Sharing Activity

Our class will be having a special sharing activity on Wednesday, January 7th. Please help your child choose ONE item from home to bring to school and share with the class. This item may be a toy, photo, book…anything your child would like to share. The only exceptions would be play guns, swords or other items that represent violence and are not appropriate for school. Please also note that while we will do our best to take care of our items at school it is possible for things to get lost or broken so valuable or extra special items should remain at home. Thanks!


Welcome Ms. Wright

I am happy to announce that after winter break Ashley Wright will be joining our class as our student teacher! Ashley is currently a Westminster student earning her undergraduate degree in elementary education with an emphasis in early childhood as well. I will let her write a post after she gets settled in to tell you more about herself.

Ms. Wright and I will be working collaboratively to meet the needs of all the learners in our class. It will be a fun and fulfilling learning experience for all involved.

News and Reminders

Here is some information about next week.

November 25th- Thanksgiving Fruit Salad Sharing

Please send a piece of fruit for your child on Tuesday next week. To connect with our nutrition unit as well as the spirit of giving thanks we will prepare a fruit salad for all the kindergartners to share.

November 26th-28th No School for Thanksgiving Break


Wednesday is Library Day!

Our class will visit the school  library each Wednesday. Beginning next week, your child will bring home a new book each Wednesday which should be returned to school the by the following Wednesday. The children must return the book they checked out before they can check out a new one. If a child forgets their book, they may still pick out a book and put in on the “save shelf”. They can bring their overdue book the next day and check out the book they saved.