Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the name, sound, and formation of e, and r. We also practiced using pictures clues to help us figure out words. Much of our reading time this week was dedicated to our Human Body Study for science.

Writing: We continued our work with adding details to our pictures and labeling our pictures. We also wrote a letter to our friends in Mrs. Edgar’s class.

Math: We learned about attributes of rectangles as well as reviewing circles and triangles. We practiced counting strategies for objects and pictures that are scattered and not in a line. We began learning about number stories and using fingers, pictures, and counters to solve them. Our number stories are a variety of addition and subtraction stories (we have not introduced those terms). We focused on understanding what the number stories mean rather than memorizing a procedure to solve them.

Science and Social Studies: We learned ways to be a problem solver this week. We also began our Human Body Study with Mrs. Fitch which you saw in more detail in my other blog posts.