Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the names, sound, and formation of x, and y this week. We read about lots of fall holidays this week like Trung Thu, Day of the Dead, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. We practiced reading sight words a lot! Our small reading groups continued practicing a variety of skills depending on what the children in that group need to move forward as readers.

Writing: We worked on telling what happened first, next, and last in our personal narrative. We practiced using the word wall to help us write what is going on in our picture. The kids are getting really good at drawing neat pictures with lots of details. We are really working hard to add words and sentences as well.  We also worked on writing our names neatly with all the letters starting and ending on the correct lines.

Math: As usual we touched on a variety of skills. We worked on knowing shape names and describing the attributes of each shape. We made a class favorite color graph and compared the length of the different bars of the graph.

Science and Social Studies: We learned about having great behavior on field trips and during special events at school. We also learned about the concept of wants and needs.