Penny Drive Update

So far our class has raised $99 and the whole kindergarten has raised $251! We are doing great! We have about a week and a half left of our penny drive- all donations are due May 1st. Every little bit helps us get games, puzzles, and snacks for the residents of Columbia Manor. Thanks so much for your support and generosity!

Penny Drive for Columbia Manor!

This month we are having a penny drive to benefit our service learning partners, Columbia Manor! So far we have made class books for the residents to read. We made awesome placemats for them to enjoy at their meals. This month we would like to collect change to use to buy board games and snacks and treats for the residence at Columbia Manor to enjoy. Please help your child collect change at home to bring into school for our drive. Every little bit helps! At school we will be counting and organizing the change and picking out the games and snacks to purchase.

Learning Lately

Reading- Our reading groups have focused on a lot of different skills to help each child move forward in the process of reading. Some groups are working on sight words, identifying visually similar letters, vowel sounds, and tapping and blending words. Some groups are working on using picture clues, checking the beginning sounds, checking what makes sense, or breaking a longer word into chunks. Some groups are working on endings like ed, ing, er, s and es. Some groups are working on predicting, retelling, making connections or reading with fluency. There are so many parts to the reading process! The kids are learning so much!

Writing- We wrapped up our nonfiction unit this week by writing our very best nonfiction piece with no help at all! Wow! we also applied what we learned about nonfiction to make place mats for the residents at Columbia Manor as part of our service learning project. After spring break we will begin opinion writing.

Math- We continued working on names and attributes of 3D shapes. We played many addition and subtraction games with number lines and dominoes. This helps the kids visualize the operations in different ways. A big part of these games also has the kids using the correct symbols for addition and subtraction and writing number models.

Science/Social studies- Our Mystery Science video was about how earthquakes happen! We celebrated the beginning of spring and are excited to observe the changes that will be happening in nature soon. We continued learning about nutrition with our each the rainbow party.

Learning Lately- Last week (oops!)

I guess I forgot to hit publish last week?!

Reading: We interrupted our nonfiction unit to read Kevin Henkes books for reading week! We enjoyed lots of funny stories! We continued our work with letter sounds, especially long and short vowel sounds. The kids are getting good at using the sounds they know to read and spell words! We continue to work on memorizing sight words as well!

Writing: We worked together to write about plastic. We worked on choosing a nonfiction topic, writing a heading, drawing a realistic picture and labeling. We are working on forming sentences that tell 3 facts about our topic.

Math: We focused on subtraction this week and used number stories to understand the meanings of the minus symbol. We played math games to practice

Science/Social Studies: We began our Living and Nonliving unit by learning about what animals need to live. We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about Pluto.