Twinkle, Twinkle, little star. What a wonderful person you are.

Each morning we sing a special song which is a variation of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. This remix version comes from Concious Discipline. The intention behind the song is to build personal connection between people which is essential to the development of empathy.

To sing the song we get a partner and sit facing them. We look into their eyes and sing these words.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

What a wonderful person you are.

Big bright eyes, nice round cheeks.

A wonderful person from head to feet

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

What a wonderful person you are.

At the body part words, the children gently, kindly, and ever so softly touch their partner on/near that part.

It tugs your heart strings to watch how gentle they touch and how sweetly they sing. They have the brightest most genuine smiles. 

For a moment they are completely immersed in kind, respectful interaction with a fellow human being. 


Everything I need to know I teach in Kindergarten

You know those posters or memes that say “everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten”? I have recently realized everything I need to know I teach in kindergarten. 

Many of my own little situations and struggles can simply be solved by the things I teach the kids as their little situations and struggles arise. 

  In meetings with my colleagues I wonder how much I should speak up about and how much I should let go, I can ask myself just like I ask the kids, “how can you be helpful?”

When schedules change or unexpected events arise, I can remind myself, just like I remind the children, “sometimes the day is different but being a safe, respectful, learner always stays the same.”  

When I feel upset or outraged by situations in my life, I can ask myself, just like I ask the kids, “are you going to talk to them or are you going to ignore it?”

When I make a mistake, I can tell myself, just like I remind the kids, “that’s ok, you can try again”.

I’m so thankful for all those teachable moments that remind us all that kindness, curiosity, laughter, and learning are what connect and empower us all. And that we are all equally amazing and fallible. And we are all trying our best.

Everything I need to know, I teach, or I discover in kindergarten.


Telling True Stories

Each Monday (or Wenesday in this case) we form a circle and share a true story or experience from our weekend. 

We pass the sharing stone and listen respectfully to each person. 

We make connections to our friends lives (in our brains so we don’t interrupt). We have this special sharing time during writing because sharing is truly what writing is about. We approach writing as a way to speak and share with paper, crayon, words, and drawings rather than our voices. But sharing aloud is a great way to process and organize the thoughts we want to put on paper.

We are learning how to write true stories or personal narratives. The sharing circle is a great place to start.

Makers gonna make, make, make!

Today we had our second Makers Space with Mrs. Schoelz. The kids looks at pictures of other people’s paper towers, then drew a plan for their towers. This time they also had the option of using scissors and tape. There was some amazing thinking and persevering going on as the kids created their paper towers. 


Thunder Cake!

Today we read one of my favorite rainy day books, Thunder Cake by Patricia Palacco. The kids responded to the text by drawing their favorite parts. The kids also brought home a copy of the recipe for Thunder Cake if you would like to make it at home. 


Peachtree Farms

Thank you to all who made this day safe and special for the kids! We had wonderful volunteers! Here are some pictures from the day.  

   We ended our day with an extra snack and a little rest. 

Math Lately

The kids have been working hard to understand numbers 0-10 inside and out. We have played many games to work on:

Identifying numbers 0-10

Comparing 0-10 

Writing 0-10

Counting orally 

Counting objects accurately

We played brain and pen to work on number identification and formation. 

We built towers with unifix cubes to work on counting objects, comparing numbers and identifying numbers. This activity also gives the kids a real sense of the quantity connected with each number. 

We played bears in a cup as well. Super fun! Ask your child to teach you how to play with some small toys at home! 

The kids are certainly growing as learners and mathematical thinkers.

Underwater Learning Party

Today we celebrated our class earning 50 behavin’ ravens with a learning party! The kids suggested party themes and we voted on a favorite. 

We began our celebration with creating underwater creatures. We were inspired by the book The Secret Seahorse. The kids used paper plates and made really unique artwork. 

We also enjoyed some underwater videos and songs. We then came up from the underwater depths and designed aluminum foil boats. 

The kids drew a plan. 

Created their boats. 

And tested our boats on the water! We tested our boats strength by adding counters. 

We ended our underwater celebration with an underwater yoga adventure. What a great day!