Hy Vee Trip!

What fun we had at Hy Vee! We got to use the club room while we waited for our turn to take the tour.

Ms. Paula and Ms. Missy took us on a tour of the different areas such as produce, pizza, the deli, the bakery, floral, and dairy. We even got to go into a big freezer in the back! We got some yummy foods to bring back to school and enjoy!

Pop Tab Celebration!

Kindergarten and first grade brought in the most pop tabs for the first grade service learning project to benefit Ronald MacDonald House! We planned to celebrate with extra recess but since it was rainy, first grade invited the kindergarten classes to play and learn together with STEM tubs! So fun!

Penny Drive Update

Our penny drive is still going strong! Our new total for the grade level is $360 and $140 for our class! Wow! We have a few days left so please dig in the couch cushions and check all the cup holders in the car to help us finish strong! The last day to send donations is May 1st!

Learning Lately

Reading- We enjoyed researching and learning facts about Iceland! We all have learned a lot! We also reviewed story elements(characters, setting, problem and solution) with one of of our favorite books, Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.

Writing-We tried to be very persuasive with our opinion writing, just like Pigeon! We wrote about if we liked to go to bed early or stay up late with at least 3 reasons why! The kids worked on adding an ending to their writing.

Math- We reviewed 2D and 3D shapes this week. The kids had fun making shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks as well as play dough. We learned that certain materials like toothpicks only work for certain shapes because they have straight sides.

Science/Social studies- We had nature stations this week to celebrate Earth Day. Our mystery science video was about how old the Earth is. We learned about plants and animals in Iceland.

Earth Day!

Earth day is a great day to appreciate our beautiful planet. We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about how old Earth is and how scientists learned about the age of Earth. We studied natural objects like feathers, egg shells, acorns, shells, rocks, and leaves using magnifying glasses and our senses. The kids also recorded their observations on charts. It was so fun to explore these natural treasures! We ended our activities with a story about the earth.

Learning Lately

Reading- Lots of review and practice this week. We are working so hard to apply all the basics of reading to read independently. We also used some of our reading time to learn about Iceland. Each class in the school is learning about a country and we chose Iceland.

Writing-We learned different ways to tell our opinions such as “I like” or “My favorite”. We are working on telling 3 reasons to support our opinions. We are practicing spelling all sight words correctly, using word spaces, using capitalization and punctuation, and tapping to spell unknown words.

Math- We continued our work with addition, subtraction and seeing relationships between numbers. Math games like roll and record as well as making bracelets with different bead combinations were fun ways to practice these skills. We also applied our sorting and counting skills to count our money from the penny drive!

Science/Social studies- Our cool tool this week was about ways to manage stress. We learned about space, storm water and Iceland! What a random, yet interesting combination!

Storm Water

Today we had a special guest, Michele, some teach us about what happens with storm water! She used a model to show us how trash, chemicals, and loose soil get washed into streams and rivers. She also showed us how cleaning up litter and planting trees can help keep the water clean and hold soil in place. The kids made storm water hats and recording facts they learned in their science notebooks.

Kindergarten in Space!

We had a great trip to the planetarium on Tuesday! All the information really captivated the kids’ sense of curiosity and wonder. It is fun to think about all there is to learn about the universe. Who knows, maybe someone from our class will make the next discovery about space!?

I didn’t take pictures during the trip since the planetarium is dark but here are some pictures of the activities we did after we returned to school.

We used pencils to draw and prick out constellations. We hung them on the window to let the light from the sun shine through and light up our designs.

We used oil pastels and all the facts we learned at the planetarium to draw outer space!