Lima Bean Investigation

As part of our living and non living science unit we began a special project with lima beans today. We placed lima beans and wet paper towels in a resealable bag and taped it to our window. We are going to observe this set up to find out what happens when we give the lima bean water and sunlight. The kids had some educated predictions!
We also set up one of our class i Pads to help document our investigation. We plan to take a picture of our lima beans each day. Then we will put all our photos together to make our own time lapse film of the lima beans’ growth and changes.


Jelly beans and Opinion Writing

Today we began learning about opinion writing. First we will focus on how to form an opinion and support our opinion with evidence. Then we will learn how to communicate our opinions in writing.
Today we formed opinions about jelly beans. When we first got our jelly beans we were not sure what we thought about it. So we used our senses to look, feel, and taste our jelly beans. Then we formed an opinion of our jelly bean based on our experience. The kids did a great job explaining to their friends why they liked or disliked their jelly bean.



Behavin’ Raven Celebration : Our Sleep Over Party

We had a wonderful day celebrating our great behavior! We earned 500 behavin’ ravens which means our students were safe, respectful, learners 500 times!
First we read the classic, Where the Wild Things Are and dreamed up our very own wild things. Some had bee bodies or raccoon tails. Others had horns or 4 arms.




We had some fruit loop fun by creating designs and patterns with fruit loop and also munching of course!



We also made our very own night sky full of constellations on one of our windows.


Planetarium Writing

Yesterday we worked on writing nonfiction and used words and pictures to teach about what we learned at the planetarium.
Today we made beautiful thank you cards for our presenter at the planetarium and our bus driver. With pictures and words, of course!


Living and Non Living Research

Today we began our research for our living and non living poster project. We had 6 laptops to share. The laptop leaders were able to log on, access Internet Explorer, and find Pebble Go. The laptop leaders then found the video on the living or non living topic the group chose to learn about. The kids are researching hot weather, stars, water, bears, penguins, and pets. The kids also had nonfiction books about their topics.

Tomorrow we will continue our research and begin creating our posters.


Living and Non Living




We began our living and non living unit last week with a read aloud to introduce the topic and a walk to search for living and non living things around our school grounds. We also used our class iPads to document our findings. The kids took turns being photographers and when we came back to the classroom we used AirPlay to project the images from the iPads to the SMARTboard screen.

This week we used AirPlay again to look at the images of the living and non living things we found on our walk and refresh our memories about what living and non living means. We had an interesting discussion about the difference between dead and non living.

This week begins an interdisciplinary living and non living project. We will incorporate writing, nonfiction reading skills, research skills, and technology skills to research and create living and non living posters. We will also gain experience with social and presentation skills to share our work at the end of the week.

Today we made a class poster with each student contributing a sentence and picture. As the week progresses, the kids will begin researching and creating their own posters. More info to come!