Everything I need to know I teach in Kindergarten

You know those posters or memes that say “everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten”? I have recently realized everything I need to know I teach in kindergarten. 

Many of my own little situations and struggles can simply be solved by the things I teach the kids as their little situations and struggles arise. 

  In meetings with my colleagues I wonder how much I should speak up about and how much I should let go, I can ask myself just like I ask the kids, “how can you be helpful?”

When schedules change or unexpected events arise, I can remind myself, just like I remind the children, “sometimes the day is different but being a safe, respectful, learner always stays the same.”  

When I feel upset or outraged by situations in my life, I can ask myself, just like I ask the kids, “are you going to talk to them or are you going to ignore it?”

When I make a mistake, I can tell myself, just like I remind the kids, “that’s ok, you can try again”.

I’m so thankful for all those teachable moments that remind us all that kindness, curiosity, laughter, and learning are what connect and empower us all. And that we are all equally amazing and fallible. And we are all trying our best.

Everything I need to know, I teach, or I discover in kindergarten.