Learning Lately

Reading: We focused on learning the name, sound, and formation of a and g this week. Each week we also review the letters we have learned previously so each child can easily and automatically name letters, say their sound, and form the letters “the kindergarten way”. If children are fluent with these skills- reading will come more easily to them. Each day, we continue to play sound games to break words apart and put them together in different ways like beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhyming words and syllables. We worked on basic reading skills by reading a simple book as a class. We focused on predicting as well as using the pictures to give us clues about the words. We focused on the sight words I and see. The kids are keeping these little books in their book boxes to practice reading them but in a few weeks they will bring them home to read to you!

Writing: We continued checking our writing with our writing checklist to see if it is done or if we need to continue working on the same piece another day. If a piece of writing is done the writer has written their name at the top, thought and planned, drew in pencil, labeled, added details, and colored.

Math: We played games with 10 frames this week and practiced representing numbers on a 10 frame in different ways. We practiced counting objects in different arrangements which are trickier to count that objects in a straight line. We also continued our work with shapes and attributes by studying rectangles.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why people have different accents. We answered the question, “What direction is the wind blowing” by using grocery sack kites. We learned we can observe with our sight and also with our sense of touch. We also worked on science process skills like observing and recording in a science notebook. Our cool tool this week was service learning. We watched a video of the kindergarten service learning project from last year. We will learn more about what service learning is in the coming months and complete a service project of our own.