Rainbow Fun!

We had lots of fun exploring rainbows today! We learned how rainbows are made with a mystery science video. We made rainbow chains and crafts. We enjoyed a rainbow yoga story. I also gave each child a prism to hang in a window to make their own rainbows at home! If your child was absent, I saved a prism for them to have when they are back.

Keeping Healthy

At school we have been talking about keeping healthy! We learned how germs get in your body as well as ways to help ourselves and others stay healthy. We are working on washing our hands well, coughing and sneezing into our elbows, blowing our noses and then washing hands or using hand sanitizer. We also are using hand sanitizer more often especially when it is not a good time to wash hands.

We have not talked about specific illnesses at this point but may in the future. I have taken some time to read up about the Corona virus so I am guiding the kids at school based on accurate information.

Here is a link with information including a cartoon for kids. Another good resource is the CDC website. They have information for individuals but also information to guide leaders who are making decisions about closing/canceling public places or events.

All in all, we are lucky to live in time with quick and effective forms of communication, scientific knowledge, and advanced medical care!

Fun Times at the Library

We had such a great time visiting the library today! We learned about so many awesome resources the library has! After our tour, we enjoyed some fun, interactive stories. The library also gave all the kids a coupon for a free book and a thermo chromatic pencil!

Choice time in Writing

Today in writing, the students were able to choose a topic to write about in their new writing books. The students had great ideas, and worked really hard on their work. They followed our writing book structure very well.

After they finished their title page which included (title, name, and picture), the students went on a gallery walk. They all spent a minute at each table, and viewed their classmates’ work.

Here are some highlights from our learning today

Party Time!

We had an awesome last party of the school year yesterday! It was fun and delicious! Thank you Alsi for planning such a great party! Thank you also to all the parents who sent in supplies and attended the party to help! The kids had a great time!

Learning about Martin Luther King Jr.

We have spent some time digging into some complex topics related to Civil Rights and Dr. King. This is a tough but important topic to get into with little kids. The kids did well trying to wrap their minds around the injustice in our history as a country as well as how this injustice can still play out today.

Here we are joining hands as brothers and sisters, no matter our skin color!

Here are some of resources that we enjoyed as a class and some that are good for adults to educate themselves.