Learning Lately

Reading: We practiced the name, sound, and formation of z and q this week. The kids are getting really good at lower case letter formation. I am encouraging them to use neat handwriting and form the letters “the kindergarten way” each time they write. We focused on making connections when we read books as a class this week. We also worked hard on to read and spell the, to, and went. In small reading groups the kids worked predicting, retelling, reading sight words and figuring out unknown words with picture clues and beginning sounds.

Writing: In writing we focused on doing our best spelling. We pretended words were like bubble gum and practiced stretching words out slowly and writing all the sounds we hear. We also talked about copying words correctly from the word wall, books, or around the room.

Math: We are working toward mastery of shape names and attributes. We also practiced naming teen numbers this week. We played a fun matching game where the kids matched numeral cards with 10 frame cards showing the number in a different way. We introduced counting by 5’s as well as practicing counting by 1’s, and 10’s.

Science/Social Studies: Our cool tool this week was “Just Say Ok”- we worked on responding respectfully when teachers or other kids try to talk to us about a problem by listening and saying ok. We also continued learning about wants and needs with a variety of read alouds and discussion.