Quiet Resting Time

Each day after lunch we take a few minutes to have quiet resting time. This is a time to have a peaceful moment, think, daydream or rest. The kids can draw in their journals, lay their head down or just sit. We have music but we don’t talk. I like to make space in our busy day for a moment of calm and a moment that each child is in tune with themselves.

Our Class

When you visit our classroom at the beginning of the year, I hope you find it peaceful, beautiful, and a little bit incomplete. A bit of a blank canvas if you will. I put lots of time, effort, and love into setting up the classroom but there is always something missing until the children come!

A classroom isn’t a classroom without the students!

So I purposely leave empty space. Space for the most important people in the room. Space for beautiful creations, new friendships, and lots of thoughts and opinions. I hope the empty spaces help my students know how incomplete our class is without them and how valued they are.

I’m looking forward to filling each bulletin board, clothesline, and branch with the creations of each child. I’m looking forward to each child becoming an essential part of our class.

Our class. That’s a wonderful thing.

First Day of Summer School

We had a wonderful first day of summer school. We had so many routines to practice like lining up in line order, lunchroom expectations, recess expectations, dismissal procedures! We managed to squeeze in some fun stories, songs, playtime, and alphabet practice as well. The kids had fun decorating their name tags for their seat sacks as well. As the week goes on we will settle into our normal schedule. I’m so proud of the kids’ effort today! There was a lot to take in!

Last Day!

What a fun last day! I loved celebrating our accomplishments and memories with the children and their families! Thank you again for a wonderful year. I have enjoyed spending my days with each child. I will miss the kids so much!

Before the program we had fun learning about shark teeth! Everyone picked a favorite to take home.

We cheered on the 5th grade students!

We had a little yoga break.

We got ready for the program!

Our program and picnic were a great success! Thank you for coming!

Thank You Everyone

Thank you everyone for the beautiful rug for the class library! It was so kind and thoughtful of everyone to contribute! I know our room parents have also done much behind the scenes coordinating to get the rug purchased. Thank you again everyone for your kindness and generosity!