Portfolio Project

We are creating portfolios this week to show our growth and learning as kindergarteners. The children will bring this special project home on Thursday. Please take a moment to look at your child’s portfolio with him or her and reflect together and of course celebrate his or her progress as learners!

Snack Picnic and a Visit to the Outdoor Classroom

We enjoyed the lovely spring day and our beautiful Earth by having our snack outside at our outdoor classroom.

We made sure to pick up all our trash and took a few minutes to frolic amongst the wild flowers. We checked on our garden beds and walked by the pond.





Andy Warhol Inspired Art Project for Ms. B


Whenever a birthday or special event rolls around I take it as an opportunity to digress from the usual curriculum objectives. I like to expose the children to something that is just interesting for interesting’s sake. In honor of Ms. B.’s birthday we explored the fun and funky world of pop art,particularly Andy Warhol’s pop art portraits. We made our own pop art inspired portraits in which each child drew a realistic portrait and then added one or two elements of crazy color. After viewing some artwork online (Thank you Google Images) and a little modeling from me the kids were able to execute the style really well. I love the kindergarten whimsy their artwork has by nature. Super cool project! Happy birthday Ms. B!





Monthly Learning Updates

Last week I sent home the last monthly learning updates of the year. I will not be sending those home for May or June because the grade cards will be coming home around that time with that information plus additional information on your child’s progress. As always, feel free to email me if you have questions about your child.