Makers Space

We visited the library to participate in Makers Space. This week we built circuits using Squishy Circuits. The kids built circuits to make a teeny light bulb light up. It was fun to try, make mistakes, and problem solve. The kids had to observe what happened when they made their circuit and decide what to try next. There was a lot of thinking, experimenting, and helping involved.

Celebrate Others

Here at BEU we strive to model positivity for the children by celebrating their accomplishments, large and small! Recently our class earned the golden broom for having the cleanest k-2 classroom.

We celebrated V. as our September Lunch with the Principal student.

We celebrated B. as our September Citizen of the Month. The students chose B. through a secret vote!

We are so proud of our award winners and our class! The kids are working hard to do their best each day! And that is worth celebrating!

Creativity Lesson

Yesterday we had a visit from Mrs. Carpeting from the Gifted Program for a creativity lesson. Mrs. Cardetti give the kids the opportunity to be fluent and flexible thinkers by turning a “nothing”(a little doodle)  into a “something”! Mrs. Cardetti practiced brainstorming lots of ideas with the kids, rather than just one.

Happy International Dot Day!

We learned from Mrs. Fitch that sometimes there are holidays about books! Today is International Dot day so we read the Dot!

We got super creative and made our own individual dots using a variety of materials from Mrs. Fitch’s craft cart. I always enjoy seeing each child’s take on open ended projects! I 

Mrs. Fitch even hung our dots on the library doors!

Helping Kids in Texas

Today we talked about our school-wide supply drive and why it is important to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey! We learned more about Hurricane Harvey and how we can help at the Monday meeting.

We talked more in our classroom about the supply drive. Please see the note in Friday folders for a complete list of items needed. Kindergarten is in charge of bringing in packages of children’s socks by September 18th.

We also made cards to help our new friends know we care about them. We are planning to have a year long partnership with a school in the Houston area. Hopefully these cards are the start of a special friendship.

First Day Fun

Happy first day of kindergarten! We learned about walking in the line, the cafeteria, and other school routines. We sang songs, read funny stories, and played. The kids decorated name tags for their seat sacks and they are beautiful! We had a great day getting to know each other! Here are some pictures of the little lovelies enjoying their day!

Summer Reading

I found a great list of children’s books that incorporate diverse perspectives. I was going to print this list for myself and read some this summer and purchase a few good ones to enhance our classroom library. I am not familiar with these books and cannot personally recommend them but here is the list in case you would like to try them too!

Here are two great books about those little mysteries we call children. These are great reads for grown ups to get some insight into what makes our little ones tick. I have read both and both have profoundly impacted how I think about the children and how I interact with them. I am planning to reread both this summer to help recharge myself for the next school year. Here are the links if you would like to check them out.

Nurtureshock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers by Jane Nelson, Cheryl Erwin, and Rosalyn Ann Duffy