Learning about our Schools Namesake: Beulah Ralph

Today a special guest visited our class, Monica Naylor. Mrs. Naylor is Beulah Ralph’s daughter. We learned a little bit about Mrs. Ralph and why she is such an important part of Columbia history. Beulah Ralph was an educator in Columbia Public Schools for decades. She began as a secretary and eventually founded the Home School Communicator Program. Mrs. Ralph was instrumental in CPS’s desegregation process. The Home School Communicator program was initially started as a way to assist black families whose children moved schools as part of the desegregation process. The Home School Communicator program now continues the legacy of equal opportunity education by assisting all families as needed. Mrs. Ralph’s work has been, and continues to be an inspiration to educators.

We want our students to know all about Beulah Ralph, feel proud that are school is named for her, and share her legacy with others. Even though Mrs. Ralph has passed away, we can keep her memory alive and continue her work.

Mrs. Naylor’s visit is a great way for kindergarteners to get to know Beulah Ralph. When Mrs. Naylor visits she tells the students a funny story about her mom when she was a little girl. Each child gets a copy of the story to color and enjoy reading.

The kids really enjoyed Mrs. Naylor’s visit today! We are so thankful she comes to visit each year!

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