Playtime Fun

Second only to recess and lunch, playtime is one of our favorite times of day! Here are a few pictures of the kids building, creating and pretending. Today was a pretty exciting day in the kitchen because the kids got to play with some new cleaning toys and a new chair I was able to buy for the class using some of the Target gift cards I got from some of you for the holidays.

Spelling Bee Winners

We are so proud of our top spellers on our classroom spelling bee! All the kids have learned so much about spelling- your child’s paper will be in their folder on Friday so you can see how they did.

Our first place speller is Quinn Butcher!

Our second place speller is Colby Gilbert!

Congratulations spellers!

Here is the class with our top 2 spellers!

Spelling Bee

The kids worked so hard on our spelling bee today! It is a big challenge to spell 25 words, stay focused, and stay quiet the whole time. I am so proud of each student. We talked a lot about doing our best and being proud of all we have learned so far this year. We also talked about how we can be proud of doing our best and happy for the top two spellers in the class. This is a bit of a mind bend for kids this age because the nature of a spelling bee is to eliminate spellers until you get to the top speller. We generally avoid competition and encourage collaboration and making growth and progress in our class but the kids handled the spelling bee very well. I will send their papers home in the next few weeks so you can see how your child did and know which words they still need to practice. For now, the winners are a secret but we will celebrate the top two spellers at our January Citizen of the Month assembly. If your child is a top speller I will email you so you can attend the assembly.if

Classroom Raffle Basket

PTA’s big circus is coming up and we need your help. Each class creates a themed basket for the raffle filled with fun items donated by families. Our theme is Go Outside and Play! Our room parents and I have purchased an awesome wagon to serve as the basket. Please consider donating an item to help with the wagon. Here is a link to a sign up if you would like to donate.Click here to sign up!

Update Email list for Room Parents

One of our room parents Lauren, would like to update her email list so she can email all parents in our class directly. (She likes to send fun, sneaky, surprise emails 🙂 If you did not get the winter party email directly from Lauren, please email her at if you would like to be on Lauren’s direct email list.
Thank you!

Yay for the Fast Pass!

Our class earned the Fast Pass! What is the Fast Pass? It is a reward to recognize classes with great behavior at recess and lunch. When a class earns the Fast Pass they get to keep Flash the Timberwolf in their classroom for the week and be the first class to go through the lunch line all week!

Fall Party

Our fall party was wonderful! The kids got to play poke the pumpkin for yummy prizes, pumpkin ring toss with glow necklaces as well as enjoy some tasty snacks! The kids also got to make a fall lantern. The party had such a nice vibe with the tea lights glowing and the party music playing in the background. Thank you so much to Lauren, Lesley, and Robin for organizing! Also thank you to the many families who sent supplies and attended the party. It was a very special experience for the kids!