Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the names, sound, and formation of x, and y this week. We read about lots of fall holidays this week like Trung Thu, Day of the Dead, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. We practiced reading sight words a lot! Our small reading groups continued practicing a variety of skills depending on what the children in that group need to move forward as readers.

Writing: We worked on telling what happened first, next, and last in our personal narrative. We practiced using the word wall to help us write what is going on in our picture. The kids are getting really good at drawing neat pictures with lots of details. We are really working hard to add words and sentences as well.  We also worked on writing our names neatly with all the letters starting and ending on the correct lines.

Math: As usual we touched on a variety of skills. We worked on knowing shape names and describing the attributes of each shape. We made a class favorite color graph and compared the length of the different bars of the graph.

Science and Social Studies: We learned about having great behavior on field trips and during special events at school. We also learned about the concept of wants and needs.

Friends are…

Helpful, kind, silly, fun, responsible, positive…

The list goes on and on. Our counselor Mrs. Davidson taught us about friends today. We learned what friends are, who are friends can be, and qualities friends have.

We learned that is is ok if friends like different things and sometimes don’t like to play the same things. We can play different things sometimes and still be friends!

The kids got to make a class book about what friends do like share, be polite, be kind, and say hi!

Makers Gonna Make

Kindergartners are doers, singers, engineers, scientists, artists, and makers. These little makers used a variety of building and craft materials to create. They could use materials of their choice and make whatever the chose. We had beautiful paintings, buildings, rocket ships, whales, treasure boxes, jelly fish, towers and much more. It was so fun to watch the makers at work!

Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the name, sound, and formation of v, and w. We practiced the sight word can. The kids are getting good at noticing sight words in books we read. We worked on making connections this week and noticing what books remind us of.

Writing: We focused on doing our best personal narrative and completing our true story before starting on another one. When kids shared their work with the class, we gave them compliments and suggestions for how to improve their writing. We practiced saying words slowly and writing all the sounds we hear. We also learned to look at our student notebook (has all the letters and pictures we have learned) to help us when we are labeling.

Math: We compared numerals and length this week using a variety of games an activities. We also made shapes with strings and sticks. We continue to practice counting in various ways as well as using math in practical ways like the calendar or taking attendance.

Science/Social Studies: We learned about friendly tone of voice this week. We also learned about fall and what is happening in the world around us.

***Next week I will not do a Learning Lately post due to the short week. I will post on Monday and Tuesday about some special activities we are doing.


One way the kids show responsibility is by taking care of their own supplies like crayons, writing folders, and student notebooks. Their seat sacks make it easy for them to get out their own things and also put them away. Here are the kids cleaning out their seat sacks today, making sure their things were neat and tidy! How responsible!

Learning Lately

Reading: We worked on the name, sound, and formation of l,h,and k this week as well as practicing letters from previous weeks. We continued our practice of the sight words and, in, we, and will. We read them in various books and spelled them aloud with actions like clapping or jumping. Our small groups focused on alphabet practice, predicting, and practicing beginning level books this week depending on student needs.

Writing: We created a personal narrative checklist to use to help us make sure we have completed our writing. We are working on putting our name and the date on each paper, thinking of a true story, drawing our story, adding details, adding labels, and coloring neatly.

Math: We continued practicing writing numbers this week. We also made little posters representing numbers in different ways like pictures, numerals, and tallies. We played a racing game as a fun way to practice identifying numbers as well.

Social Studies and Science: This week we learned about the Pledge of Allegiance and Veteran’s Day.


Today Mrs. Davidson continued teaching the children about feelings by introducing empathy. The kids learned that empathy means understands others feel. If we have empathy we can figure out how to help others.

Mrs. Davidson read a story that had characters who showed empathy. Then she gave the kids various scenarios to imagine how people might feel.


We are working so hard on reading. We are finding books we love, and building focus and stamina for reading. We are practicing letters and sight words to build early reading skills. We are using picture clues to make predictions and help us understand what we read. The kids have been practicing a book called At School. They brought it home today to read to you! They are so excited!