Letter Formation and Handwriting

The kids are working on writing with neat handwriting and proper letter formation! Although it might seem unimportant, the ease with with which the children make letters quickly and correctly makes all the difference in how easily the kids are able to write sentences and stories. I used to teach second grade and and I saw first hand how handwriting was a deal breaker for writing success.

Here are the little lovelies practicing name writing…

And making winter word books…

Digital and Online Safety

Today BEU 3rd graders taught us about digital safety! They created presentations about all the things they had been learning about being safe online with Ms. Gray our computer lab teacher. Ms. Gray invited us to the computer lab, partnered each kindergartener with a 3rd grader, and the 3rd graders shared info with the kindergarteners. It was very cool and very informative! Thank you 3rd grade and Ms. Gray!

Fall Fun

The past few days we have had fun learning about Fall. We have read non fiction books as well as silly ones. We created our own fall mural.

We went on a nature walk to observe trees in the fall. We saw lots of colors!

Then we made our own lovely fall trees.The trees turned out so beautiful!

We also learned about the concept of thankfulness with a few special read alouds.

The kids drew a name of a random classmate and wrote a reason why they are thankful for that friend. So fun!

Heroes’ Day!

We had such a fun Heroes’ Day! We started with an assembly that had a video, essay readings, a Timber Tonix Choir performance, honoring veterans and a performance by The Golden Girls and Mini Mizzou!

In the classroom the kids read from their book boxes, played math games, and showed their grandparents and heroes around the classroom. We had a great turn out!

Human Body Study: Day 1

Today we began our study of the human body with Mrs. Fitch!

We read a story about a child hurting their arm on the playground which set up a hands on problem the kids will be solving at the end of the unit using what they have learned about the body.

We learned that parts of the body have structure and function! The kids discussed the function of various animal body parts.

We put together a body puzzle to start thinking about where our bodies structures are located.

We ended by drawing our outer bodies.

Pumpkin Decorating

We had a fun, creative, and messy morning decorating our pumpkins! Thank you to everyone who sent in craft supplies and volunteered in the classroom- you made the day awesome!

Mrs. Edgar’s class joined us to decorate their pumpkins too. It was fun to have special guests visit us too!