Today we learned on the STEAM Bus! The STEAM Bus travels around Columbia Public Schools at teacher request and provides lessons related to science, technology, engineering, art, and music. Click here to learn more.

Our STEAM Bus lesson involved using legos along with math and problem solving skills to build ducks and a nest inspired by the children’s book Make Way for Ducklings! The rules were to make ducks and a nest, using as many legos as you could count, as well as using kindness and good manners towards our friends. It was a fun challenge!

MakerSpace Party

After our Eat the Rainbow Party we celebrated our great behavior with a MakerSpace party. We borrowed supplies from the library and the kids got to make and create!

Crafting away….

Designing paths for Ozobots…

Play dough fun…

Creating stories with legos…

Building away….

Eat the Rainbow Party!

We had the most colorful, healthy party ever this morning! The kids had so much fun choosing foods in a variety of colors and trying new foods and old favorites! Thank you so much for everyone who helped supply us with such a yummy array of fruits and vegetables!

After we ate (and ate) we drew a rainbow of our favorite foods of each color.

Learning Lately

Reading: We worked on asking questions before, during, and after reading. We noticed that sometimes the book answers our questions and sometimes it doesn’t. We also noticed that the more we learn about a topic the more questions we have! We also have been working on long and short vowel sounds and being able to hear the difference in words.

Writing: This week we focused on fine tuning our nonfiction pieces with strategies that help others read our work like stretching out words we are trying so spell and putting a letter for every sound in the word, neat handwriting, and word spaces.

Math: We continue to build understanding of addition, subtraction and teen numbers. We explore using words, numbers, and pictures in different ways to model mathematical concepts. We also practiced naming 3D shapes like cone, cylinder, cube, pyramid, rectangular prism, and cube.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool was about hallway expectations. We learned a lot about nutrition and healthy eating with our Eat the Rainbow Party!


Teen Numbers

We are working so hard on developing understanding of teen numbers. The kids are doing great with being able to recognize and name any teen number. Today we made teen collections, compared our collections, and wrote a number model to represent their teen collection.

Learning Lately

Reading: We have been so busy learning about nonfiction and the features of nonfiction. We also have been asking questions before we read nonfiction, during reading, and after reading. In small reading group each group is working on different things like predicting, retelling the story, figuring out words independently, and thinking while reading, “does this make sense?” Some groups are working on breaking longer words into chunks, consonant blends, and endings like s, es, ed, and ing. We continue reviewing letter names and sounds and how to put them together to read and spell words.

Writing: We continue writing nonfiction. We have been working to make sure our writing is complete with a realistic picture, labels, telling the topic, adding 3 facts, and adding an ending. Some children are even adding features of nonfiction like headings or tables of contents.

Math: We are working on addition and subtraction- understanding the operation, solving number stories, and representing situations with a number model/number sentence using the symbols +, -, and =. We continue to practice understanding teen numbers as a group of 10 and some left over.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool this week was about bathroom expectations. We also learned about fruits and vegetables and how to eat the rainbow!


Hiding Bears

We had a super fun time at math today playing Hiding Bears. This game helps the kids build their understanding of addition, subtraction, and combinations of 10. This game also helps the children problem solve. To play each partner takes a turn hiding some bears in the “cave” and keeping some bears out. The kids know there are 10 bears total and use what they can see to figure out how many are hiding!

Learning Lately

Reading: We continued learning about non fiction features and finding them in non fiction books. We continued to practice tapping to read and spell words. This week we learned that vowels can make two sounds: their short sound and their long sound.  We also had fun with reading week doing special activities to celebrate reading!

Writing: We worked on different ways to begin non fiction writing in a fun way like asking a question or using a sound. We worked on telling our topic, writing three facts or more, and drawing a realistic picture with labels. We are working on interesting ways to end our writing.

Math: We practiced 3d shapes as well as subtraction this week. We played lots of games to practice the concept of subtraction and build understand of numbers.

Science and Social Studies: We continued learning about nutrition this week. We learned about food groups and how each type of food gives us different types of nutrients and does different jobs in our body. We learned that “eating the rainbow” will give us a lot of nutrients!


Library Field Trip

We had a great trip to Daniel Boone Regional Library! We toured the library, learned about fun ways to use the library and saw interesting art, rocks, and animals. The library gave the child each a coupon for a free book as well as a library pencil. If you filled out a library card form, your child will bring their card home in their blue folder soon. Here are the kids on their tour.