Easy Art Ideas

Here are a few easy art ideas for kids to try at home with basic stuff you probably already have.

Markers+coffee filters+spray of water

  • Have kids draw on coffee filters with markers.
  • Make sure to put a piece of paper under the coffee filter as marker will leak through.
  • Spray with water and watch the marker colors blend together.

Paper plates+cotton balls+glue+markers

  • Draw any furry animal face on a paper plate.
  • Glue on cotton balls to make the face furry.
  • Cotton balls can be glued on whole or ripped apart for a different texture.
  • Color cotton balls with markers after they are glued on if you wish.

Foam shaving cream+ counter top or bathtub wall

  • Smooth foam shaving cream over the counter top or even better the shower wall!
  • Draw pictures or write words in the shaving cream. Smooth over to erase.
  • To clean up rinse with water or rub a ton!

If you would like something premade- Check out these printable projects from Handmade Charlotte.



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