Changes this Week

Just a heads up that there will be one change to the blog posting schedule for the week. The district has asked that teachers pause any additional academic activities to take pressure off families. Even though our daily mini lesson videos were not required, I am going to stop posting them for the rest of the week (today’s was already posted so I won’t remove it).

I will keep the daily greeting/story video, daily Zoom time and check in calls.

If you need to take a break from working on the packet or other academic activities, please do! I understand it is a lot and each families situation is different. If you choose to continue working on the packet, I am happy to help with that.

Hang in there! You got this!

**PS I would have emailed this but our system for doing that and accessing parent contact into is not working this morning. LOL

Resources and Fun things on FaceBook

Private FB group for our class to share photos, ask questions, and support each other.

A hub for all the things going on in Columbia to support the community, including resources for food to kids and other services.

Virtual Gardening Activities for Kids (and adults) from CCUA



Tutoring Services

The A Way with Words and Numbers tutors from Mizzou are offering virtual tutoring sessions for all CPS students to help ensure that students have access to tutoring services at home. The program will be providing free tutoring services to any CPS elementary student who may need help with homework, need additional reading and math support, or just someone to read with them and provide structured educational time. Parents can sign up their students for 30 minute time slots using this link: Sessions will begin March 19th, and will continue until at least April 13th. Session times are between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday.

If there is anything else the program can do for you and your students during this uncertain time, please do not hesitate to ask or email

Learning Lately

Reading: We are working hard to spell and read words on our own. We continue to practice digraphs and applying them to reading and spelling words. We continue to practice sight words as well.

Writing: We are wrapping up our non fiction unit. We are fine tuning all the skills we have learned over the past few weeks and working to be able to complete a non fiction piece independently. The kids are making a cover with a title, drawing pictures, labeling, telling 3 facts and adding a simple ending. The kids are using neat handwriting, word spaces, capitals, and punctuation. I am so proud of all they have learned.

Math: In math this week we continued practicing addition using the plus symbol and the equals symbol and the minus symbol. We continue to play math games to practice our addition and subtraction skills. We are practicing the names and attributes of 2d and 3d shapes.

Science and Social studies: We learned about force and motion this week! We learned about pushes, pulls, force, motion, friction and ramps. We also learned about germs and hand washing skills

Keeping Healthy

At school we have been talking about keeping healthy! We learned how germs get in your body as well as ways to help ourselves and others stay healthy. We are working on washing our hands well, coughing and sneezing into our elbows, blowing our noses and then washing hands or using hand sanitizer. We also are using hand sanitizer more often especially when it is not a good time to wash hands.

We have not talked about specific illnesses at this point but may in the future. I have taken some time to read up about the Corona virus so I am guiding the kids at school based on accurate information.

Here is a link with information including a cartoon for kids. Another good resource is the CDC website. They have information for individuals but also information to guide leaders who are making decisions about closing/canceling public places or events.

All in all, we are lucky to live in time with quick and effective forms of communication, scientific knowledge, and advanced medical care!

March Dates Update

Responsible Week is the week of March 30th. We will celebrate learning about responsible week with Career Day on April 3rd. The kids are invited to dress up as the job they want to have when they grow up.

Learning Lately

Reading: We are working hard to spell and read words on our own. We learned when to use C (when a,o, u follows the /c/ sound) and when to use K (when i or e follows the /c/ sound). We practiced the sounds of th, sh, wh, and ck as well. We have been reading non fiction texts to learn about rabbits this week. We also are learning about non fiction text features.

Writing: We are writing non fiction books about bunnies! The kids are telling 3 facts about bunnies with pictures and sentences. They are working hard to draw and write neatly as well as do their best spelling.

Math: In math this week we continued practicing addition using the plus symbol and the equals symbol. We put shapes together in different ways to make new shapes. We practiced comparing and ordering objects by length.

Science and Social studies: We learned tons of facts about bunnies!

March Dates

Here are the dates for March.

March 4-6 Reading Week

  • March 2nd- Hats off to Reading-Wear a hat
  • March 3rd-Crazy about Reading- Crazy hair, mismatch clothes, funny socks
  • March 4th-Relax and Read- PJs and comfy clothes
  • March 5th- Books and Buddies
  • March 6th- Favorite Book Character Day- Dress as your favorite book character

March 5th- Field trip to Daniel Boone Regional Library (No parents needed to due to space limitations)

March 5th- Kindergarten Round Up (for incoming kindergartners)

March 11th- Teacher Work Day- No School

March 12- PTA Meeting at 6:30

March 16th- Math Night

March 19- Spring Pictures

March 23rd-27th Spring Break

February Dates

Feb. 5th- Global Play Day- Send your child with a toy to play with at school.

Feb. 6th- 100th Day of School Celebration-Dress like you are 100 years old.

Feb. 8th-PTA Circus

Feb. 13th- Spring Party 2:30-3. All parents are invited to attend.

Feb. 13th- Valentine bag decorating and Valentine card exchange. Please send your child with a solid colored gift bag to decorate. Your child may also bring cards for each student in our class- this is optional.

Feb. 14th- Teacher Work Day- No School

Feb. 17th No School for President’s Day

Feb. 21st- Progress Reports will be sent home.

Feb 24th and Feb 27th- Parent teacher conferences-We will keep the same days/times we had in the fall unless you need to reschedule. I will send reminders closer to time.

Feb. 28th- No School