F is for…

Fish! Today we watched the story of Rainbow Fish on the SMARTBoard and then create our own fish from a paper plate. Each child cut a wedge from a plate. The hole become the fish’s mouth and the wedge the tail. Each child drew scales and decorations. Last each child glued on one glittering scale.









Summer School Schedule

Here is a quick summary of a day in the life of a summer school kindergartener.

Morning Work: Math manipulatives, books or coloring at tables and a great time to chat with friends.

Morning Meeting: A time to welcome friends to a new day of learning. We also learn about the calendar and the days of the week. We set a tone of positivity and productivity by reading and discussing the Raven Rules.

Letter of the Day: Whole group practice of letter name, sound and formation. Independent practice with coloring the corresponding page in our alphabet books.

Recess: Fresh air and friendship!

Literacy Work Time: Kindergarteners chose and complete a variety of work to foster early literacy skills and fine motor development.

Lunch and Recess

Number of the Day: Whole group practice with counting and conceptualizing numbers.

Math Work Time: Working with math manipulatives and playing math games.

Alphabet Craft: Crafty creations to promote a love of literacy, fine motor skills, as well as developing focus and concentration.

Name Work and/or Poem of the Day: Whole group activities to promote early literacy skills.

Rest Time: A quiet time for relaxing or snoozing.

Snack Time: Yum!

Play Time: A time to develop fine and gross motor skills, build background knowledge, and develop social skills.

Read aloud, Songs, Dance and Movement: These activities happen between each main academic activity.

I hope this helps families get a better sense of what your child is experiencing each day!

D is for…

Each day in summer school we study a letter. We talk about the letters name and sound. We read a rhyme with the letter sound and practice writing the letter. We color that letter’s page in our alphabet book which helps us become more familiar with the letter’s shape.
Each day we also complete a craft activity about the letter. The purpose of the craft is to develop fine motor skills, concentration and task completion skills, as well as the skills do listening and following directions. The children love experiencing the satisfaction of focusing and following through to accomplish a goal.
Today our craft was an open ended craft in which the children cut out the letter “d”, glued it down, and turned it into something that starts with “d”. We had ducks, dinosaurs, doctors and donuts. It was fun to see the kids get creative and problem solve to make their creation. We learned first hand the importance of using tiny drops of glue so we could color with our ripping our papers. Constructivism in action!
Here are the kids working and a few of our finished projects.







This school year has given each of us many, many, opportunities for gratitude. In our class we make it a habit to direct our feet to the sunny side of the street (Thank you Willie Nelson for those words of wisdom). We stay positive and open to each learning opportunity and find little moments to admire and compliment each other. The kids have developed a smiley, relaxed vibe that is pleasant to be around and helps the class stay focused on learning.
We have had a wonderful year of learning and we took a few minutes to reflect on all the people who help us at our school. We made a list and came up with 29 people! The compared 29 helpers to the 20 kids in our class and found that we have more people helping us then we have kids in our class. We felt very lucky!

The kids then wrote a special letter thanking each helper decorated with drawings and stickers. I encouraged each child to take a little extra time and put in a little extra effort on their letter to show the recipient how much we care. Some children wrote extra letters as well. Here are a couple favorites.



Cereal Graphing

Today we created bar graphs! Each child had a handful of cereal which they sorted by color. After they found out how many of each color cereal they had, the kids colored a bar graph to represent their “cereal data”.
We ended math by sharing and interpreting our graphs.




Kindergarten Corral: A Day of Prairie Themed Fun and Learning

We had a great day today! We enjoyed a morning filled with learning activities about other things on the prairie besides cowboys. We read Tomie dePaola’s retelling of the Legend of the Blue Bonnet. We watched a few video clips about prairie dogs and prairie chickens. We used the facts we learned to create our own prairie inspired subtraction number stories.



The cherry on top, er rather the bacon on the beans was a visit from a cowboy named Casey who came to read to us!




Sight Word Bingo

The kids have become quite proficient at reading and writing their sight words. We will keep practicing these words until the end of the school year. Today we played sight word bingo. The kids used their neatest handwriting to make their bingo board and were quite proud of how neatly and quickly they could write the words.






We continued our study of the brain and the growth mindset theory with a quick video clip about the parts of the brain and there functions. We learned the cerebrum is the “thinking brain” and helps us think and process what we see. We learned the cerebellum controls muscle movement as well as helping us learn new things. The medulla or brain stem controls breathing, our heart beating and digestion, things we don’t really think about that our body does.

Then we examined some brain models loaned to us by the CPS Health Dept.

The kids had fun attempting to assemble some really tricky mini brain models.





Unfortunately, these models proved harder to put back in the box than they were to assemble. Thank goodness Ava was able to get hers back in the box properly so I had a model to finish the rest. My little puzzler.