Learning Lately

Reading: We focused on learning the name, sound, and formation of p and j this week. We practiced the sight word “this” in our book about firefighters. We continued reading from our chapter book A Boy Called Bat. It has been fun to finish a chapter and read the next chapter title and wonder what might happen!

Writing: We continued our personal narrative unit by reading In My Heart by Molly Bang to help us think about what and who we care about in our life. We learned that writers right about things that our important to them and made a class “heart map” to list things we care about that would be great personal narrative topics.

Math: We worked on learning the formation of numerals 1-6 this week with the numeral song! We worked on comparing the length of objects and finding things in the classroom that were longer and shorter. We also enjoyed using position words to move through a classroom obstacle course!

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about the biggest spider in the world.We continued learning about fall and made fall trees. Our cool tool this week was about appropriate behavior during class parties.