Gummy Bear Party

Today we celebrated our great behavior with a gummy bear party! You may be wondering…”why gummy bears?!” You may also be wondering, “what does one do at a gummy bear party?!!?” I got the idea for the party because the kids love dancing to the gummy bear song!

Here is what we did…

I left a little clue on the kids tables to help them figure out the theme of the party.

We started the day with a 5 lb bag of gummy bears! The kids enjoyed feeling how heavy it was.

Don’t worry- we still have 3 pounds left for another day. We did not eat 5 pounds of gummy bears in one day!

We started by setting up a gummy bear experiment. We hypothesized and checked our results later in the day to see what happened.

We transformed ourselves into gummy bears by making hats!

We danced the gummy bear dance multiple times!

We made bear origami…We went step by step.

We sorted and graphed gummy bears to round out the gummy bear experience with a little math.

What a fun and silly day!