Learning Lately

Reading: This week we did not learn any new letters, we just practiced all the lower case letters. We also learned how to using our fingers to tap and blend to read consonant-vowel-consonant type words. We continued reading stories and making connections as we read. In small groups we practiced a variety of strategies such as pointing to each word as we say it, looking at the picture, checking the beginning sound, and asking ourselves if what word we are saying looks right and makes sense. Not every reading group practiced all those strategies-each group practiced one or two based on the needs of the children in our group. We continued practicing reading sight words.

Writing: We worked on doing our best spelling this week by stretching out words and writing all the sounds we hear. We use the word wall to copy words correctly. I am encouraging the kids to make sure to draw pictures and writing words every day.

Math: We introduced weight and capacity this week! It was fun to explore using the pan balance and scoops and containers! We explored building numbers with unifix cubes as well as as solving number stories using counters and pictures.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed sharing family traditions this week as well as learning about the many different winter holidays celebrated all over the world.