Learning Lately

Reading: We focused on the name, sound, and formation of i and u this week. We played sound games to help the kids learn to break sounds in words apart and blend sounds together orally, to prepare them for using the same skills with letters to read later in the year. We began read to self time and literacy stations.

Writing: We wrote in our science notebooks for the first time this week. We also focused on adding details to our writing. We have one person share their writing at the end of each writing time and we give them compliments and wishes to help the child celebrate what they are doing well and also improve their writing.

Math: We played to fun math games with dot cards. We played Match Up (like memory) and Top it (like war). These games help the children compare quantities as well as count, and see numbers as different groups. We continued describing shapes and learning attributes of shapes like triangles.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about hurricanes and tornadoes. We had a great time studying the weather this week as well. Our cool tool (school-wide behavior lesson) was about showing our Timber Wolf Pride with our school pledge and our school song. We celebrated our class’s helpful behavior with a Bubblegum Party!