Spelling Bee Update

We had our spelling bee this week! I am so proud of all the kids trying their best to spell all 25 sight words! I could tell many children put a lot of time and effort into practicing at home! I will send everyone’s paper home on Friday so you can see! Please celebrate all the words your child was able to spell correctly as well as practice any words they are still learning.

Here are the spelling bee winners! They both spelled all 25 words correctly! We did not end up needing to do a second round. So proud of these awesome spellers!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much to everyone for my lovely birthday gift! I love it! The plants and planter are beautiful and the balloons made the day feel festive! I will enjoy spending my gift card to the Giving Gardens!

The kids were very sweet with their birthday wishes too! I enjoyed surprising them with a little polished rock as a gift! Those little cuties make everyday fun for me!

Winter Party Fun!

The winter party was “snow” much fun! We had a blast! Thank you Shawna for all the planning. Thank you to all the parents who provide treats, supplies, and helped with the set up and running of the party! You made such a special experience for the kids. Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone for the all the wonderful gifts and notes! I am blown away by everyone’s thoughtfulness!

Here is the gift card tree from the class! It looks so cute and I will enjoy it so much. Thanks so much to Bahar for organizing it and making the tree so beautiful!

Thank You from Coach C.

Here is a thank you from Coach C.

I am beyond words with the Kindergarten class’s generosity.  Please send my deepest thanks to any you encounter who might have participated in this, It will certainly make a positive impact on my life and I will forever be grateful.  Merry Christmas to you and all the kiddos!!  I am so lucky to work with you and for our students.  Please tell the kiddos how overwhelmingly surprised and touched their efforts have made me this season.

Diverse Reads

Thank you PTA for funding our grant for diverse children’s literature for the classroom. Ms. Tolbert and I worked together to compile a list of books we would like to buy and PTA helped us get them. We are so grateful! The kids are looking forward to enjoying all the books!

Family Traditions Sharing

The kids are enjoying learning about all the family traditions in our class! We have everything from family movie nights, to cookie baking, to international travel! If you have not gotten a chance to do this project with your child, that’s ok, go ahead and send it any day this week!


We enjoyed learning about Thanksgiving! We read some funny, silly, and inspiring Thanksgiving books.  The Thankful Book taught us how to be thankful for something everyday. Duck for Turkey Day taught us that everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving in a special and unique way.

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday to teach about because of it’s historical context. There is a lot of mythology around the history of “the first Thanksgiving” that is untrue and disrespectful to Native Americans. Here is an article that adults can read to learn a little more about this The class talked only briefly about this history because it is pretty gruesome and pretty violent. We did not dwell on that but it is important for kids to know that Native Americans had been living in North American for thousands of years before Europeans decided they wanted the continent for themselves. It is also important for students to know that Native Americans still live in the United States!

Instead of dwelling on the history, we spend a little time learning about Native American history on this interesting website. Here is a link to another article written for teachers you may find helpful if you are interested in socially responsible ways to teach your child about Thanksgiving or if you would like more information for yourself.

We also enjoyed a Cherokee story of gratitude!