Learning Lately

Reading: We are reading and spelling so many words and working hard to hear all the sounds in a word! Vowel sounds can be tricky! We are working on hearing short and long vowel sounds in words as well. We continue to work on memorizing sight words and applying that knowledge to reading and writing. We began our non fiction unit by reading to learn about iguanas. We also have a stuffed animal “pet” iguana our class is taking care of.

Writing: We began non fiction or informational writing. We began making a book about iguanas. We made our cover with the title and the author, drew diagrams of an iguana and wrote a sentence about what parts an iguanas have. We will continue writing facts next week to complete our books!

Math: We continued our work with counting and skip counting. We solved a number story about having enough seats at a party. We worked on showing the number story using pictures, numbers and words as well as showing how we solved the problem.

Science and Social Studies: We learned a little more about Dr. King this week. We celebrated Beulah Ralph’s birthday and talked about how she helped kids in CPS during desegregation. We are taking care of Lizzy the iguana(she is non living but we are pretending she is living) based on what living things need.

Learning Lately

Reading: We are reading and spelling so many words and working hard to hear all the sounds in a word! Vowel sounds can be tricky! We are working on hearing short and long vowel sounds in words as well. We continue to work on memorizing sight words and applying that knowledge to reading and writing. We read some important books about Dr. King this week as well.

Writing: We wrapped up personal narrative this week and wrote our very best personal narratives. I will be sharing that writing with you at parent teacher conferences later this month. Next week we will start informational writing.

Math: We went on a shape walk around the school and found so many shapes to draw. We also practice 10 frame “quick looks” to see numbers quickly (rather than count everything by ones) so the kids develop a sense of how larger numbers are made up of combinations of smaller numbers.

Science and Social Studies: We had some interesting weather discussions this week. Our cool tool was about being a problem solver. We learned about Dr. King’s important work by reading books and watching videos to hear Dr. King speak and see what the March on Washington was like. We also briefly discussed the history that led to the need for civil rights work and how we can help continue Dr. King’s work today.

Toy Day on Friday!

We are celebrating meeting our class behavior goal with a Toy Day! We have been working on using the appropriate voice level for each activity we do. The kids have made a lot of progress in this area! Please allow your child to celebrate by bringing in a toy to play with this Friday, January 17th! Please make sure toys are small enough to fit in backpacks and are appropriate for school (no guns or fighting related toys please)! It is ok to bring more than one toy if they can still fit in your child’s back packs. Please remember that we will do our best to take care of toys but they could get lost or broken at school. Please leave very special or very expensive toys at home!

Learning Lately

Reading- We finished up capital letter formation this week. I am starting to hold the kids more accountable for using the letter formation we have learned anytime they write. We are practicing using letter sounds to tap and read simple words.  We are also working on memorizing sight words. We read a nonfiction book  to learn all about different kinds of weather this week.We practiced remembering the facts we learned and sharing them with our friends.

Writing- We continued working on how to write a sentence. At this point in the school year, the kids should be able to write one sentence that matches their picture. We are working on remembering capitals, punctuation, and word spaces. We are also working on stretching words out by saying them slowly and writing a letter for every sound we here. We will wrap up our personal narrative unit in the next few weeks and move onto informational writing.

Math: We worked on counting by tens this week. We learned about the penny and the dime. We explored the number grid and applied our knowledge of counting by ones and tens. The kids are very excited that we are nearing the 100th day of school and will have a 100 themed celebration.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why January is the first month of the year as well as a mystery science video about the biggest tree in the world. We continued learning about weather. Our cool tool this week was about indoor recess rules.

Spelling Bee!

We are having a spelling bee the week of January 6th! We will have a low key written test to see how many words we can write. Please help your child practice writing the first list below. The second list will be used as our 2nd round for those students who correctly spell all the words on the first list. Practice the second list if your child can spell all the words on the first list. This is meant to be a fun, enrichment activity to help the kids learn to spell sight words and should not be stressful or overly competitive. We will emphasize doing our best work, being proud of our personal progress, and being happy for the success of others!

Here are the words. Happy Spelling! (This list will also be in the folder this week.)

Set 1

a and at be can
dad for go had he
I in is it like
look me mom my on
see the to up yes


Set 2

are as by do from
has have his of one
or she they was we

Learning Lately

Reading- We are working hard to memorize sight words to help us read books and write simple sentences. We are working on capital letter formation as well as reviewing lower case formation. This is a tricky skill for kindergarten and most kids need quite a bit more practice with letter formation so it becomes effortless and automatic. We read stories this week and practiced identifying story elements like characters, setting, problem and solution. We continued to play sound games to help us break apart and put sounds together which are essential skills for reading.

Writing- We worked on doing our very best writing. We are working on completing a piece of writing and making sure we draw, show who, what, and where, label, add details, write words and sentences, and color. We learned that it might take a few days to finish a piece of writing and writers reread and check their work before moving on to another story.

Math: We focused on teen numbers this week as well as combinations that make 10. We had fun making a class favorite colors graph as well as exploring how to use a calculator.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about the coldest place on Earth. We began our weather science unit and became weather explorers!

December and January Dates

December 6th- Ugly Sweater Day

December 13th- Respect Celebration- Dress to Impress Day (Fancy Dress- more info to come)

December 20th Winter Party (2:30-3) All parents are invited to attend and help with the party. Sign up for supplies needed is coming soon.

December 20th-Kindergarten Cozy Day- Kids wear pajamas to school and do fun cozy activities. More info to come.

December 23rd First day of winter break

January 6th- Return to school after winter break

January 6th- 10th Kindergarten Spelling bee week (More info to come. For now, practice sight word list from conferences to prepare!)

January 9th PTA Meeting at 6:30

January 10th- Favorite Sports team day- wear your team gear

January 20th- No School for MLK Day

January 29th- Early dismissal at 12:50

January 31st Beulah Ralph’s birthday