Kindergarten Memory Book

Here is a Memory Book you can print and make with your child if you would like. If you are not able to print at home. You can still look at this one and use it for ideas to make your own version on whatever paper you have.

Here are a few tips:

  • Do 1 or 2 pages at a time over several days. Don’t do the book all in one sitting.
  • The kids will have a tendency to rush, you will need to guide them on how to complete each page.
  • Talk about one page a time, brainstorm ideas, and have your child work on just that page.
  • Have your child draw and write with pencil first, let them color after you look at it.
  • Have your child do their best spelling, do not spell every word for them. You may want to write a few special words for them to copy correctly.
  • If the memory book makes your child sad, encourage them to share those feelings. They may want to take a break from working on the book but writing and drawing is a great way for your child to process what they are feeling.

Here is a little video introducing the memory book to your child.


Mini Lesson: An Easy Way to Help Your Child Not Interrupt

Here is a link to a great article that describes an easy way to help your child not interrupt when they need to talk to you. It takes a little practice but really works! I would just pretend a role play to try it out.  Another great way to help your child practice is by following the same process when they are busy and you need their attention. I can’t believe I forgot to teach this to the kids at school this year(I usually do). Hope this helps at home!

Here is a video showing the kids how it is done!