Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the name, sound, and formation of v, and w. We practiced the sight word can. The kids are getting good at noticing sight words in books we read. We worked on making connections this week and noticing what books remind us of.

Writing: We focused on doing our best personal narrative and completing our true story before starting on another one. When kids shared their work with the class, we gave them compliments and suggestions for how to improve their writing. We practiced saying words slowly and writing all the sounds we hear. We also learned to look at our student notebook (has all the letters and pictures we have learned) to help us when we are labeling.

Math: We compared numerals and length this week using a variety of games an activities. We also made shapes with strings and sticks. We continue to practice counting in various ways as well as using math in practical ways like the calendar or taking attendance.

Science/Social Studies: We learned about friendly tone of voice this week. We also learned about fall and what is happening in the world around us.

***Next week I will not do a Learning Lately post due to the short week. I will post on Monday and Tuesday about some special activities we are doing.