Learning About Our Feelings

Tonight your child will bring home a feelings chart and a breathing strategies chart to share with you. We have been reading books about our feelings, practicing awareness of our feelings, and learning to use breathing to help us feel better. We also learned about using the safe seat or peace area to take a break when we need to.

Here are the kids decorating their charts to take home. 


What’s in a Name?

We have been exploring all things name related! We sing the “Whoo are you?” Song with our owl puppet to learn the names of each person in our class.

We practice writing our name. Right now we are focusing on making all letters sit on the line. As the year goes on we will focus on capital vs lower case letters and letter formation “the kindergarten way”. 

Today we cut out each letter in our name, counted each letter and recorded the numeral that matched the number of letter in our names. 

In the coming weeks we will continue our work with the letter in our names!

Self Portraits

Today we considered the idea that each person is unique and an important part of our class. We read Tacky the Penguin, a story in which the “odd bird” saves the day in the end. The story emphasizes the importance of being yourself and making your own choices. In the end each penguin is appreciated!

After the story we made self portraits.  

Each portrait turned out as unique as the artist who created it! 


Empty = Possibility

When you first enter our classroom you may be struck by its emptiness. In fact, I hope you are. I hope adults are a little curious about what might adorn the walls in the future. I hope children feel as though there is room for  them in this open and calm space. Here is a post from last school year about setting up the classroom.  


This is a place for us all. One teacher, many children and their families. Let’s fill the space together with our thoughts, questions, discoveries, kindness, laughter and smiles.

It will be beautiful. It will be uniquely us.

Earth Day Celebration

We had a wonderful time learning and celebrating the earth today. We read some interesting Earth books and learned some ways we can take care of our home, the Earth.image


We visited the outdoor classroom and checked on the progress of the garden. We have lettuce, pea and onion sprouts coming up. Hopefully our radishes will grow too so we can make nice little spring salads. We also found some holes in our garden beds-voles! We may end up sharing most of our garden with those little creatures.

image image


Miss Meredith joined us in the outdoor classroom today. She taught us fun nature facts as we walked through the butterfly garden and around the pond. Miss Meredith also helped us gently scoop out some tadpoles into white tubs so we could observe them. We left the outdoor classroom with a bin of frog and tadpole learning activities from Miss Meredith.

Back in the classroom we planted some carrot seeds in a clear container-we will hopefully be able to see the root of the carrots growing underground.



The kids participated in nature learner stations. They had the chance to explore globes, nature books, fossilized shark teeth, shells, rocks, and fossils.

We had a fun and informative day celebrating our Earth!

Literacy Lately

Literacy lately has been like a spring garden; these little learners are bursting into full bloom.

We are continuing our work with letter sounds and digraph sounds. We use “tapping” to break those sounds apart and blend those sounds together to help us read and spell words. The kids are using a variety of other strategies to help them figure out words like looking at the picture, thinking about what makes sense, and checking the beginning sound.

We are building our reading comprehension by remembering and retelling story events in order after we read, asking questions and making connections as we read, and of course predicting before we read.

At literacy work time, the kids work on literacy skills of their choice on their level. The children also meet with me in small groups to work on the reading skills most relevant to them. We have been busy working and learning. Here are a few pictures of the children at work.IMG_1828.JPGapril16-2 april16-1

Sight Words: If…Then…

Memorizing sight words is an important kindergarten skill. By memorizing commonly used words, kindergartners can read books and write sentences with fluency and ease. To learn how to better help your child with sight words, read the following “if…then…” statements, find the statement that matches your child and try some of the suggested activities!

Happy learning!

If your child reads a few sight words (1-10)…then…

Introduce new words one at a time.

  • Write each¬†word your child knows on a note card. Rehearse and celebrate what they know.
  • Write one sight word they don’t know on a card and introduce the word. Practice the word by spelling it and saying the word name aloud together ( “i-s-is. I-s-is. I-s-is”)
  • Your child 3 cards, 2 with know words and one unknown. Have them point to each word as you say it. Have them practice reading each of the 3 cards.
  • Repeat until your child knows the new word. Then introduce another word.
  • Look for sight words in books.

If your child reads some(10-25) …then…

  • Make cards play sight word memory.
  • Read through sight word list once a day.
  • Make cards and play “read it, spell it” by picking a card, reading the word and writing the word.
  • Write your sight words three times each.
  • Write sentences using the sight words for your child to read.
  • Look for sight words in books.

If your child reads all sight words…then…

  • Dictate words for your child to spell.
  • Write each sight word 3 times each.
  • Look for sight words in books.
  • Have your child make up sentences to write using sight words.
  • Practice the first grade sight word list.

Force and Motion Exploration

We are discovering how pushes and pulls are related to movement in science. Today we explored the pull force called gravity. We began by watching a Peep video in which the birds discover gravity by accident by sliding down a gutter. We investigated gravity with paper towel roll slides and tissue paper peeps.








Stories Help Us Learn Math

Ms. Wright began a new math unit with a story called The Sleepover. This book introduced the concept of composing and decomposing numbers. This funny story involved friends at a sleepover sitting in different combinations on the top and bottom bunks of a bunch bed. There were always 8 kids but they moved onto different bunks to trick the aunt. Our students enjoyed not being tricked like the aunt.
Our math unit, called Bunk Beds and Apple Boxes, will give the students the opportunity to explore number combinations and build number sense as well as the opportunity to think strategically and problem solve.



Celebrating 100 Days of Learning!

imageToday was our 100th day of learning in kindergarten! We celebrated this special day with a variety of learning activities relate to the number 100.imageimage

We began with a story about the 100th day of school and got all gussied up with 100 day ribbons.

We played a number recognition game where we colored certain numbers on our 100 charts in he shape of 100.

We made fruit loop necklaces-a fun way to practice counting skills as well as hone our fine motor skills.

We also made artwork using the number 100 and turning it into something else.

All in all a fun day of learning!