February Dates

February 2nd- Yearbook orders due

February 2nd- Matching Colors Day- Wear red to match our buddy classes!

February 5th- No School for a teacher work day

February 9th- 2nd Trimester Reports sent home

February 9th- Career Day- Dress as what you want to be when you grow up!

February 9th- Items for Classroom basket due

February 12 and February 15th- Parent teacher conferences(times will be the same as the 1st trimester and I will send a reminder note home soon)

February 14th- Spring and Valentine’s Party at 2:30

February 16th- No school for Parent teacher conferences

February 19th- No school for President’s Day

February 23- 6 Flags Reading Logs due

February 24th-PTA Circus

February 28th- Field trip to Daniel Boone Regional Library ( More information to come- The children will not need lunches and we will not take parent volunteers due to limited space.)

February 28th February Reading Logs due


Spring Party and Valentine Cards and Bags

Our last class party is February 14th at 2:30 to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Spring!  Your child will need a plain solid colored gift bag to decorate the morning of the 14th. We will use this bag  as a “mailbox” for the children to deliver their valentine cards to their friends. About 8×10 inches is a good size-big enough to hold the cards but small enough for the kids to manage. Your child may also bring a valentine cards. Please send a card for every student. (See class list below.)The cards are totally optional but every child will need a bag to decorate. We will decorate bags and pass out cards before the party starts so please send all bags and cards with your child the morning of the 14th.

Thank you for your help!


Here is a list of children in our class:






















January Dates-Updated

January 4th- First Day back from Winter Break

January 8th- Spelling Bee Week- K students will be participating in a low pressure  written spelling bee over the kindergarten sight words. More info to come!

January 11th-PTA Meeting at 6:30

January 12- Wear Neon or Bright Colors to celebrate Positive Week.

January 12th- Penny Drive for Service Learning Project begins. ( More info to come!)

January 19th- Book Orders due

January 19th- Dress up Day to celebrate Respectful week.

January 26th- Brown Bag Breakfast at 8:00am- Bring breakfast to share with your child and visit the classroom.

January 26th- The Hundredth Day of School Celebration (more info to come!)

January 26th- Puzzle Day to celebrate Problem Solver week.

Reading Sacks

Tomorrow your child will bring home their reading sack for the first time. Below is some information. This information will also be printed and in the reading sack itself.

Reading Sack

The reading sack includes all the books your child has read and practiced during our small group reading instruction. These are books your child can read independently with only a few challenging words or parts. Your child should be very comfortable reading these books by the time they bring them home. You will notice that most of the books will be the same with one or two books rotating in or out each week.

Rereading books is an important part of improving as a reader. Rereading helps children memorize sight words, practice reading fluently, build confidence, and focus on remembering and retelling the book.


What to Do with the Reading Sack

Your child will bring the reading sack home Tuesdays and Thursdays. The books and the sack MUST be returned the following day so we can use the books during our small group reading time. These books are school property and if they are lost at home I will not be able to send more books home with your child. Please use these books as part of your 15 minutes of daily reading and record on the reading log. You can just write “reading sack” as the book title.


You can have your child practice the books independently or read them aloud to you or both. If your child gets stuck on a word or makes a mistake, try the following questions/prompts to help them figure out the word independently:

  • Did that make sense?
  • Is that a sight word?
  • Can you tap it?
  • Look at the picture.
  • Say the beginning sound.
  • Go back to the beginning of the sentence and reread.

Try to prompt your child before telling them the word to build independence.


After reading, discuss the book with your child. Practice making connections by asking, “What did this book make you think of?”, or “Do you have any connections to the book?”. Then ask your child to retell the story events to you in order. If your child is unable to remember what they have read, please have them reread the story and try again to retell.


Happy Reading!

January Dates

January 4th- First Day back from Winter Break

January 8th- Spelling Bee Week- K students will be participating in a low pressure  written spelling bee over the kindergarten sight words. More info to come!

January 11th-PTA Meeting at 6:30

January 26th- Brown Bag Breakfast at 8:00am- Bring breakfast to share with your child and visit the classroom.

December Dates- Updated

December 1st- Picture Retake Day

December 21st- Winter Party from 2:30-3. All parents are welcome to attend!

December 21st- Kindergarten Cozy Day- The kids will wear pj’s and bring blankets and stuffed animals for a cozy day at school.

December 22nd- January 3rd Winter break

Are there really only 3 things in December? If I have forgotten something I will update the post.

November Dates

November 3rd- Progress Reports sent home.

November 6th and 9th-Parent Teacher Conferences

November 10th- No School

November 13th-Heroes’ Day 9-9:30 Assembly, 9:30-10 Classroom activities. Grandparents, parents, or special friends are invited!

November 17th- Book Orders due. (There will be no book orders in December.)

November 22nd- 24th- No School for Thanksgiving break

November 30th- Reading Logs Due

Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the name, sound, and formation of e, and r. We also practiced using pictures clues to help us figure out words. Much of our reading time this week was dedicated to our Human Body Study for science.

Writing: We continued our work with adding details to our pictures and labeling our pictures. We also wrote a letter to our friends in Mrs. Edgar’s class.

Math: We learned about attributes of rectangles as well as reviewing circles and triangles. We practiced counting strategies for objects and pictures that are scattered and not in a line. We began learning about number stories and using fingers, pictures, and counters to solve them. Our number stories are a variety of addition and subtraction stories (we have not introduced those terms). We focused on understanding what the number stories mean rather than memorizing a procedure to solve them.

Science and Social Studies: We learned ways to be a problem solver this week. We also began our Human Body Study with Mrs. Fitch which you saw in more detail in my other blog posts.

Box Tops for Education 

PTA needs your box tops! Please check packages of things you buy for the little rectangle that says box tops for education. Cut them off and send them to school at any time. We will collect them in the classroom and turn them into PTA who with organize the box tops and redeem them for funds for our school! Thank you for your help!