Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness over the last few weeks with the loss of my Grandma. It has been so hard but all your kind emails, cards, and hugs have helped! Spending my day with your little lovely has helped too! This morning our wonderful room parents even brought a beautiful succulent garden, card and poster decorated by the class to cheer me up. Thanks again to everyone!

Learning Lately

Reading: We finished up practicing c and o this week. Each day, we continue to play sound games to break words apart and put them together in different ways like beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhyming words and syllables. We worked on basic reading skills by reading a simple book as a class. We used the pictures to give us clues about the words, we pointed to each word as we read going left to right and we focused on finding the sight word “the”.

Writing: We worked on adding details and labels to our writing. We worked together to make a list of family words that kids can copy down to use in their writing. We also worked on checking our work to see if it is truly finished- if often takes a few days to finish a piece of writing!

Math: We worked on sorting by attribute and guessing our friends rules for sorting. We sorted many objects including play money as an introduction to learning about money later in the year. We used our knowledge of attributes to build repeating and growing patterns.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about what it might be like to live on the moon. We continued our work with weather by observing the clouds. We also worked on science process skills like observing and recording in a science notebook. We had a special guest speaker, Mrs. Naylor, who came to help us get to know her mother, Beulah Ralph. We also learned a little more about Mrs. Ralph and her important work helping desegregate Columbia Public Schools and promote equality in education!

Quiet Resting Time

Each day after lunch we take a few minutes to have quiet resting time. This is a time to have a peaceful moment, think, daydream or rest. The kids can draw in their journals, lay their head down or just sit. We have music but we don’t talk. I like to make space in our busy day for a moment of calm and a moment that each child is in tune with themselves.

Our Class

When you visit our classroom at the beginning of the year, I hope you find it peaceful, beautiful, and a little bit incomplete. A bit of a blank canvas if you will. I put lots of time, effort, and love into setting up the classroom but there is always something missing until the children come!

A classroom isn’t a classroom without the students!

So I purposely leave empty space. Space for the most important people in the room. Space for beautiful creations, new friendships, and lots of thoughts and opinions. I hope the empty spaces help my students know how incomplete our class is without them and how valued they are.

I’m looking forward to filling each bulletin board, clothesline, and branch with the creations of each child. I’m looking forward to each child becoming an essential part of our class.

Our class. That’s a wonderful thing.