Monthly Literacy Learning Update

This Friday you will receive an update on your child’s literacy progress. The form tells about your child’s progress with knowing letter sounds, one of our most important kindergarten learning goals! Please practice the sounds your child does not know. The form will give suggestions for practice as well as ideas to extend and apply your child’s knowledge of the alphabet.

Library Checkout each Friday

We go to the library each Friday to check out books. Please help your child return their book by Friday so they can check out a new one. If they forget their old book, the new book they pick out will be saved for one day. The children can check out on Monday if they forget their book on Friday.

Monthly Learning Updates

Beginning this month, you will receive two learning updates each month concerning your child’s progress. One learning update will be about important math skills, and the other about important literacy skills. This Friday you will receive the math monthly learning update. Each learning update will include information about your child’s progress as well as ideas for practicing the skill at home. I hope the learning updates help you feel more connected to our classroom and empowered to make a difference in your child’s learning!