Learning Lately

Reading: We focused on learning the name, sound, and formation of l, h, and k this week. We practiced the sight word “this” and “me” in our little book. We practiced making connections as we listen to read alouds. We learned connections are the things books make us think of.

Writing: We continued our personal narrative unit by reading Joshua’s Night Whispers. This book tells the story of Joshua hearing sounds in the night, getting out of bed, and snuggling with his dad. We read to book to see how the author Angela showed who, what, and where in the pictures and the words. Then we tried it in our own writing.

Math: We worked on learning the formation of numerals 7-10 and 0 with the numeral song! we continued our work with counting, understanding quantity and recognizing numerals with games and activities.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why pumpkins are orange.We learned about our country’s flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Veteran’s Day to prepare for our upcoming Heroes’ Day celebration. Our cool tool this week was about The Pledge of Allegiance and Veteran’s Day.