Penny Drive Update

Our penny drive to fund our service learning project has one week to go. Our project benefits the kindergarten students at Kohfeldt Elementary in Houston, TX(an area affected by Hurricane Harvey). The last day to turn in pennies or other donations is March 23rd! We currently have raised $193 towards our $500 goal. We are so grateful for all the donations we have already received and every little bit helps! Please consider donating before by March 23rd if you have not already. If you have, we would appreciate any change you might find in the car or under the couch cushions as well! If you would like to make a larger donation you may donate cash or checks made out to CPS.

Thank you for your support!

Layla’s Class Gets Dressed!

Today we wrapped up our Mo Willem’s study by reading one of my favorites, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. The story is very fun and has a great message about being true to yourself and allowing yourself and others to express themselves. In the story Wilber likes to wear clothes even though naked mole rats are supposed to be naked. In the end, everyone gets dressed or stays naked to their own hearts content. The kids made portraits to show themselves getting dressed in the most amazing creative outfit they would like.

We have a dream…

This week we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. The kids did a wonderful job tackling this complicated subject! In some ways, the topics equal rights and racism are simple for the kids, they simply believe in kindness and judging others by their behavior and actions. The kids find it so hard to believe that bigotry exists and it is so heart warming to see their naturally kind spirits. Kids notice physical appearance and skin color but love each other anyway. It is so important to talk to kids about race and equity just like we would talk to them about gender or people with disabilities. We can notice and celebrate our differences, be proud of our heritage, and still treat others with respect!

We were inspired by a variety of great read alouds. It was fun to talk about how Beulah Ralph, our school’s namesake was active in the civil rights movement here in Columbia. She help with the process of desegregation in Columbia Public School. The kids were thrilled to learn that our school was named for someone who was a leader like Martin Luther King!

We celebrated Martin’s dream of kids of all races joining hands together!

We wrote our own dreams for the world. The kids had some wonderful dreams. Some dreamed for everyone to be kind, everyone to be friends. Some dreamed for the rich to share with the poor and some dreamed for everyone to be treated fairly. Some dreamed for all children to have a school to go too and all people to have a home to live in.