has words and sentences. They do not have to be perfect but each child needs to try to add words and sentences!

Math- We introduced the concepts of weight and capacity this week. We also worked on decomposing or breaking numbers apart.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about being a problem solver. We enjoyed a mystery science video about why the Mars is red. We learned about how challenges help us learn with our counselor, Mrs. Davison.


Today we bundled up to try to catch some snowflakes on black paper and look closely at them. We did not have much luck catching many but had a good discussion about why they were difficult to catch. We took a look at snowflakes photos online and then drew snowflakes of our own with white crayon on black paper.

Learning Lately

Reading- We wrapped up z and qu this week. We also practiced reading the sight words at and not. We also began echo reading the entire sight word list so the kids can get some general practice reading sight words. Much of our work in guided reading groups involved practicing the sight words that were specific to the book each group was reading. The focus of each guided reading group is tailored to the skills of the kids in that group but most groups worked on previewing the book by looking at the pictures before reading, making predictions, reading independently or reading with support, using the pictures to help figure out words and retelling after reading.

Writing- We worked on completing a personal narrative from start to finish. This involves thinking and planning, drawing, adding details, labeling, coloring and writing a sentence. We also worked on making sure our personal narrative was a true story from our life and that our pictures and words show who, what, and where. This is all review but it is difficult for the kids to accomplish so many different things. We needed more practice sticking with our writing until it is truly finished.

Math- We worked on teen numbers this week by practicing identifying teens, ordering teens, and counting quantities in the teens. We continued practicing writing numbers and some of the kids are learning to write their numbers all the way to 100. We also worked on building hexagons using other shapes.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about tone of voice this week. We enjoyed a mystery science video about why the sky is blue. We began learning about germs and how to sneeze into a tissue or our elbow to keep cold germs to ourselves. We also learned about the importance of hand washing!

Fabulous Hats!

I forgot to post some pictures from the fabulous hats we made before break. We read a silly Thanksgiving story about Thelonius turkey. The basic plot is that Thelonius thinks he is about to become dinner because the farmer Felicia keeps plucking his feathers out. He thinks she is seeing how he is fattening up so he pulls all kinds of pranks to distract her from eating him. In the end it turns out that Felicia was just plucking his feathers for her hat factory so she could make beautiful hats. We got creative and made our own awesome hats!

Learning Lately

A short post for a short week!

Reading: We read and discussed several books on the theme of thankfulness as well as some super silly Thanksgiving books. We practiced the name, sound, and formation of x and y.

Writing: We wrote about a friend from our class we are thankful for and what we like about them. We also took some of our writing and reading time to make fabulous hats inspired by the book Thelonius Turkey lives on Felicia Ferguson’s Farm.

Math: We continued developing our understanding of numbers with dot card Top it as well as exploring calculators, how they work and how we can use them to represent numbers in a different way. We also made a graph of our favorite colors.

Science and Social Studies: We focused on the concept of thankfulness this week. We also were “detective historians” and learned real facts about Thanksgiving and its history from this cool site. We talked about how the traditional story of Thanksgiving is a pretend story or a myth and that there was a special gathering in 1621 but it was not the start of friendship between the English and the Native Americans. At this age, the history of Native Americans after Europeans arrived in North America is not developmentally appropriate because it is too gruesome. At the same time it is important to present even very young children with truthful history that tells the story of all the ethnic groups involved. I would encourage you to take a look at the website if you get a chance-it is pretty interesting!

Thankful Today and Everyday

In our class we make being thankful part of our day everyday. We keep it simple and share a few things we are thankful for at the end of the day before we leave to go home. We challenge ourselves to notice something new to be thankful for each day. This trains our brains to be mindful of the good things that happen each day.

Since thankfulness and gratitude are universal values across cultures it is a great focus for us at school since all students can be included meaningfully in giving thanks. Today we read Bear Says Thanks , a friendship story. We then made a page for another student in the class telling why we are thankful for that student. Some students were absent today but when everyone is back and has completed their page we will read them all as a class.