The “Soft Landing”

Have you ever noticed your child having a tendency to need to vent to you about frustrations in their day? Maybe right after school, or snuggled up before bedtime? I just read this great article  from A Cup of Jo that describes this as “the soft landing”. Home is the place many children feel most comfortable and that can be why they sometimes are grumpy after a long day, even a day which was mostly fun.
The article goes on to explain how parents can help their child. Enjoy!

A Peek Inside our Classroom: Read to Self

Each day the kids spend a few minutes participating in Read to Self. This activity, which we sometimes also call book box time, is exactly what it sounds like. The kids read by themselves. While kids do need reading instruction and to participate in literacy activities, it is so important that kids spend time each day actually reading. At this point in kindergarten, the kids are looking at the pictures and thinking about the story and a few children are reading words as well. The kids choose books from the class library to keep in their book box for this time. We will gradually add alphabet charts, sight word lists, and books from our small group instruction to our book boxes as well. For now, read to self is just about enjoying books and building focus and stamina.

Golden Broom!

Our class earned the golden broom! Each week the custodians pick the cleanest k-2 classroom and the cleanest 3-5 classroom to award the golden boom. In our class we work hard to put our crayons, papers, books, and toys away. We clean up our crumbs and spills from snack. We stack chairs and pick up the floor daily so our custodians can wipe our tables and vacuum easily. We also work on keeping the bathroom clean.

The kids were pretty proud of their hard work!

School Transition Book

Beginning kindergarten is amazing and challenging! Each child has a unique response to starting a new school or grade level. Some kids are so excited, others are nervous, others are calm. Many children are a mix of all these things and more! All feelings and responses are ok. If you anticipate your child having trouble with this transition, one thing that can help is to help them get used to the idea with a personalized story. You can make the book and read it together each day to help your child make sense of their new school. Here is a resource with a printable book you can print and personalize for your child. If you do not have a way to print at home, email me and I am happy to print it for you here at school.