At Beulah Ralph the only required homework (except for 5th grade) is reading homework. Our reading homework will begin next week. You can expect the reading log to be slipped into the back cover of the blue Daily Communication Folder this Friday so you will have it next week. The expectation is for students to read 15 minutes each night Monday-Thursday. You may read to your child, they may read to you, or they may read independently. Please fill out the reading log. If you miss a night of reading, please make the time up another night. I would recommend keeping the reading log in the back pocket of the blue folder and filling it out each evening. If you want to keep it at home or have another system that is great too. I will collect the reading logs at the end of each month. I will award Book-It pizza coupons for completed reading logs as long as your child has read most nights Monday-Thursday for 15 minutes. If you missed a few nights it is ok and if you read different nights, that’s ok too!

You will start finding math and alphabet work in your child’s folder each Friday. These are not considered homework and are not required for you to do. Please use them as a resource to work with your child as much as you feel they need extra practice. These papers are also a way for you to know some of the things we have learned this week at school and get a sense of how much your child has mastered. You do not need to send completed work back to school. I apologize that last week I sent some math pages in the folder but forgot to explain what they were in my weekly email!
As always, please email with any questions! Have fun reading (and mathing, and alphabeting)!