Service Learning Update

We had a wonderful morning decorating clipboards for our friends at Kohfeldt Elementary! The kids worked hard to type and cut out sight words to decorate the clipboards as well as adding colorful letters, pictures of book covers, as well as our mascot and Kohfeldt’s mascot. The kids also wrote friendship notes to attach to the clipboards.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who helped make this activity run smoothly!

Learning Lately

Reading: We refocused on fiction text this week and began taking our understanding of fiction deeper by learning about characters and setting. We continued our focus on long and short vowel sounds as well as consonant digraphs to help us with reading and spelling words.

Writing: The kids continued to have free choice on the genre of writing they were working on. We focused on capitals and punctuation marks this week and when to use them in our writing. Next week we will begin our next genre of writing: opinion writing.

Math: We as usual practiced a variety of topics such as continuing our work with attributes of shapes, and addition and subtraction. We introduced the concept of estimation as a smart guess using what we know. We estimated the contents of one jar based on the contents of another jar we had counted to use as a reference.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool this week was a review of recess expectations. We also planted milkweed. As the seeds grow we will practice our observations skills as well as introduce the concept of living and non living.

Penny Drive Update!

Exciting news! We have totaled up all our donations to our service learning penny drive and we raised $600 for the kindergarten students at Kohfeldt Elementary! Thank you for helping us exceed our goal! We are so proud of our students and so thankful for your help. As we move forward with the project we will keep you posted on how we spend our funds!