Learning Lately

Reading: For the rest of the school year we will continue to practice and refine our work with letter sounds, strategies for figuring out unknown words, and reading comprehension.

Writing: We continued our work on opinion writing sharing our likes and favorites, telling 3 reasons why and ending our writing. We also focused on writing all the sounds we hear, using word spaces, using capitals, and using punctuation.

Math: We continued mastering addition and subtraction this week as well as composing and decomposing numbers. We practiced counting and other basic math skills. We will spend the next few weeks making sure everyone has mastered the most important kindergarten skills to be prepared for 1st grade.

Science and Social Studies: We focused on weather and living and nonliving concepts by learning about spring!

This is the last learning lately post of the year as the next few weeks will be focused on reviewing and mastering kindergarten skills I have already written to you about.