Learning Lately

Reading: We focused on the name, sound, and formation of m and n this week. We played sound games to help the kids learn to break sounds in words apart and blend sounds together orally, to prepare them for using the same skills with letters to read later in the year. We also talked about favorite books, book care, and how to choose books we like. We are gradually filling our book boxes with books to read so we can start book box time or read to self time next week.

Writing: We shared what we did over the weekend to get ideas for things to write about. We practiced planning what we are going to draw or write on our paper and adding details to our pictures. We introduced labeling our pictures.

Math: We focused on the basics on numbers 1-10 and understanding quantity and building number sense. We learned about the 5 frame this week to continue our work of representing numbers in different ways. We also work on describing shapes like “it has 4 corners” or “it has sides” or “it has a curve”.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about putting out wildfires. Our cool tool (school-wide behavior lesson) was about how to ask for help. We also continued our work learning classroom expectations. This week we focused on being helpful and we are collecting stickers on a 10 frame each time the whole class makes helpful choices. When we get 10 stickers, we will celebrate how helpful our class is.