Golden Broom!

Our class earned the golden broom! Each week the custodians pick the cleanest k-2 classroom and the cleanest 3-5 classroom to award the golden boom. In our class we work hard to put our crayons, papers, books, and toys away. We clean up our crumbs and spills from snack. We stack chairs and pick up the floor daily so our custodians can wipe our tables and vacuum easily. We also work on keeping the bathroom clean.

The kids were pretty proud of their hard work!

School Transition Book

Beginning kindergarten is amazing and challenging! Each child has a unique response to starting a new school or grade level. Some kids are so excited, others are nervous, others are calm. Many children are a mix of all these things and more! All feelings and responses are ok. If you anticipate your child having trouble with this transition, one thing that can help is to help them get used to the idea with a personalized story. You can make the book and read it together each day to help your child make sense of their new school. Here is a resource with a printable book you can print and personalize for your child. If you do not have a way to print at home, email me and I am happy to print it for you here at school.

Boo Hoo Breakfast

Kindergarten parents are invited to the Boo Hoo breakfast! Head to the Media Center after you drop off your child on the first day of kindergarten for breakfast, visiting with other kindergarten parents, and a good cry if you need it! Thank you BEU PTA and our awesome school counselor, Ms. Harris and Mrs. Davison for putting on this special event!

A Helpful Phrase to Encourage Kids

Our little ones love our attention! They love to tell us all the things they know, they love to ask us questions, and most of all they love to show us how they can do everything! While we want the kids to feel heard, encouraged, and loved- we don’t want to turn them into praise junkies! How do we acknowledge and encourage kids without conditioning them to need our praise or to value our praise over their own internal motivation?
One phrase that can help is, “I love to watch you ______.”

When we say, “I love to watch you_____, we are communicating that we care about them and also encouraging them to continue the process of doing things. We are not telling them they are doing well, but that we enjoy that they are doing. The process of doing something is where real learning and discovery take place.

Here is the link to the article where I learned this phrase if you would like to read it.

End of Summer Newsletter

We had a wonderful summer school session! We made friends and connections, and became familiar with the routines of school. The kids enjoyed practicing letters with songs, poems, coloring, and crafts. We learned about circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, pentagons, rhombuses, ovals, and the numbers 1-10. We enjoyed chalk drawing, painting, puzzles, games, songs, and read aloud. I am proud of all the kids accomplished and excited to see them learn and grow in kindergarten!

Here are a few things to practice at home to prepare your child for the upcoming school year:

Student id number
Writing first name
Counting to 20
Letter names and sounds (The students will learn them first trimester and they do not need to be mastered before kindergarten.)
Identifying numerals 0-10
Counting sets of objects up to 10
Fastening and unfastening shoes, jackets, backpacks, and lunchboxes independently
Following one and two step directions
Unstructured play indoors and out
Please don’t worry if there are things on this list your child is still working on when they begin kindergarten. Any exposure to these skills will be beneficial to your child.
*Important Dates for the beginning of kindergarten are on the back of this sheet.

Have a wonderful summer!
Layla Cunningham

Important Dates for the Beginning of the School Year
Please check the school web site to stay informed of school events at

August 13th- Meet the Teacher Night
Meet the Teacher Night is from 3:30-5:30 pm at Beulah Ralph Elementary. Meet your teacher and see you classroom. You will also sign up for a kindergarten screening appointment.

August 15th and 16th- Kindergarten Screening
Bring your child for your kindergarten screening appointment at the time you signed up for at Meet the Teacher Night. This appointment gives teachers valuable information about our students and helps guide our instruction at the beginning of the school year.
The 15th and 16th are regular school days for all other grade levels besides kindergarten.

August 19th -First Day of Kindergarten
Arrival is from 8-8:20. Dismissal is 3:20.


Each day we work on our beginning math skills by focusing on a shape or a number. We discuss the concept and the kids color a page in their math book related to the shape or number. We also sing songs to practice counting skills and practice typing our student identification numbers daily.


We have been learning about shapes! Yesterday the kids used play doh to make the shapes we have been learning about like squares, circles, rectangles, and squares. At first it was a challenge to figure out how to mark straight sides and corners.

School Supplies

Below is a message about school supplies from Brooke, one of our BEU parents.
I am providing a service for parents to buy all their child’s school supplies online and they can pick them up at Meet the Teacher Night in August. The supplies will be “teacher approved.” To me; this means they will be Ticonderoga pencils, Crayola and Elmers. This company will also guarantee the supplies for the entire school year. For example, if you open some glue sticks and they are dried out; EPI will ship you new ones. This is a small fundraiser for the Outreach Committee. This will help build the extra supply closet so you won’t have to purchase supplies out of your own pocket. We also help buy snacks for kids who do not have them or birthday treats for kids who might not have them. We have done this with no budget. I am so excited to see what we can accomplish with a small budget. The best part is the prices are still right in line with shopping in the big box stores. I have attached two flyers you are welcome to share and a link to order. We also have a link to share for people that want to donate money. With these donations I can buy discounted supplies to put together packs for children at Beulah in need. I should be receiving a donation of 48 backpacks soon and my goal is to get enough donations to fill those up. Last year we were able to fill over 60 backpacks for BEU students. If you know a student that could benefit could you please encourage their parents and/or guardians to email Barb so she can put them on her recipient list that is kept confidential.

I will have some extra packs to sell on hand for incoming 2019 kindergarten parents.




Please reach out to me with any questions you might have.
Thank you for your time!
Brooke McCarty